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Food preparation

South Korea’s newest Internet celebrity! At home a knead is good, a bite is all material, super meet!

Sweet potato bun with Zhixin.Those of you who read this article every day will notice that I really love taro and sweet potatoes these days. For today’s sweet potato bun, I’ve added a lot of mashed sweet potato to the dough, which makes the color and flavor of the bread more appealing.The filling, a combination of sweet potato and cream cheese, is so smooth that its sweet potato aroma is so creamy that it seems to marinate the tongue.

You can also use the same method to make pumpkin, purple potato, dragon fruit to make bread, the principle is similar, is due to different water content of different ingredients, to control the amount of oh.

Sweet potato bun with Zhixin.

> > > Time of production < <

55 min.

> > > Cookery ware < <


> > > Cooking cookery ingredients. < <

Main dough:

Strong flour 230g/granulated sugar 40g.

Yeast 3g/salt 5g.

Egg liquid 30g/Sweet Potato Puree 170g.

75-80g water / 15g butter.

Old face:

Strong flour 50g.

Yeast 1g/water 35g.

For the filling:

Sweet Potato Puree 180g/Cream Cheese 60g.

10g butter / 30g granulated sugar.

Decorative powder:

5g cocoa powder / 15g purple sweet potato powder.

Milk powder 15g/corn starch 15g.

> > > Manufacturing process < < <

1. Make dough first: Pour 230g strong flour, pre-made old noodles (in tips), 40g white sugar, 3g yeast, 5g salt, 30g egg liquid, 170g sweet potato puree, 75g water into the kneading bowl. Stir at low speed for 2 minutes to form a group, then turn to medium high speed and beat for 6 minutes.

Add 15g of softened butter and beat on high speed for 6-8 minutes. Until the dough is smooth and in an expanded state (film). At this time, the dough will be sticky, put it in a pot, cover it with plastic wrap and let it ferment at room temperature for 40-50 minutes (to about 2 times).

2. Make the filling while fermentation is taking place: put 60g cream cheese, 10g butter and 30g sugar in a basin, beat evenly with an egg beater at low speed, add 180g sweet potato puree, stir and mix into a piping bag for later use.

If sweet potatoes are sweet, no sugar can also be added.

3, fermented dough, after taking out the exhaust, the average is divided into 5 parts, reunion standing for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, roll out 18-20cm round pieces with a rolling pin, squeeze the filling into the downward position in the middle of the dough, roll the dough forward to the closing position, and tighten.

4. Pour 5g cocoa powder, 15g purple potato powder, 15g milk powder and 15g corn starch into the baking tray and mix well. Roll the finished bread on the flour and put it on the baking tray.

5. Fermented dough, cut marks in the middle of the dough with a cutting knife, put into the preheated oven, up and down the fire 170℃, bake 18-20min.

The earthen bread has a golden furrow in the middle, giving it the look of a puffed up sweet potato or a whimsical version of football.

Gently poke, feel soft incredible, a tear, continuous tissue pulling silk, full of filling into the line of sight, golden color bright temptation.

The next bite, the bread tissue is soft and fine, sweet potato aroma mixed with wheat, the unique flavor is fascinating. Sweet potato filling sweet sweet, delicate sand soft taste let the tongue do not want to stop.


1, the operation method of old noodles: 50g strong flour with 1g yeast, 35g water mix evenly stand for half an hour, put in the refrigerator to ferment overnight.

2, because the dough added sweet potato puree, so the water will be relatively large, it is recommended that you use some water reserve.

3. Please pay attention to safety when cutting the bag.

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