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Mastering weight starts with diet, and check out 4 food cultures

When you’re trying to lose weight, are you afraid to face your weight and step on the scale? But if you don’t get on the scale, you won’t be able to control your weight, and you’ll be less motivated to lose weight. Over time, weight loss goals will become more and more difficult to achieve. In fact, good habits are the key to weight loss, and here are four national eating habits that will allow you to change the outcome and amount of your meals to burn body fat more healthily and actively.

When we think of France, we think of romance. The French, who care about quality of life, love desserts such as chocolate, cheese and bread. Raw and cold seafood and wine are the daily eating habits of the French. But how is it that the French are able to stay fit despite eating so much calorie-dense food, with obesity rates far lower than in other Western countries? The answer lies in grace. The French tend to take their time and eat slowly at the dinner table, talking while eating, even if it takes hours. Focusing on the quality of food rather than the quantity, the huge plate, often with very small portions of food, with herbs and sauces embellished, delicate food makes eating a treat.

Dessert is the favorite of French people, but they eat dessert will choose good quality, and are tasted, the key is to enjoy food. Therefore, there is no need to refuse food, dessert, as long as there is a rational enjoyment.

South America: Eat more lunch, limit dinner.

Traditional Mexican and South American lunch is the best meal of the three meals a day, which plays the role of connecting the preceding and the following, timely supplement of nutrition and energy, in order to better ensure the physical activity needs. Different from other Western countries, dinner is usually the main meal, the whole family enjoy bread, salad, large fried meat, wine or beverage, plus dessert, which brings about the emergence of obesity.

People in the evening activity becomes less, the ability to consume is also reduced, eat too good and too much, the heat is difficult to consume, resulting in a large number of fat accumulation, accelerate the conversion of fat, obesity is formed naturally.

The food dynamic effect of breakfast is the best of the day. Breakfast is more metabolically efficient, more useful for the body’s energy value, and an important care for our health. Lunch provides 40 percent of our daily energy needs, so eating your food at lunch can help you lose weight.

Japan: Eat 80% full.

In Japan, there is a saying that refers to whether something tastes good or not, it is better to be 80 percent full to make yourself comfortable. Japanese people will use delicate tableware to put food at dinner, and pay attention to etiquette when eating, can not Wolf down, and when eating to eight full, will moderate themselves, stop eating.

Although there are many kinds of food in Japan, the amount of each kind of food is small and the food is relatively light. In our common Japanese cuisine, raw food is more common. In the cooking process, eighth-eighth salt and eighth-eighth oil are used. The processing procedure is simple and more attention is paid to preserving the taste of the food itself. Light and restrained diet, better ease the burden of stomach and intestines, which is also the secret of Japanese longevity.

Greece: Mediterranean Diet.The Mediterranean diet has been rated as the best comprehensive diet for three consecutive years. It is the traditional diet in Greece and other countries around the Mediterranean, and also the dietary pattern recommended by modern nutrition. It can make the body healthier and less likely to gain weight. The Mediterranean diet focuses on the freshness of ingredients and makes good use of natural, unprocessed ingredients and the unique spices of the Mediterranean region. Dietary fat intake is mainly through olive oil, they do not like to eat red meat, eat poultry, eggs, dairy products and other unsaturated fat. And the Greeks pay attention to seasonal fresh food, every week will eat a moderate amount of fish cooked in a healthy way, with a moderate amount of red wine, is an important part of their healthy lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet allows people to consume less saturated fatty acids and more unsaturated fatty acids and high-fat ingredients. High-quality fats can lower the level of cholesterol in the body, and also play a role in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar.

There is still a long way to go to lose weight. The most important thing in this long-term battle is to stay motivated. Proper eating habits, along with good lifestyle and exercise, is the right way to lose weight. Long-term enthusiasm and self-discipline, so that you can easily lose weight.

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