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Food Tasting

These dishes are only $40? Food evaluation – set friends shopping mall

together.Let’s eat.COME ON!Today Xiaobian take you to have a look.A Food Court in Scarborough.”Chi Yau Shopping Centre”.Check out the store and see which one is the best!It’s not a big food court.There are only six small stores.But it’s very convenient.Sometimes they just call ahead and order.I went to Bestco across the street to buy food.Get your food again, just in time!Yong Ji.

Recommended rating: ★★★★

This house has porridge, noodles, rice and side dishes.

The spaghetti bolognese at this house is also very good,

It has the taste of the old Hong Kong tea restaurant.

This time I chose a four-dish dish,

Just about $35.

Wo Dish: Chinese Beef fillet, Maggi Fried medium shrimp, shrimp with egg, fish-flavored eggplant.

And a bowl of soup,

No white rice though!

The soup is not bad. It’s watercress, carrot and pork bone soup.

The prawn with egg and the fish-flavored eggplant are both normal and delicious!

More than any other family,

In fact, the Chinese beef fillet is not very large,

Because they cut the beef fillet into pieces.

The tenderloin is tender, the sauce is sour and sweet,

I really like to eat with this.

One Maggi fried medium shrimp,

The portion is not small,

There are about 10 of them in a box.

Fry medium shrimp until golden brown on both sides,

Eat it in one bite,

It tastes delicious and rich,

Eat until you can’t stop.

Farmhouse happy private home dishes

This specialty is Taye Chicken with tea flavor and chicken with citronella fish sauce!

Combined dishes have the cheapest prices in the entire food court!

The cheapest combo is $36.99.

The takeaway menu is a little different from the menu in the store,

The set is different, so you can check it out.

We bought a 6 and a dish,

Sweet and sour pork with chicken and lemongrass fish sauce, sweet and sour pork with pineapple,

Stir-fried shrimp with cashew nuts, fish flavor tofu and eggplant, and stir-fried vegetables.

The set meal comes with plain rice!

Because of the low price, the portions of this dish are smaller than others.

And as you can see, there are more vegetables in the meal.

The Tea Emperor tofu is very flavorful and melts in one bite.

The fish sauce chicken is also very tasty, quite good.

Dragon tea meal.

The food here is more like Hong Kong tea restaurant!

Snacks, sandwiches, regular meals, pasta, breakfast are provided!

In addition to the paper menu, the store also has a new menu.

We ordered the Sihe dish, which had half a chicken,

Sweet and sour pork, lotus egg, and beef vermicelli pork in satay.

There’s also soy milk and rice for $32.99.

Let’s replace soymilk with soup!

The chicken is tender and fresh.

A lot of beef, vermicelli absorbed the delicious satay beef, very provoking taste.

Sweet and sour pork is sweet and sour,

Not too much fat pork,

It’s just too bad they’re not crisp enough,

So when I get home to eat,

Sweet and sour meat is soft.

The egg has shredded onion, shrimp,

One mouthful down,

It’s not particularly greasy,

The saltiness is just right.

Clay Pot Rice with broad flavor.

Recommended rating: ★★★★

This is a Clay Pot rice dish with some dishes from a tea pot.

Because the main dish is Clay Pot rice,

So in addition to the usual ribs rice, fried chicken rice and preserved rice,

There are also eel spareribs, partridge Pot rice, whitebait rice and so on.

We ordered spicy chicken rice with vegetables, soup and drinks.

At the moment of lifting the lid,

The food came thick and fragrant,

You can still see the crispy, golden crust.

Steamed rice is a classic Clay Pot rice,

Test the standard of Baozi rice in a pot.

Steamed rice in a clay pot,

Sausage, salted duck,

It feels very traditional.The glossy color,

The sausage is full of teeth,The fat seeps into each rice,

The ingredients blend perfectly with the rice.The chicken here is very tender, too.Generally speaking, the Clay Pot rice is good.Food Court, Chiyou Shopping Centre.Address :2301 Brimley Rd., Scarborough, ON M1S 3L6

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