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A bite of America American food style

As the saying goes, “Food is the rule of the people,” and the United States is no exception. The United States is a multi-ethnic immigrant country, integrating different races and cultures from all over the world. Naturally, American food is also integrated into various dietary cultures and characteristics. Although American food culture has various characteristics, Americans themselves have created their own food styles in the future. Americans are used to separate meals for breakfast. They attach great importance to breakfast. Americans usually have scrambled or boiled eggs, sausage, fried potato chips, pancakes, jelly, toast, muffins, orange juice and coffee for breakfast. Bacon is a frequent breakfast item in the United States, which means Americans really love this high-calorie, delicious meat product — tens of millions of tons are said to be consumed each year — but pancakes, omelettes and breakfast cereals are also popular. Lunch Lunch is usually served in the workplace with fast food (fast food is a typical American food culture, very popular), usually sandwiches, fruit, coffee, hamburgers, hot dogs and so on. When it comes to the specialty food of America, why not hamburger? Old Beauty burgers are always extra large and made with real ingredients. A burger in American restaurants is usually twice the size of a Big MAC at McDonald’s in China. Here is a TACO, a taco with beef, vegetables and tomatoes in the middle. Dinner For Americans, dinner is the main meal. As a result, Americans have a hearty dinner with one or two dishes, such as steak, pork chop, roast meat, fried chicken and so on, accompanied by bread, butter, vegetables, fruits, snacks and so on. Steak is very common on the dinner table in the United States. Generally, we like to fry it about five or six. Appetizers Many people think American food is greasy and high in calories. However, Americans also like to order appetizers before eating their main course.

Americans eat for nutrition, not taste. Make it a habit to finish your meal with a sweet treat. The eating habits of American people usually breakfast at 8 o ‘clock, lunch at 12 o ‘clock to 14 o ‘clock, dinner at 18 o ‘clock. They have a snack habit before going to bed, which is mainly fruit and candy for adults and milk and cookies for children.

Americans like to eat sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork, deep-fried beef, deep-fried steak, deep-fried pork chop, roast chicken, deep-fried chicken and other meat dishes. They also like iced water, mineral water, Coca Cola, beer, whiskey, brandy and other drinks, and they like to add ice cubes in drinks, but do not like tea. Before meals, tomato juice, orange juice and other drinks as appetizers, eating habits drinking beer, wine, soda and other drinks, after the meal is to drink coffee, rarely drink liquor. Americans do not like to eat pig feet, chicken feet, sea cucumber, animal offal, fat meat, etc. Cooking without seasoning, seasoning on the table, soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, pepper, chili powder, etc. Some Americans like to eat cans and cookies. When making cold dishes, salad oil and sauce are generally used as seasoning. Many people like to eat Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine as well as sweet sauce, oyster sauce and hoisin sauce. Like to use whiskey, gin, vodka and other raw wine mix to make cocktails.

Americans eat with a knife and fork, and their way of eating is also very dainty. Therefore, when invited to dine with American friends, special attention should be paid to their eating habits. Normally, there is a knife and two forks on the table. The outside fork is for salads, the inside fork is for staples and other snacks, and the knife is for cutting meat. If you use both hands, you should hold the fork in the left hand and the knife in the right, and you should not hold the knife for too long at a time.

American taste is relatively light, like to eat raw and cold food, such as cold shake vegetables, tender steak, hot soup is not hot. Dishes are usually salty with a hint of sweetness. Frying, frying, stir-frying and roasting are the main cooking methods, instead of braising and steaming. Meat, fish, vegetables as the main food, bread, noodles, rice is non-staple food. Desserts include cake, homemade pies, ice cream and so on. They like to eat green beans, cabbage, bean sprouts, knife beans, mushrooms and other vegetables. The meat used is first removed from the bone, fish to remove the head and tail and bone spurs, shrimp and crab to remove the shell. Tips If you are new to American restaurants, you should pay attention to the following: 1. Choose the right restaurants (such as: family restaurants, specialty restaurants and buffet-style restaurants); 2. Restaurant hours (open at 11:30 a.m. until night); 3, generally should be booked in advance; 4. When you arrive at a restaurant, do not go straight to the table, unless there is a “please sit” sign; 5, payment, don’t forget to leave a certain percentage of the waiter tip (generally 10% to 15% of the actual total).

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