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Do you like any of these six cuisines? Which ones have you had?

Think of the delicious food you have traveled thousands of miles to taste. The delicious taste goes deep into the marrow and becomes a precious tourist souvenir. Think of snacks, desserts and appetizers that will surprise you and make you more aware of the local culture.1. Japan Octopus Maruko.Takoyaki, also known as octopus balls, originated in Osaka, Japan. It is crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. It is delicious and cheap. Nowadays, octopus balls can be found in supermarkets and roadside stores in China. Their round shape, elastic and chewy taste always attract many female students to buy octopus balls. However, if you want to eat the pure flavor of octopus balls, it is better to go to the daily food shop.

2. South Korea  Bibimbap.

With its complex ingredients, Bibimbap is a true basket of Korean kitchens, and it’s delicious. A bowl of steaming white rice is delicately arranged with a variety of meat and vegetables, then drizzled with a variety of sauces and chili sauce, mixing and stirring, each bite will taste different. Alternatively, the dish is more exciting when cooked in a hot stone pan, where the adjacent portion of the rice is browned to a crisp, touching touch.

3. United States  Corn dogs.

In 1942, at a Texas country fair, a business-minded young man came up with a way to make his hot dogs sell: slathering the intestines with corn syrup, frying them hot for five minutes and sticking a stick in the back. In this way, a traditional American street food was born. Topped with yellow mustard and tomato sauce, it’s delicious and juicy in one bite!

4. Canada – Gravy Cheese Fries.

Gravy cheese fries, see these “horizontal things” “strong combination” did you swallow raw? This is definitely Canada’s best heart-warming food. You may hate the heat, but you can’t resist the taste. The key to this dish is freshly baked chewy cheese curds, preferably native to Canada.

5. Chickpea muffins.

Among the many varieties of breads from countries around the world, India’s chickpea muffin tops the list. This crudely made, crunchy bread is a favorite of people who love fried food. Paired with the muffin is chickpea curry, a classic that is rich and addictive. Some restaurants make muffins with different flavors, such as sweet and spicy sauce, or sour lemon juice, or dill pickles on the sides.

6. Puerto Rico  Bibimbap with beans.

Compared to the previous delicacies, you may be a little unfamiliar with this heart-warming meal. It has a similar feel to the bibimbap (bibimbap) that Koreans are so fond of, but it doesn’t have much to do with the selection and quantity of ingredients. It is usually made by pouring some homemade Spanish sauce (made from green beans, pork and spices) over the rice and serving it with beef stew, grilled chicken or even pig’s feet, or fried breadfruit.

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