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Malaysia’s iconic food, you have to try it

Representative cuisine of Malaysia.Malaysia is a country of diverse cultures and cuisines, and its cuisine attracts tourists from all over the world. Here, take a look at seven different types of food that represent Malaysia.01 Coconut Sugar Griddle.(Agar Agar Cendol).Agar Agar Cendol is a famous Malaysian dessert that combines the specialties of Agar Agar and Cendol. It is a cool and refreshing, beautiful appearance, unique taste. Commonly found in Malaysia’s tropical climate, it becomes a favourite in the summer months and is also often found in Malaysian restaurants, dessert shops and street stalls.

02 Traditional Chicken Cake.

(Kuih Bahulu).

Kuih Bahulu is a fluffy, sweet-tasting small cake often eaten as a breakfast or afternoon snack. It is made of eggs, flour, sugar and coconut milk and then baked in special baking pans. Kuih Bahulu usually takes the shape of a small cone, and sometimes spices such as chocolate or vanilla are added to enhance the flavor.

03 Kueh Jiawill.

Kuih Kapit is a traditional Malaysian thin cracker usually eaten during the Lunar New Year. Made from coconut milk, coconut sugar and flour, it is baked in a special pan until thin, crisp and golden brown. This snack has a sweet, crisp taste and is perfect for serving as an afternoon snack or with coffee or tea.

04 Hainan Chicken Rice.

(Hainanese Chicken Rice).

It is a traditional Chinese dish based on rice and chicken, and is common on Malaysian tables. The dish features both the rice and the chicken cooked very tender and with a light flavor, it feels very refreshing. It is usually served with vegetables such as green melon, carrots and mushrooms, as well as special condiments such as chili sauce and soy sauce, and tastes delicious.

05 Curry Noodles.

(Curry Laksa).

Curry Laksa is a spicy mix of coconut milk, curry and rice noodles, often with seafood, chicken, tofu, shrimp, eggs and other ingredients. This Penang classic is considered to be one of the best dishes in Malaysia, and its special flavor is unforgettable. It’s part of the daily diet for many Malaysians. Its special flavor and spicy taste have also attracted the favor of many foreign tourists.

06 Pull Tea.

(Teh Tarik).

Teh Tarik is one of the most popular traditional drinks in Malaysia. The tea drink is usually made from a mixture of black tea, milk and sugar, which is foamed by pouring and repouring several times. It can be found at street stalls, restaurants and cafes in Malaysia and is one of the symbols of Malaysian culture. It is also popular outside Malaysia, especially in Southeast Asia and the United Kingdom.

07 White Coffee.


Malaysia is a country where coffee culture prevails. Coffee shops are everywhere. Malaysian coffee has unique flavor and taste, and the name “Ipoh Old Street Market” is also loud because of it. But for good white coffee, you really have to go to Ipoh’s old Street Market.

These foods represent the rich food culture and distinctive flavours of Malaysia, each with its own unique taste and style, allowing people to taste the food while experiencing the culture and history of Malaysia.Try it out when you study abroad or travel to Malaysia.

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