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Top 20 American College students’ Favorite snack bars

In the United States, what kind of snack bar near a university attracts students? Originally, many American local college students evaluation snack bar characteristic food at the same time, often do not forget to explain that this is the most delicious wine snacks. American college students are also very talented in their comments on snacks.1. Charlie’s Kitchen, Harvard University.In one sentence: “The price is very affordable — $4 for all kinds of whiskey drinks, not to mention mousse sticks, fries, waffles, chicken, cheese, and burgers.”2. Freebirds World Burrito, University of California, Santa Barbara.

A student review: “Open 24/7, they beat every other Mexican restaurant with crispy Onions and barbecue sauce. My favorite love is the quesanachorrito.”

3. Rutgers University — Grease Trucks.

In one sentence, student comment: “The sandwich is unbeatable. You can add chicken legs, mousse sticks, French fries, Taylor’s ham, eggs, cheese steak, French fries… About $5 to $7 each.”

4. University of Rochester — Nick Tahou Hots.

One sentence student comment: “Famous snack home!”

5. Bagel & Deli, University of Miami.

One sentence: “The bagels can be made in an infinite number of combinations, from cream cheese and blueberry bagels to chocolate chip cookies, with potato chips, Turkey, lettuce, and broccoli. Any night, there’s a long line of students to buy their bagels.”

6. North Carolina State University  Cook Out.

One student comment: “For $5, there’s a large portion  French fries, onion rings, pie, and chicken wrap, and a drink, maybe a milkshake.”

7. University of Alabama at Birmingham  Al’s Deli and Grill.

One student comment: “Their French fries are unbeatable.”

8. Colorado State University The Fat Shack.

One student comment: “Their motto is’ The longer the night, the better! ‘”

9. Fuego Tortilla Grill, Texas A&M University.

One sentence student review: “Highly recommend their tacos and Imperial burritos.”

10. Filiberto’s, Arizona State University.

One sentence: “The world’s most delicious wine snack.”

11. Ohio University  Big Mamma’s Burritos.

One student comment: “Their spicy chicken burrito is the most orthodox.”

12. University of Maryland Shanghai Cafe.

One sentence student comment: “Any food is only 10 yuan! “.

13. Dave’s Taverna, James Madison University.

One sentence student comment: “Nothing tastes better than their Philly cheese steak pita! ”

14. Bama University) Quick Grill.

One student comment: “I was once placed in front of an order of chili cheese fries, and I ate them all!

15. Western Michigan University Two Fellas Grill.

One sentence student comment: “Unparalleled!”

16. Conrad’s Grill, Michigan State University.

One student comment: “All of their tacos are so good. Tacos are the best snack for drinking.”

17. Congress Street Social Club, Savannah College of Art and Design.

One sentence student comments: “swollen is eating too fast, tongue was burned to the bird……”

18. University of Wisconsin, Whitewater  Toppers Pizza.

One sentence: “This is the dream of all college students when they drink.”

19. University of Virginia  Littlejohn’s.

One student comment: “Love is around the corner, and authentic Southern food is available on campus.”

20. Ohio State University  Buckeye Donuts.

One sentence student comment: “Awesome! “

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