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These most quintessentially American foods will give you a perfect travel experience

When you think of the most American food, what comes to mind first?A McDonald’s burger? I’m sure you’re already familiar with the most common American meal, the hamburger, so that’s not what we’re going to talk about today. Indeed, American food always gives the impression that no matter what the ingredients are, you can make a good meal between two slices of bread. Food is a kind of culture, which is closely related to the local climate, environment and people’s living habits. Today, let’s take a closer look at the most American food by exploring American culture and history. The next time you set foot on American soil, this list might solve the problem of having to face the menu and make choices.

Feast on a large meal.

Chicago — Thick-bottomed pizza Kingdom.

When you’re in Chicago, you can’t miss a pizza with a thick base, because restaurants are everywhere. How to choose the most authentic pizza among the many restaurants? In fact, many of Chicago’s oldest Pizzeria restaurants have been around for decades, such as chains Pizzeria Uno and Giordano, which were founded in the last century and remain the city’s most enduring, making them great places to enjoy a thick base.

In 1943, the founders of Uno invented a new way to eat pizza — the pizza with a thick base. The pizza has a thin crust and a thick filling, with layers of cheese layered on top of carefully matched fillings. A plate of meaty, thick-bottomed pizza measures about 3 pounds and 2 inches tall, and is filled with rich cheese. Let go of your manners for a moment and take a big bite.

San Francisco — Seafood stew in the harbor.

A trip to San Francisco is sure to take you to Fisherman’s Wharf, a famous tourist attraction, and you can’t resist the delicious local seafood. Recommend the San Francisco Harbor’s signature dish – seafood stew. The dish consists of a rich variety of seafood mixed with tomatoes and red wine, complete with a slice of crispy toasted bread. Seafood stew was invented by Italian immigrant fishermen on San Francisco’s North Beach in the late 1800s. After a day’s fishing, if a fisherman returned empty-handed, he would walk over to other fishermen with a pot and ask them to “contribute” a little seafood for dinner, which would eventually be boiled into a big pot of steaming seafood.

Boston — The lobster roll that took the world by storm.

Boston has a variety of ways to cook lobster, including the world-famous lobster roll. The lobster roll started in 1929 at Perry’s, a restaurant in Milford, Connecticut. Perry’s added this new sandwich to its menu, and it quickly spread across Connecticut and then to many American cities.

The lobster roll is made with a special soft, sweet bread, chunks of fresh lobster meat, and a secret sauce. Many Boston restaurants that specialize in lobster rolls also serve a signature drink: Lobster Drunk milk. The effect is better when eaten together. No trip to Boston, famous for its lobsters, would be complete without a taste of the local lobster roll.

Los Angeles — Home of smoked salmon pizza.

Smoked Salmon Pizza originated in 1982 at Spago Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. It is said that smoked salmon pizza was created when the cream cake was sold out and a new pizza made with smoked salmon and lots of spices was invented to replace the cream cake. It became a Spago classic and one of California’s most iconic cuisines. Smoke-grilled salmon topped with crunchy pizza and served with luxurious caviar will satisfy your culinary cravings on the road.

Coffee & Drinks.

Choice of after-dinner drinks.

Seattle — Coffee City.

Have you had enough to eat and drink? I’d like some afternoon tea. If you’ve set foot in Seattle, Washington, expect a coffee-filled trip. Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks, but it’s not all about Starbucks. Walk the streets of Seattle and you’ll see many specialty coffee shops with fans.

Coffee is to Seattle what popcorn is to the movies. Images of long lines at sidewalk cafes, each holding a cup of coffee, are common in the city. It has become a culture, deeply embedded in the lives of people in Seattle. Seattle is also known as the “Rainy City” because it is always rainy. There’s nothing like the aroma of coffee to bring warmth and comfort as you stay inside and listen to the patter of rain outside your window.

New York — Cocktail heaven.

Your day of food exploration is coming to an end, and you want something special to keep you tired? The cocktail paradise of New York could not be more to your liking. The origins of the cocktail vary, with the most common saying that it first appeared in a New York pub decorated with cocktails in 1776. Despite the mystery of its origins, the invention of the cocktail is indeed very imaginative and creative. It breaks away from the limitations of traditional drinks and makes it more accessible to the general public.

New York is definitely one of the great cocktail bars for cocktail lovers. The cocktails here are less elaborate because the bartenders focus on the taste. The cocktail scene in New York is rich, from the classic to the innovative, and you can try a different cocktail for each New York night on the road.

After reading the above description of the American diet, I believe you have mastered the “secret” to make the trip more complete? Add these to your travel bucket list, and you’ll discover even more in your quest. Isn’t that part of the fun of travel?

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