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Food preparation

When it comes to sour appetizers, it’s number one in the world! Take the recipe, close your eyes at home to cook delicious!

Today is the beginning of one of the world’s highest festivals: the Thai New Year — Songkran Festival, also known as “Songkran Festival”!The Water-splashing Festival is usually held from April 13 to 15 every year. The word “Songkran” comes from the Sanskrit word for “to step in” or “to move,” and Thais believe that water is pure and the act of splashing water can wash away bad luck.So people splash water on each other to bring good luck for the New Year.

From the ritual “Water bath Buddha” in the temple, to the “water gun battle” in the streets… The air is filled with laughter, music, and, of course, the essential aroma of food!

Today’s Thai lemon curry fish fillet, refreshing and appetizing sour and spicy flavor, is absolutely delicious!

Curry, there are many factions in the world, and Thai curry from the configuration of spices to flavor color, are different!

The flavor is unique with fresh plants from Southeast Asia. The addition of different herbs also creates the colorful colors of Thai curry: red curry, yellow curry, green curry…

The red of this bowl of red curry, originated from Thailand’s red dried chili, spicy gorgeous, full of tropical flavor.

Coconut milk is added to neutralize the heat, lemon to enhance the aroma, and a brilliant touch of “stomach opening acid”.

Spicy but not choking, fresh taste!

As for the difficulty – basically with cooking braised food, add material, add water, cook the end of the thing.

With the right red curry and coconut milk, the dish is more than half the battle.

Thai curry is made with fresh spices, so you’d be right to choose this paste, which is native to Thailand.

Sour, spicy, fresh, sweet, fragrant are subtly and harmoniously gathered in the soup, cooked with fish fillets and their favorite vegetables, tender and smooth mouth, after eating feeling caper up!

Prepare materials:

Fish 1 enoki mushroom 1 handlegreen lemon yellow lemon 2 ginger 1 spring onion 1 dill grass 1 plant red curry paste coconut milk appropriate amount.

Cooking steps:

1 Shred ginger, slice scallions, slice green and yellow lemons, and chop dill.

1. Slice the Longli fish and put it into a large bowl. 2. Add salt, starch and white pepper to the fillet and marinate for 10 minutes.

[3] Making soup base 1. Fry ginger and scallions in hot oil, and then scatter them in red curry; 2. Pour in clean water, and pour in appropriate amount of coconut milk when the water boils.

[4] Cooking 1. Add enoki mushrooms, simmer for 5 minutes, then add fish slices; 2. Add salt and white pepper to taste; 3. Add green and yellow lemon slices.

[5] Out of the pot, sprinkle with dill and squeeze in lemon juice.

Thai curry is not as sweet as Japanese curry, nor as thick as Indian curry, refreshing and appetizing.

Slightly spicy but not dry, lemon fruit flavor and spice spice “penetration” is very strong, and coconut milk has increased the mellow thickness, relaxation degree, rich level.

Thai cuisine is fresh and unique, its own style, and just the smell of it is mouth-watering!

We have specially found Thai curry paste and Tom Yum goong paste for you!With local ingredients and authentic seasoning, you can cook Thai flavor in just a few minutes at home, and travel the streets of Thailand in a second!One bite crispy, two bites soft, three bites can not stop chopsticks! No wonder it occupies the top spot in the restaurant all year round.

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