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Only 3 kinds of raw materials, take the same type of South Korea net red! Amazing mango Cream box!

Is it really so easy to get the same Internet celebrity dessert with just 3 ingredients?Yes, you can see this mango custard mousse. It has a high level of appearance and a sweet taste. The point is that it only needs light cream, white chocolate and mango.Don’t think the ingredients are too simple to taste, go for sweet mango, rich white chocolate and smooth cream, this combination is very rich, like the thick texture of the cheese, can be served with a little cream cheese.

Take a bite of mango cream, light texture is delicate and soft, melt in the mouth instantly, light milk flavor and rich mango fragrance spread in the mouth!

Look, simple way, this appearance level is also quite high, you can use your own any kind of glass oh.

Mango White Chocolate Cream Box/Recipe.

Light cream 250g White chocolate 100g Mango 250g.

Step 1 Treat the mangoes.

It is recommended to choose fresh high quality big mango, of course, cheap Tai aeng can also be, but small Tai aeng is easier to oxidize black, do not recommend private room or dessert shop choice. To avoid oxidation, add lemon juice and stir.

Start with a 50g square mango.

Scrape off the remaining 200g and place in the processor to puree the mango.

2. Whip white chocolate cream.

Melt 100g white chocolate over water until the temperature drops to about 30C.

Whip the light cream until 6, showing the swelling, streaky state.

At this point, pour a spoonful of light cream into the white cream.

Stir well to combine.

Then pour back into the light cream and whip to 7, you will see the clear and delicate cream lines, pull up the curved hook.

Then pour in the mango puree and toss thoroughly.

Do not stir in fast circles, or it will create a lot of air bubbles.

Take two square boxes (9.5cm) and pour the mango cream about 3/5 of the way into the box. Shake it flat and refrigerate for 3 hours. You can also use small boxes or cups.

Step 3 Decorate.

Drizzle in a layer of mango puree and shake to smooth.

Whip in another 50g of light cream and squeeze it in a circle for nice layers and you can leave out the light cream.

Finally put mango, mint, sifted a layer of powdered sugar to finish!

Simple and delicious, very practical dessert, this box you use soy milk that box can be.

Dig a mouthful full of cream and fresh mango puree.

Creamy white cream with a hint of mango flavor.

This bite can not stop, summer to eat this kind of ice cold dessert is too suitable, and easy to make, out of a single piece, private house store can consider oh.

If you don’t like mango, you can switch to strawberries, blueberries, etc., but you need to add sugar and lemon juice to make a sauce, otherwise it will be too watery.

Go ahead and try this one. Give yourself a sense of ritual in your leisure time.

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