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Japanese net red shop signature recipe! One roll can be done, incense tiger tears!

I’ve been putting together a cookbook again recently, and filling in all the recipes gives me a sense of accomplishment.When it comes to his favorite series, Bensu would definitely vote for bread, really, just because it offers a more chewy experience for the umpteenth time.Today, I’m going to share one of the bread that won the numbness:Sea salt roll.This is a classic Japanese bread, which is rolled up in layers and looks cute, like a conch just picked up from the sea.Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the aroma of salt and butter penetrates into the tissue of the bread, making it salty and warm, lasting for a long time.

As the name suggests, nori and sea salt are the focal points of this bread, which is made with nori powder, either for baking or for sushi.

The result is almost the same. The nori and the dough blend together, and the dough is stained with a natural green color, which is pleasant and comfortable. If you don’t taste it carefully, you may think you have added matcha powder.

The sea salt roll is not high in sea salt content, so it tastes salty. Its flavor goes perfectly with the salty seaweed.

Its shape is not difficult, a bit similar to the Borscht bag, as long as more than two rolls, even if the hand is broken party can roll super delicate sea salt roll.

Sea salt roll.

> > > Time of production < <

55 min.

> > > Cookery ware < <


> > > Cooking cookery ingredients. < <

Servings: 8.

Main dough:

High gluten flour 200g/low gluten flour 50g.

Granulated sugar 10g/seaweed powder 3-5g.

Yeast 4g/sea salt 4g.

Milk 180g/butter 15g.


Salted Butter 20g/Black sesame appropriate amount.

> > > Manufacturing process < < <

1, the main dough: pour 200g strong flour, 50g low gluten flour, 10g granulated sugar, 3-5g nori powder, 4g yeast, 4g sea salt, 180g milk into the kneading bowl, and beat at medium-high speed for 4 minutes until the film comes out, add 15g softened butter, continue to beat at medium-high speed for 5-6 minutes, roughly out of the film can be done!

2, divided into 8 parts, put into the container, 28℃ fermentation for 30 minutes.

After fermentation, take out, pat the dough apart, fold it in the middle, fold it into a half umbrella shape, pinch tightly, put your hands under the dough 1/3 of the position, rub into a big head small tail radish shape, put in the baking tray cover with plastic wrap, put in the fridge for half an hour.

3. After resting, take out the room temperature for 10 minutes to warm, roll the dough from the top 1/3 up, the bottom half, lift the dough with one hand, roll it back with the rolling pin with the other hand, roll out a long triangle of about 40cm, put a piece of salted butter (2.5g) on the top, spread the liquefied butter on both sides to prevent the two sides from sticking during fermentation.

Roll it up from top to bottom. Put it in the fermentation tank at about 30℃ and turn it to 1.5 times larger (the temperature should not be too high to avoid the butter slipping out of the middle).

4, at the end of fermentation, take out the surface of the water, sprinkle a little black sesame, into the preheated oven middle, upper and lower fire 180 degrees Celsius, bake for 15-20 minutes, if you do not want to color can finally use tin foil cover.

The roll of sea salt out of the oven looks like a special color of conch, a gentle tap, the sound sounds extra crisp.

The aroma of the seaweed is steaming in the air with the heat, and I can’t help it before it cools.

Pull hard, the perfect sense of layers to see my heart happy, eat crispy outside soft, taste is very fascinating, every stoma is braving nori, butter salty flavor and wheat flavor, love.

Sea salt roll is actually a series, at the beginning I love the original sea salt roll, although the flavor is not so rich, but also can make people dream.

The spice sea salt roll is so rich in flavor that anyone who eats it will be amazed by it; The blueberry sea salt roll has a little bit of sweet and sour flavor, and it’s a little bit tougher…

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