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Taking a look at the top 10 cuisines in India, “clean and hygienic” fits well with Indian eating habits

1. Indian flying cakes.India’s most famous scone, a must eat in India. In India, besides rice, the most indispensable part of every meal is a scone. Scones are made of whole wheat flour, which is natural, healthy and pollution-free. Not only that, the scone is very chewy, with a thin crust, which is dry if eaten dry, and has no special flavor, but when paired with authentic Indian sauces or rich butter, it is absolutely delicious.

2. Indian desserts.

When it comes to Indian desserts, the variety is beyond imagination, baked, grilled, fried, and everything else, and each one will give you a thorough understanding of the definition of sweet. There are all kinds of sweet snacks, some of which can be eaten for dinner, and every dessert is bittersweet. If you are not a serious sweet tooth, Xiao Xiao can only say to be careful, if you have a sweet tooth, then you might as well order a taste, absolutely sweet to your heart.

3. Creamed chicken.

Creamy chicken, a famous Indian dish, is recommended by almost every restaurant as a signature dish. Cream chicken. Just hearing the name sounds like cream on the outside of the chicken, it’s so exciting to think about it. But the imagination is always good, and the reality is not so bad. The creamy chicken is served with a golden thick sauce that makes you think it’s chicken curry. Yes, in this long-simmered broth, it’s made of boneless chicken, curry and other spices, and then put in a thick cream. By the way, with naan, you can’t stop eating.

4. Clay oven roast chicken.

The most famous clay oven roast chicken in India is as hot as our Peking duck. In traditional Indian restaurants, roast chicken is cooked slowly over a charcoal fire in an ancient mud oven, hence the name mud oven chicken. This mud oven roast chicken is also very careful about the materials, only the curing needs to spend a long time, in the curing sauce will not only use a variety of spicy spices seasoning will also put yogurt. The roast chicken after the oven is red and attractive. Eat it while it is hot, and the tender taste on the outside will definitely make you fall in love with it.

5. Indian pilaf.

Hand-cooked rice is a favorite food of Indians. When eating, the food is stirred and smoothed repeatedly with the right hand, and then the food is picked up into the mouth with the right thumb, index finger and middle finger. Hand-cooked rice is limited to home or informal occasions.

6. Rasi.

Rasi is Indian yoghurt. At a stall in front of the old Delhi Jama Mosque, terracotta POTS filled with yogurt are lined up so that diners smash them when they’re done, saving the stall owner the trouble of washing dishes while being hygienic. As the main course of Indian food is mostly mutton, chicken and seafood, and the Onions and curries in every dish are considered greasy and indigestible by the Chinese, rich yoghurt made with milk can be used to smooth over the meal.

7. Curried mutton.

Curry powder is the most commonly used dish in India. Curry powder is a kind of spicy condiment made from more than 20 kinds of spices such as pepper, turmeric and fennel. Once cooked, the curried mutton is simmered and kept warm in gleaming metal vats at the entrance to the restaurant, where its aroma is slowly oozed.

8. The tower.

Tari is the most traditional set meal in India. It consists of rice, flatbread, yogurt, curry, vegetables, desserts and more in a round aluminum plate. Thali includes: Kheer(dessert with rice flavor and milk), Chapati(whole wheat cake), Salad(salad), Kadhi(tofu), Paneervegetable(cheese).

Thali is an Indian specialty, probably the cheapest meal in the country. Each Indian state has its own version of the tali, which usually consists of a dish of curried vegetables or meat, bean soup, green dishes, yogurt, crackers, sauces and rice. The thali of Gujarat, the home of Jainism, is characterized by complexity and sweetness with a touch of spiciness.

9. Poiani Stew.

Poiani stew is a long rice stew with lamb, chicken, beef, or a vegan version. Spinach cheese, which is mashed spinach and made with homemade Indian country cheese, is one of the most popular dishes in North India.

10. Fry the triangle.

It’s a triangle-shaped curry filling with mashed potatoes, peas, fennel and chili. It’s spicy and you can buy it on the street.

11. Chabati.

Chabhatti is one of the most popular whole wheat flatbreads in India. It is made from unleavened dough. It tastes dry and chewy. One of the most common types of flatbread in the streets.

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