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Ten kinds of food that will ruin your life! Be a global foodie!

Think of the delicious food you have traveled thousands of miles to taste. The delicious taste goes deep into the marrow and becomes a precious tourist souvenir. Think of snacks, desserts and appetizers that will surprise you and make you more aware of the local culture. Let’s have a wonderful date with food and start a trip on the tip of the tongue.

1. Ceviche.

Who wants to cook by fire when you have sour oranges on hand? Ceviche is a central and southern American dish made of sashimi infused with lime juice, served with Onions and coriander, and sprinkled with salt and pepper. The whole dish was perfectly matched, and the fish that was caught alive was so beautiful, and when served with lime juice, it had a delicious flavor. Different countries prepare this dish slightly differently, so you may have to visit many countries before you can taste your favorite flavor.

2, stone pot bibimbap.

With its complex ingredients, Bibimbap is a true basket of Korean kitchens, and it’s delicious. A bowl of steaming white rice is delicately arranged with a variety of meat and vegetables, then drizzled with a variety of sauces and chili sauce, mixing and stirring, each bite will taste different. Alternatively, the dish is more exciting when cooked in a hot stone pan, where the adjacent portion of the rice is browned to a crisp, touching touch.

3. Chickpea muffins.

Among the many varieties of breads from countries around the world, India’s chickpea muffin tops the list. This crudely made, crunchy bread is a favorite of people who love fried food. Paired with the muffin is chickpea curry, a classic that is rich and addictive. Some restaurants make muffins with different flavors, such as sweet and spicy sauce, or sour lemon juice, or dill pickles on the sides.

4. Butter egg tart.

Ontario’s beloved butter tart has its own signature, culinary path and holiday. Canada’s butter custard tart is somewhere between English treacle pudding and French treacle tart. Mix butter, sugar, juice, eggs and some raisins into a thin pastry and bake. The rich flavors tease your taste buds, never boring, as if you have been given physical and mental indulgence, so that you come to Canada again and again, just to taste this taste satisfaction.

5, honey Yankan.

A popular street food and party snack in Thailand and Laos, Miyankan is a sweet, sour, spicy and salty dish that hits your taste buds with every bite. Top the leaves (cabbage, spinach or a local prickly ash) with finely chopped ginger, coconut, peanuts, limes and dried shrimp, and sprinkle evenly with a sweet and spicy sauce. Roll up the leaves, and you’re ready to eat it.

6. Tacos.

When we talk about tacos, we’re not talking about fried food with lettuce, tomato, and cheese. We’re talking about a real taco in the traditional sense, the kind you can buy on the streets of Mexico or anywhere else. Homemade tortillas, rolled with minced meat, Onions and cilantro and drizzled with lime juice, are easy to overlook, easy to make and modest. But it embodies the simple and not simple wisdom, only you taste it, can realize the wonderful taste of it.

7. Meringues.

What’s interesting about Australia and New Zealand is that both countries claim the meringue originated in their own country. That means there are plenty of chefs in both countries who are skilled at making these delicious desserts. The Merengue-style base is topped with circles of cream and topped with plenty of sweet seasonal fruits (kiwi, passion fruit and strawberries, for example). This dessert is as bright and fresh as Christmas in the summer, and people especially like to eat this dessert in the summer.

8. Blue mussel Fries.

The Belgians invented blue fries hundreds of years ago, and no one has ever cooked them better. Blue fries are a combination of elegance and provinciality, and they’re not just a dish, they’re a feast. Luxurious mussels piled on a ragu (often flavored with white wine) and served with tiny, crispy French fries make for a heavenly treat. And lucky for you, you’ll get to taste it.

9. Bastiar pie.

The most delicious Bastiah pie is an elaborate Patty made in Morocco. Filled with poultry, Onions, almonds, sugar and a variety of seasonings, the pastry is baked in a thin crust until it is crisp and golden and irresistible.

If you read about a dish called “Sweet and Sour pigeon pie,” you’d probably never order it. But you must overcome your self-defense instinct, have the courage to try this Patty, delicious taste will not let you regret.

10. Croissants.

There are many mouthwatering items in a French meal, but the croissant stands out for its inimitable charm. Flour and butter, geography and climate, steam and heat, a myriad of conditions converge to create the world’s most perfect French croissant. The thin golden crust is torn open to reveal the delicate porous bread inside. What you get at your local bakery is not the breads sold in packages at big bakeries, but the hot, freshly baked croissants that might change your life.

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