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Stay at home and make a popular Japanese dish!

It looks like the travel situation in Japan will be a bit tough in the near future, so these days, Tanimachi-kun would like to recommend some practical things for staying at home.As you know, “Matsuya” is a famous fast food chain in Japan, in addition to the signature beef rice, every winter, it will also launch some pot dishes. The main focus is on small hot pot for one person, the taste changes frequently, and there is an ambitious “Matsuya’s World Chronicle” series, you can eat some Japanese taste modified world (weird) food.

Last December, they developed a Georgian dish: chkmeruli nabe. It is called “the best garlic dish in the world”. Japanese people are known to be very sensitive to the taste of garlic, but this chicken hot pot with a white cream sauce made with a lot of garlic and cheese and simmered in it was very popular among Japanese people. Originally, it was only available in a few regions, but by popular demand, it was finally introduced in stores nationwide in January this year.

Soon after, Matsuya officials shared the recipe for this “chkmeruli nabe” on a Japanese food website. The ingredients are very common and the cooking method is not complicated, so you can learn it while you are at home.

Ingredients (for 2 people).

1 chicken breast (250~300g).

Pepper salt.

salad oil 1 small spoon.

Garlic 10g (more or less according to preference).

Butter 15g.

Milk 200cc.

Creamy stew ingredients 20g bit.

Sweet potato 100~150g.

Lemon juice a little.

Cheese sticks according to preference.

Parsley a little.

Key points.

1, the ingredients in the “creamy stew ingredients”, generally refers to the name of the  this kind of thing, like curry blocks, supermarkets can basically buy, there are many varieties.

2, cheese sticks, buy such bags can be.

3, the type of butter, both salted and unsalted can be. The kind of parsley, fresh and dried are available.

Cooking method.

1, the sweet potatoes cut into easy to enter the size, wash with cold water.

2, sweet potatoes filtered dry, covered with plastic wrap, in the microwave oven 600W heating 30 seconds.

3、Cut chicken into bite size and rub with pepper salt.

4、Add salad oil to a cast iron skillet and fry the skin of the chicken until slightly charred (about 5 minutes).

5、Turn the chicken over, add the garlic paste and sauté for flavor.

6、Add milk and butter, cover, modulate low heat and cook for 5 minutes.

7, turn off the heat, add the sweet potatoes and cream stew ingredients, wait until the stew ingredients are completely melted, turn on low heat and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

8, finally sprinkled with lemon juice, cheese sticks and parsley, you can also add the right amount of soy sauce according to your preference.


1, the trick is to be sure to add a lot of garlic and cheese.

2, chicken can also be replaced with lamb.

3, cast iron pan can also be replaced with a pan.

4、If you want to pair it with rice, it will be more delicious if you add soy sauce at the end.

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