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An Italian man who was measuring a croissant on the streets of Paris has left the Internet confused as he watched the protest burn while eating it

Speaking of Paris, many travelers opt to try authentic baguettes or classic croissants. Exploring stores in Paris, the capital of food, is also the purpose of many food bloggers’ trips to Paris.Many Parisians recently gave a thumbs up to a young Italian man’s croissant review on the streets of Paris.So, what magic did he use to capture the hearts of discerning Parisians and capture their perfect shop trip? This guy’s Angle is really off the mark… Luis, 25, is from Bologna, Italy. He can speak Italian and English. He is also a relatively successful youtuber, with more than 1.5 million followers on his channel and hundreds of thousands of daily views, which puts him ahead of most bloggers in the industry. His past videos, mostly about daily life in Italy, have always been down to earth. This time, he chose to make a video about reviewing croissants in Paris. First of all, there’s been a lot going on in Paris these last few days.

Last month, without a vote in parliament, he introduced the extension, raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Work two more years before you can get retirement pay! The French heard this, and they quit. People took to the streets of several cities, including Paris, in protest. Scenes of interaction between the riot forces and the people were also shown in the media. And Lewis, seeing the moment, graciously conducted a croissant taste test… He chose five well-known bakeries to visit, but in the beginning of the video, he is standing in the flood of protesters, nearly being crushed to death…

When I stumbled, I was pushed out of the frame by my neighbors.

Another shot cut, brother has disappeared in the crowd…

The younger brother tried to keep steady in the crowd and explained to the audience.

The first shop he chose to explore was Tout Autour du Pain, an old Parisian bakery founded in 1895. Don’t know how to pronounce this in French? The same goes for Brother… Naturally, he caught a Parisian uncle near him and asked him how to pronounce the name of the shop. I’m here to protest, not translate… However, the eldest brother seemed to instantly travel back to the daily Paris, not only stopped to answer the pronunciation, but also explained the English meaning… Brother also shot himself into the store to buy croissants, the decoration of the store.

It has to be said that the bakery itself is an expression of antiquity and history, which complements the beautiful and lovely food… The little brother bought the coffee and the target of the croissant, very content out of the store.

Nice store and handsome guy. I have to say, it’s a joy to watch…

The little brother tested the taste of the shop at the door. After tasting the coffee, the little brother emo and silently threw the coffee away.

However, after tasting the croissant, the younger brother happily gave a fair assessment. Based on the high degree of inner roll of the croissants in Paris, he gives his opinion on the appearance, texture and taste of the croissants. On the whole, he was satisfied with his first attempt. He then followed the same approach with visits to carton, Stohrer and Du pain et des idees. When he visited Cedric Grolet Opera, his last online celebrity shop, he found that the queue was too long. So give up… In all of these videos, the young man was shown tasting a croissant and trying to give a taste close to the expert opinion, in the background of the mass of protesters. In his own words, “My idea for the video was to show the public as truthfully and transparently as possible, so that they could taste the real experience of the croissant.” So, the burning bus stop sign… The trash can that was set on fire…

Finally, he climbed to a vantage point and sat down with a suspected media reporter who was heavily armed and trying to protect his work gear.

And after a completely real test, he came to the conclusion that croissants from the first old bakery were his favorite.

After watching the video, Parisians loved him: “I’m French, and this is the best French comedy ever.” Let’s just say I really got the essence of Paris…

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