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Street Internet celebrity food, caramel pudding burn three kinds of taste once satisfied

A Japanese creme brulee with a soft Q-pop! Inverted out, is the perfect three layers!At this time someone did not understand amorous feelings said: “Good beautiful pork belly!” I’d like to burn a whole pudding on his face. But I can’t give up this lovely dessert… Although the analogy is not delicate, the Japanese creme brulee yaki does have three layers of color and three layers of flavor, just like the pork belly, and it is also best when eaten together.

The creme brulee yaki originated in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. The first layer is sweet but not greasy caramel, the second layer is soft and soft pudding, and the third layer is soft and warm cake. You can eat three kinds of taste in one bite. Especially after the cold, cool and cool, summer to eat Qinxin dense, full of happiness!

The correct opening position of Creme brulee:

First shake the pudding gently,

And then slowly invert the whole thing,

Put it upside down on a plate,

A pudding cake duangduang appears in front of you,

Shaking slightly, the fragrance overflows.

The burnt brown caramel syrup will trickle down,

Into the cake,

To make the cake moist and soft,

With a creamy pudding,

Each bite is a gentle attack on the taste buds!

Although the creme brulee is rich in layers, it is not difficult to make it. It should be noted that we need to adjust the taste of each layer and allocate the appropriate amount, which requires us to be careful and patient in making it, control the temperature accurately and bake it in place one step at a time.

> > > A warm reminder from the recipe maker:

The top yoghurt cake should be baked fluffy and beautiful, beware of waist shrinkage;

Do not pour too much caramel liquid, otherwise it will seep up into the pudding layer, which will not look good.

Mold selection, should be small rather than large;

Priority choice before and after Karsh fire automatic complementary oven CO-530E oven, to ensure uniform color!

Japanese creme brulee yaki

● Caramel liquid material.

Caster sugar 100g, cold water 15g, hot water 40g.

● Pudding Liquid Ingredients.

4 whole eggs, 1 egg yolk, 100g caster sugar, 500ml milk.

● Yogurt Cake.

100g yogurt, 10g corn oil, 2 eggs, 20g caster sugar, 10g corn starch, 20g gluten flour.

● Tools.

COUSS CO-530E Front and Rear Fire Automatic Color Complementary Smart Oven.

● Bake.

Heat up and down 120 degrees for 60 minutes.

● Production steps.

1. Make caramel: Add 15g of cold water to caster sugar, heat over low heat until completely melted, then add hot water and shake quickly until the water and syrup are completely melted.

2. Pour the cooked caramel into a pudding cup and set aside.

3. To make the pudding liquid: Put 4 whole eggs and 1 yolk into an oil-free, water-free container. Stir in caster sugar and mix well.

4. Add the milk to the milk pan until it is slightly hot. Slowly add the egg yolk into the liquid.

5. Sift the pudding mixture.

6. Pour the pudding liquid evenly into the pudding glass and set aside.

7, make the cake layer: egg white egg yolk separation, add yogurt and corn oil into the yolk mix evenly.

8. Sift in flour and cornmeal and mix well.

9. Add caster sugar into the egg white three times and beat until hard. Add one third into the yolk paste and stir well.

10. Pour the mixed cake batter into the remaining egg whites and stir well.

11. Place the cake batter in a piping bag and squeeze it from the edge of the pudding cup. Use a small spatula to spread it evenly.

12. Fill the baking pan with hot water.

13. COUSS CO-530E automatic complementary oven has been preheated 130C on the upper and lower heat in advance. Couss food is placed in the middle layer at 120C on the upper and lower heat for about 1 hour.

14. The baked Japanese creme brulee yaki can be eaten while still hot. It tastes tender and smooth when eaten while still hot. It can also be cooled directly and then refrigerated, and it has a different flavor.


1, when boiling caramel, do not use a spoon to stir, do not reduce the fire, it is easy to cause back sand.

2, baking temperature and time for reference only, please adjust according to the oven temperature performance, baking must be in place, otherwise pudding does not set, resulting in the failure of the finished product. The CO-530E is used this time. The finished product is evenly colored and the temperature difference is small. It is especially easy to control the oven.

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