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Travel with food Review desserts that fly

In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, another important thing during the trip is to taste the local specialties. Among them, all kinds of desserts are popular among girls and children. Let me introduce you to the flying dessert bar.Macaron.Macarons, also known as macarons, are French desserts made with egg whites, almond flour, granulated sugar and icing sugar, and served with fruit jam or cream. Rich taste, outside crisp inside soft, colorful appearance, delicate and small. Macarons are layered, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. When you bite into it, you first get a thin, crispy crust, followed by a soft, dense inner layer. Unlike the creamy texture, the tenacity of the marzipan lifts the filling and gives it a chewy texture.


Tiramisu is an Italian dessert flavored with coffee wine. Sponge cake with mascarpone as the main ingredient and finger biscuits instead of the traditional dessert, with coffee, cocoa powder and other elements. Eat the mouth sweet, smooth, sweet, greasy, soft with texture changes, taste is not always sweet. If you go to Italy, be sure to try the authentic Tiramisu. Ice Cream Gelato.

Gelato is a representative of Italian desserts, which is characterized by freshness, low heat and creativity. It is regarded as a classic of ice cream. All ingredients are seasonal fruits, natural nuts, milk, eggs and so on. Because it is low calories, beautiful girls do not have to be afraid of fat, can eat as much as you like.


Cheesecake is a type of Western dessert with a soft top, mixed with special cheeses such as ricotta or cream cheese, plus sugar and other toppings such as eggs, cream, coconut and fruit. Cheesecake can be used as a base or cut and eaten straight away. It is also wetter in taste than a normal cake. When it comes to something specific, cheesecake is similar in taste to something like tiramisu or mousse, but not as soft and usually not very sweet.

Chocolate Cake.

Although it is sweet and high in calories, it is delicious. Personally, I think most people can’t resist the pleasure of chocolate taste buds. Chocolate lovers should not miss the chocolate cake.

Bread with coffee.

Sweet and soft sandwich with espresso or cappuccino. The bitterness of the coffee counterbalances the sweetness of the sandwich. Pudding.

Pudding is a kind of traditional British food. Broadly speaking, it generally refers to the food made of pulpy materials solidified into solid shape, such as Christmas pudding, bread pudding, Yorkshire pudding, etc. Common methods include baking, steaming, baking and so on. Pudding is also one of the most acceptable desserts for Chinese people.

Custard series.

The “Together” panna Cotta series, which combines beauty and delicacy, is colorful and lovely in a round glass cup, which looks like life and is very delicious. This dessert is soft and waxy, thinner than ordinary pastry, a little like eating ice cream, I believe many people will love it.Like to go to action!

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