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Food preparation

A Korean Internet sensation can make it in one pan!

In the middle of the night yesterday, my bestie suddenly woke me up by phone and said:”Vegetable! Let’s go to Hong Kong this weekend! LE BREAD LAB is coming to Hong Kong!”LE BREAD LAB is a popular online dessert shop in South Korea. It focuses on pink and full of girls’ hearts.I’m 30 years old, and I can’t help it.Still, it doesn’t feel worth the trip to Hong Kong just to punch in the online celebrity shop.I might as well do it at home.

Strawberry custard at LE BREAD LAB.

Casually with bestie said, she immediately said, right, right, reasonable, then do it tomorrow.

That’s when I realized I was on to this chick again!

She doesn’t want to go to Hong Kong, she just wants to coax me to cook for her!

Still, while the Internet celebrity shop isn’t worth punching in, the omelette is worth making for the upcoming strawberry.

So, I will arrange it for you today.

Once popular in South Korea, the omelette is easily baked, folded in half, covered with different flavors of whipped cream and garnished with seasonal fruit.

There are also some popular online shops that swap whipped cream for salty soy milk cheese sauce for a fresher taste.

The version I made today, which is also a salted soy cheese omelet, is less greasy.

The original omelette was made in an oven, and since not every cutie has an oven at home, I changed it a little.

Make it in a pan, which has a lower threshold, and you can do it without an oven.

The omelette is light, fluffy and creamy. The creamy soy milk cheese sauce melts on the tip of the tongue in a second, leaving a slightly salty taste.

Sprinkle with any fruit you like, and you’ll look perfect.

In a small basket, want to take out spring outing immediately.

Although the weather in Guangzhou is not very good these days, but with it, I will pretend to have a picnic at home.

Salted soy cheese omelette.

Sponge egg cake.

[Food ingredients].

Fresh eggs 3 caster sugar 45g milk 25ml melted unsalted butter/corn oil 25g gluten flour 90g baking powder 2g.


1. Put 3 fresh eggs into a waterless and oil-free container, beat well with a hand whisk, then add 45g sugar, and beat with an electric whisk until fluffy and pale.

Unlike chiffon, for sponge cakes, use room-temperature eggs, which are easier to whip until fluffy and white.

2. Sift 90g of gluten flour into the egg batter, turning it up and down with a spatula.

3. Pour the melted butter and milk through a spatula into the cake batter, turning and mixing well.

Butter, milk is heavier than yolk paste, if directly poured into the bottom of the bowl will sink, not easy to mix evenly resulting in failure;

Or first scoop out a spoonful of egg yolk paste with butter, milk mix, then pour into a large bowl with the remaining egg yolk paste mix well.

4. After heating a flat non-stick pan, pour a tablespoon of batter into the pan and fry over medium heat until the surface of the omelette is bubbling. Turn over and fry for another minute.

Use a nonstick pan, so you can cook it without oil.

Soy milk cheese.

[Food ingredients].

Salted soy Milk Cheese: Egg yolks 2 soy milk 200ml cornstarch 20g salt 1 pinch cream cheese 50g light cream 100g.

Decoration: Chocolate Bean Banana strawberry Blueberry.


1. For 2 egg yolks, add 1 pinch of salt and cornstarch, then slowly pour in the warm soy milk, stirring well.

For a sweet taste, replace 1 pinch of salt with 30g caster sugar.

2. Pour the liquid into the milk pot and heat it over medium heat. At the same time, use a hand whisk to stir constantly. Soy milk Casta sauce is finished.

Let the soy milk custard sauce cool, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to use.

The plastic wrap should be kept close to the surface of the sauce to prevent clumps from forming on the surface and affecting the taste;

For a delicate texture, sift before refrigerating.

Whip 3.100g light cream until it appears to be streaked. Set aside,

Whip the softened cream cheese until smooth, add the refrigerated soy milk custard sauce, and beat with the light cream until smooth. Store in a piping bag and set aside.

4. Stack egg cakes on top of each other, squeeze salted soy milk cheese in the middle, add your favorite fruit, chocolate beans or sprinkle with soy powder according to your personal taste, finished!

Such dim sum is to be held in the palm of your hand and nibbled down. Fresh fruit, salty soy milk cheese sauce and strong omelette mix together, delicious!

Really reluctant to give up ah, strawberry season, almost over.

Here are some tips to keep in mind if you’re planning to learn this salty soy cheese omelet before strawberry season is over:


1. South Korean Internet red shop to do egg cake will use chiffon method + oven to do, chiffon batter method before making spinach and strawberry chiffon sandwich has been told.

After the chiffon batter is done, use a decorating bag to squeeze on the baking sheet to bake into an egg cake.

2. My recipe is to use sponge method + pan to make, a little like muffins, but softer than muffins; If you don’t have an egg beater at home, muffins are fine.

3. Soy milk casta Sauce I made the salty one, and for a sweet one, you can replace that pinch of salt with 30g caster sugar; While making omelette, humming a song: “We are like summer, a like autumn, but always can turn winter into spring.”

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