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One bite to get 8 kinds of nutrition, delicious and good to do, these snacks at home to eat enough

Recently, the happiest thing is that Mom’s friend who went to Korea finally came back.Originally a year ago, we agreed that we must bring more delicious food back, after all, there are too many local food in Korea.According to my friend, South Korea has a very famous street food, is fried chicken bun rice, in fact, chicken bread and vegetables, and then fried, super delicious.Sima has said many times that frying is not healthy for babies to eat, but Sima has a way oh, let’s try a version of oven today.

Chicken wrapped in rice rice, wrapped in a layer of eggs, and some salmon shrimp chips, once roasted, you will not believe how delicious!

The key method is not difficult, want to try different rice for the baby, this must be done.

Chicken rice.

Ingredients: 80g chicken, 60g rice, 1 egg, 20g carrot, 25g cucumber, 2 bags of salmon shrimp chips.

Cooking method: Boiling, baking.

With or without staple food: Can be used as a baby meal.

Reference age: over 2 years old (if you want to give the baby to eat, you can cut some small pieces, or make some small, so it will be easier to eat oh).

Degree of difficulty: No difficulty.

Tip: Suitable for the baby who is not allergic to the ingredients in the article.

The weight of the ingredients only represents the amount made and does not represent the amount added by the baby.

Ingredients: 80g chicken, 60g rice, 1 egg, 20g carrot, 25g cucumber, 2 bags of salmon shrimp chips.

Cut the chicken into small pieces. If the baby is sensitive to the smell, remember to use ginger slices or lemon juice to marinate the next fishy oh!

In a ground meat cup of a blender, puree and set aside.

Peel the cucumber, cut it into slices with a Wolf’s tooth cutter, or if you don’t have one, cut it into smaller slices.

Do the same with the carrots, which will give you a very special cut, and then cook in a snow pan.

tips: Usually, I prepare a small pot. It is very convenient to cook congee, order food or steam some pastries for Xiaosi.

The salmon and shrimp chips are rolled to pieces with a rolling pin, which will replace the breadcrumbs later.

For large portions of egg wash, pour in water starch (10 grams of water +2 grams of cornstarch) to help shape. Pour into the pan and fry into an omelet.

tips: This time I’m using an egg. Break the egg in a bowl and divide it into 2 portions. A small portion is about 10 grams and a small portion is about 20 grams. Large portions for the omelette, and small portions for the meat puree in the back.

Once out of the pan, cut into quarters.

Line a container with plastic wrap, line the bottom half with rice, and press it down tightly. Spread two omelettes, a layer of cucumbers, and a layer of carrots.

tips: You don’t have a square container at home. You can use a small bowl, but it’s round.

Then spread a layer of two omelettes, then spread a layer of rice pressed firmly, and finally put the Shanghai moss, the shape is like the picture.

tips: The collocation of rice mela layer from bottom to top is: rice + egg cake + cucumber + carrot + egg cake + rice + seaweed, it is finished!

Place the chicken on baking paper, cover with another piece of baking paper and press into a very thin Patty.

Put the formed rice melaleuca on the Patty, notice, my rice melaleuca on both sides of the nori oh!

Use meatloaf to wrap the rice layers. When operating, it is recommended to wrap the rice layers through the baking paper, or bring disposable gloves to operate, so that the chicken is not easy to stick to the hand.

Put in small portions of egg mixture and coat with egg mixture.

Then put in the salmon and shrimp chips, coated in a layer of shrimp chips, ready to go.Put in the oven, heat up and down 180 degrees, bake for 25 minutes, ready to cook.When you cut it open, it’s layered on top of each other, and it’s very appetising.

I did not add any seasoning in the whole process, because both nori and salmon and shrimp chips can play the role of seasoning, if the baby is to eat, you can sprinkle some salt in the chicken, shrimp, mushroom powder, oyster powder and so on to season oh!

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