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Italian food culture in five minutes

Italy, a country on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is famous for its rich and colorful artistic wealth. In terms of food, Italy is known as the originator of Western food, and Italian food culture is the crystallization of its long history and culture.Dietary characteristics:Italian cuisine is mainly cooked by stir-frying, frying, frying, braising and other methods. The method is simple but without many patterns. It pays attention to the heat, pays attention to the original taste of the ingredients, and prefers to use noodles and rice as dishes rather than as staple food.

Eating habits:

Italians pay great attention to eating in order, usually first to eat soup, such as mushroom soup, chaos soup, red cabbage soup, etc., through the energy provided by these foods to produce a sense of satiety, so as to appear satiety phenomenon; After the soup, the main course will be mainly meat products and seafood, which will be paired with a variety of green food, such as broccoli, green vegetables, and a glass of wine, because the main course is seafood food, low fat content, but high protein content, then with wine, has a good preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases. After the main course, Italians will eat something like dessert, which is mainly to adjust the taste.

Order of serving:

First, aperitif is generally low alcohol, used to stimulate the taste of wine, such as champagne, sparkling wine, sherry, white wine, etc.

Two, vegetable salad, ham, seafood and so on.

Three, the first dish is usually soup, pasta, corn cake or pizza.

Four, main dishes mainly meat, including seafood plate and meat plate. In Italian cuisine, seafood can be cooked in a variety of ways, and usually traditional menus retain the garnish section. Popular garnishes include sauteed mushrooms with cilantro and tomato cheese salad.

A dessert meal usually ends with a dessert after the main course, usually with handmade ice cream, pastries and fruits.

6. Digest wine/coffee.

Italian eating habits are usually not to drink a high number of spirits in the middle of the meal, after the meal to drink a small cup of digestion. The most common after-dinner wine is slag brandy, bitter wine, limoncello; People who don’t drink alcohol can drink coffee to eat. Generally, after dinner, Italians only drink espresso or macchiato, rather than order fancy coffee with large milk content.

In the process of waiting for the food before serving, the restaurant often provides free meal kits, which can be eaten with spices, usually olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper as condiments on the table.

Classic: Ragu lasagna fettuccine and ragu served with rich cheese. This Italian classic will never be forgotten. Layer upon layer, the food becomes richer and more layered as it grills. Italy is home to many wonderful traditional dishes, and perhaps no food better sums up the essence of Italian cooking than Neapolitan pizza. It uses simple, fresh, quality ingredients to create the perfect and most authentic pizza pie. Focaccia, Italian: Focaccia, also known as Focaccia, whose name derives from Latin: panis focacius, meaning bread baked on the hearth, is one of the most popular and delicious breads in Italy.

Italian food is like its culture: noble, elegant and unique. Exquisite and delicious pasta, cheese, ham and wine have become a paradise for gourmets around the world. Click to follow and explore more food culture together.

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