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This recipe has been badly learned! Mix a mix of crisp fresh sweet, on the table seconds steal!

Spring is wonderful.Fields, riverside, all kinds of wild vegetables have emerged, branches, tree tops, romantic spring scenery slowly stretch.The wind becomes softer, the sun becomes warmer, the metabolism starts to speed up, and the body gradually recovers its vitality.With a faster metabolism, your body also needs more nutrients.If you’re busy eating seasonal vegetables, it’s easy to starve your body of fats and nutrients.

If you don’t want to eat greasy food, but must ensure oil intake, eat peanuts instead!

Modern research has found that peanuts are rich in oleic acid.

This is a monounsaturated fatty acid that, when used in the diet to replace excessive saturated fatty acids such as fat and lard, can reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (the “bad cholesterol”) to some extent.

Of course, eating peanuts alone can be monotonous, and today James has brought us a super peanut butter pea tip!

Eating vegetables can supplement the oil, kill two birds with one stone.

It’s inspired by the shrimp cabbage of Southeast Asia, but the point of this dish is the combination of peanut butter and shrimp sauce.

Anyone who has eaten shrimp sauce knows that shrimp sauce has a strong seafood flavor but also a “bad smell”.

Peanut butter can remove the “stink” of shrimp paste, leaving only the salty taste of seafood.

Jingjing tasted it and said, “It’s delicious!

Stir-fried pea tips with this mixed sauce, fresh with peanuts and seafood flavor, is a great meal!

James also paired it with some fried pleube eryngii, which was soft and chewy, and Jingjing was pleasantly surprised!

Pea Tip 300g Pleurotus eryngii 1 peanut butter shrimp sauce Fish sauce Appropriate amount.

3 shallots, 3 garlic.

[1] Fried Pleurotus eryngii use a fork to plane pleurotus eryngii into even thin threads, and then put it into a pan of oil about 160° until golden brown and crispy, remove it and set aside.

[2] Do sauce shallot shred, small pepper shred, minced garlic; Add shallot in hot oil, fry aroma, add minced garlic, then add shrimp paste, sugar, peanut butter and fish sauce, stir fry evenly and put aside.

[3] Stir fry pea tips in hot oil, stir fry the pea tips slightly, then add sake, pepper, fish sauce and prepared sauce, stir fry evenly and serve.

[4] Assemble.

Stir the fried pleurotus eryngii into white pepper to taste, then place on top of the pea tips.

Peanut butter and shrimp paste have a 1+1 > 2 effect. Pea tips covered in sauce taste seafood, greasy, and sweet, making them a perfect meal! The mushroom on top is fried and chewy, like shredded chicken.

After Master’s treatment, a plate of vegetables will have a rich texture and taste. I strongly recommend you to try it at home!

This dish is made with a simple ingredient list, natural peanut butter made by the ancient low temperature stone mill process!

It won’t taste thick and sticky, or thin and oily. It is more mellow than eating peanuts alone. After eating, my mouth is full of fragrance. In order to take care of everyone’s taste, I also prepared the smooth and granular germplasm oh!

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