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Check out how egg Boy has become a popular food in Europe and the United States from street food!

Have you tried egg boy?Once an Internet sensation,Attract a lot of people to clock in, eat.Eggboy was just.A street snack in Hong Kong,How did it become an Internet sensation in the US and Europe?Let’s take stock of the eggs.Past life and this life!Read on!Do you like eggs?In the past, egg Bun was a simple snack on the streets of Hong Kong, but now egg bun has more and more tricks, including candy, ice cream, fruit… A variety of things, let a person dazzling.

Today we’re going to talk about the history and evolution of Eggboys.

The history of eggs can be traced back to the 1950s in Hong Kong, where, like many cuisines, a new delicacy was created out of leftover or limited ingredients, based on the principle of not wasting and making the most of everything.

It is said that the owner of a grocery store made eggs from unsold eggs, adding flour, milk and sugar.

The eggs are golden and honeycombed with a rich cake-like scent. Although it looks full, it is actually hollow, and you can feel its unique texture when you bite into it. The outer layer is crispy, but the inside is very soft.

For the Hong Kong people at that time, the economical and nutritious egg was very suitable for their needs, so it quickly became popular in Hong Kong.

In the beginning, the eggs were not sold whole as they are now, but were separated and sold individually.

As the older generation recalls, many people could not afford to buy whole eggs.

Traditionally, Hong Kong eggs are made by heating them over a charcoal fire, although most people have since switched to electric stoves for efficiency and safety reasons.

In the 1960s and 1970s, with the influx of new immigrants, there were more street vendors.

Hawkers sell eggs from carts on the streets to make ends meet and feed their families. But egg vendors often buy several machines at a time because their machines are often confiscated.

To sell legally on the street in Hong Kong, you had to have a hawker’s licence. But the Hong Kong government stopped issuing new hawker licenses in the 1970s, making many of the new hawkers illegal, leading to a series of battles like ours with chengguan — perhaps even more intense.

Back to the eggboys. If business is good, the stall or shop owner will process several servings of eggs at once, pouring the prepared batter into the egg machine mold, turning the mold every two minutes or so, and occasionally opening a crack to check ripeness.

Once finished, the spatula peeled the egg from the mold, folded it in half and placed it in a paper bag for the waiting customer.

Today, egg bun has become one of the most popular street food in Hong Kong, but its increasingly rich taste has captured the hearts of millions of young people.

Instead of being hollow, some eggs are filled with fillings like chocolate and matcha. Other ingredients are even added to the batter for extra flavor.

Others take inspiration from Western desserts and add extra toppings. Some popular ingredients are.

1. Fruits and berries. You can choose from a variety of variations and combinations of fruits, especially combining sweet fruits and sour berries.

2. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream. This combination is especially popular in the summer, and ice cream flavors can be single or different combinations.

3. Cream and various fillings such as chocolate and caramel.

These fancy waffles have spread out of Hong Kong, China, and become popular in Europe and the United States, and are loved by food lovers around the world.

On the popular social media site Instagram, photos of eggs with high levels of appearance have also garnered countless likes.

But in Hong Kong itself, the original version is the most popular. Many old Hong Kong people have the smell of eggs in their childhood, which is also a simple and beautiful childhood memory.

The above is about the past and present life of egg. What is your favorite flavor of egg?

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