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It’s smooth and tender and delicious! Popular Japanese star snacks can be made at home!

What can you think of when it comes to eggs?Is it the oily fried egg, the tender and slippery steamed egg, or the “tea in tea” tea egg?As a 10 – level fan, the first thing that comes to mind is that the soft and tender Okja burned.Friends who have seen Japanese film and television works all know that Okaziaki’s appearance rate is quite high. But do you really know anything about it?Jade son burned is Japanese “jade son ” part of Chinese characters, including the meaning of “jade” is the egg, and ” is refers to the method of cooking, frying and baking method can .

Tamokiyaki is one of the most common ways to eat eggs in Japan. It is a dish that every Japanese mother can make.

The makers can add various ingredients to the Okziyaki, such as fish moose, yam, cheese, diced ham, etc. Taste can be sweet or salty, salty is Kansai practice, sweet is Kanto practice. (Salt-sweet disputes know no borders).

Kansai Okiyaki is made with a stock, usually a “gravy” made from bonito and kunbu, seasoned with soy sauce and a little sugar for a light, salty taste.

Kanto Tamakiyaki, which does not use stock, is flavored with sugar and mirin for a clear and sweet flavor.

The Okja yaki brought by the chef today is a Kanto style. It is soft and smooth and sweet. It is guaranteed to fall in love with one bite!

If you are still stuck in the omelette, scrambled eggs approach, then try this Okja yaki! Eggs 6 eels 1 piece cheese 2 pieces sugar 30g sesame flavor Drizzled sake Thick mouth soy sauce.

[1] Whisk eggs Take a bowl into 6 eggs, add 30 grams of flavor cream, 30 grams of sugar, 2 grams of soy sauce, along the direction of the beat.

Eggs into a small bowl to confirm good and bad, avoid waste.

2 Handling eel Eel in accordance with the proportion of Okja Yaki to change the knife.

3 Filter egg liquid egg liquid sieve, remove excess impurities, fry out more delicate taste.

4 Preheat the omelette pan and then brush it evenly with oil. Spoon the egg mixture over the bottom of the pan and place the eel and cheese slices in the middle of the egg skin.

[5] Roll the egg skin chopsticks gently, with the pan, with chopsticks gently press the egg skin, so that the eel is tightly wrapped in the egg skin, roll out the first layer.

[6] Make a second layer of egg skin 1. Brush with a little oil and move the rolled egg skin back to the front; 2. After brushing the oil again, pour in the egg mixture and cover the bottom of the pot. Chopsticks hold up the front end of the egg skin and add a layer of egg mixture to it; 3. Once the egg is slightly curdled, roll it up again.

1. When the omelette bubbles, make sure to pop it with chopsticks.

2. Remember to add a layer of egg liquid under the first rolled egg skin for easy connection 3. When the egg liquid is not completely set, you can roll it, otherwise it will not bond well.

1. Press gently to secure the egg rolls and remove them from the pan. 2. When it is hot, cut it into pieces and serve it on a plate. Sprinkle a pinch of sesame seeds to enhance the flavor.

Unexpectedly popular Japanese film and television star snacks can be perfectly reproduced at home! Okja is cooked just right, with a slightly charred skin but soft enough on the inside. One bite, tender egg aroma, delicious fish and rich cheese, sweet taste is not greasy! Learn this trick, never worry about how to eat eggs!

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