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Internet celebrity material that can be done at home! The meat is tender, the sauce is thick, and it’s fresh as roast!

Eel is a very popular food in Japan.The whole fat eel is roasted over a fire, and the smell is so delicious that you can’t help but drool. Eat a bite, the meat is smooth and delicate, soft waxy fresh fragrance, can not stop.Roast eel although delicious, the price is really painful, every time I go to the Japanese food shop can not eat addiction!Therefore, Xiaobian today specially recommend a delicious and inexpensive, hot instant roast eel!

Choose fresh eel roast, meat is tender, elastic, delicious not fishy, only 3 minutes at home, you can enjoy the original delicious roast eel.

Good ingredients: Eels grown in natural hot springs choose imported high-quality eel seedlings, fresh and full of nutrition! It is important to know that eel seedlings cannot be cultivated artificially because they are naturally caught and belong to the rare species in the market, so there is also the saying of “soft gold in water”.

Natural hot spring water culture! Scientific management, water breeding, equipped with the country’s most advanced hot spring eel breeding plant and processing plant, 30 years of technology precipitation old factory, quality assured!

Good workmanship: Real live eel grilled!

Only live eels! Adopt imported baking technology, more than 20 processes, processed by automatic production line, the whole process only takes 2 hours. Maximize the freshness and nutrition of the eel.

The grilled eel, made from live eel, has obvious wrinkles and charred spots on the surface. It is plump and fleshy, which is the charm of fresh ingredients.

The fish is good and the taste is good! We only use imported premium grilled eel sauce to truly roast live eel without any preservatives. It tastes delicious!

Delicious: whole, firm meat!

The common ready-baked eel on the market comes in sections, which are relatively cheap, but the meat is coarse, fatty and full of bone spurs, making it greasy and troublesome to eat.

In addition, compared with the whole eel, the price of segment eel is also lower, most of the eel is spliced, or made from the eel scraps, the quality is also far different from the whole eel.

And the one we ended up with for you: a whole pack of eels, each weighing about 250g.

This rare eel, with thin skin and fewer spines and firm flesh, is considered by the industry to be of better quality and weight.

Each bite is delicious and delicate, tender and refreshing, rich in layers. Whether it’s simply eel rice or sushi, this convenient and delicious secret grilled eel will satisfy you!

Such a fat eel, do not eat a bite! It’s hot and it’s crispy with just the right amount of fat underneath the skin… Really can eat at home happiness explosion ah!

Such a wonderful eel, don’t miss it!

All grilled eels are processed live, grilled whole, and kept fresh! Friends will know as soon as they eat it: less thorns, delicious taste, light fishy taste, tender meat, which are the quality of high-quality eel can achieve.

The ingredients are good, and the craftsmanship is unambiguous. The processing plant has been dedicated to eels for 30 years, fully standardized operation.

Fresh, large eels are selected and subjected to more than 20 processes, including “watering” (temporary cultivation and purification), testing, gutting and skulling, cooking, seasoning, baking, freezing and packaging, all within two hours, in order to maximize the freshness and nutritional value of the eel.

Simple and convenient, hot and ready to eat.

If you don’t want to bother cooking, but don’t want to order takeout, then you should definitely try this grilled eel!

Simply lay the eel flat on a plate and microwave/oven for three minutes to create a steaming, oil-scented roast.

If you don’t have an oven/microwave, you can also heat the bag in hot water for 10 minutes and still get a delicious grilled eel!

The smell of the roasted eel is tantalizing, and the taste is tender and refreshing, with a fresh and rich soup.

The fish skin is thin, slightly burnt, and the bite is slightly elastic, and almost no thorns, no smell, children can safely eat.

Xiaobian strongly recommend: better with rice! The eel is heated and cut into pieces, placed on the steamed rice, and then sprinkled with sesame seeds, with their favorite vegetables, you can finish a big bowl of rice!

Or make it into eel sushi, hold the rice in long strips, warm the eel and slice it over the rice, sprinkle with sesame seeds, prepare the dipping sauce and enjoy!

With one ingredient and many ways to eat it, this grilled eel is irresistible!

The taste is delicious and the sauce is mellow. When you bite into it, the flavor of the sauce explodes in your mouth, leaving you with endless aftertastes

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