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Freshman report! Berkeley’s campus food, this article is a hit

Friendly reminder.This Berkeley neighborhood dish will be divided into.Western food, other Asian food and dessert milk tea,Each store was evaluated by alumni who ate it one by one,Please understand personal taste differences!Western food.1. Berkeley Social Club.This restaurant must be the most famous brunch place around Berkeley! There are usually lines on weekends. It’s also a good idea to sleep in on a weekend when you’re not particularly busy and meet up with a good friend for brunch. It’s a cozy environment and perfect for conversation.

At night, the restaurant changes its menu to Korean American Food, so you can try it.

Address: 2050 UniversityAve, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 900-5858.

2. La Marcha Tapas Bar.

When you walk into this modest store, you can always hear the noise of the crowded dining room. Except for the clanging POTS and pans in the kitchen and the sound of the food frying and sizzling, it sounds very warm and lively! This is the most popular Spanish restaurant in the Berkeley neighborhood, and the signature paella and barbecue are well worth a try.

Address: 2026 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley CA, 94702.

Phone Number: (510) 647-9525.

3. Chez Panisse.

This is a very loving and well-run restaurant. Chez Panisse Cafe is located upstairs and officially opened in 1980. The cafe offers not only a moderately priced a la carte menu, but also lunch and dinner. One side has an open kitchen with a charcoal grill and wood-burning oven, which looks very sensual. The menu of the restaurant is fixed price. The chef will decide the menu of the day according to the fresh ingredients delivered to the restaurant that day. The menu will be changed twice a day.

Since its opening in 1981, the restaurant has always strictly controlled the ingredients. With years of experience in growing fruits and vegetables, the local farmer has specially cultivated organic vegetables and fruits for the restaurant, as well as fish directly caught in the sea. Prices at the restaurant are $75 Monday, $100 Tuesday through Thursday, and $125 Friday and Saturday.

Monday night menus are often simpler and more regional than other nights, with a seasonal fruit tart on the menu each day. The menu on Friday and Saturday nights is said to be more elaborate.

Address: 1517 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA, 94709.

Phone Number: (510) 428-5525.

4. La Note.

Billed as a must-have Brunch in Berkeley, La note is an authentic French Provencal restaurant. Every time I visit this store, I am amazed at its popularity. The restaurant has a rustic interior and a small outdoor courtyard dining area.

Breakfast and lunch are available Monday through Friday, and brunch is available on weekends. The restaurant doesn’t take reservations, so it’s usually a line up. The Cote Est is one of the most popular items and has received high reviews from guests, making it a top choice for brunch near UC Berkeley.

Address: 2377 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA, 94709.

Phone Number: (510) 843-1525.

5. Sliver Pizzeria.

What’s amazing about this place is that the Pizza tastes different every day, even seven days a week. If one piece is not enough to eat, and two pieces are worried about eating too much, the store also offers two sizes of Slice together to sell. It’s really a Pizza shop with good personality and ideas. No wonder everyone is willing to queue up to buy it.

Address: 2468 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 356-4044.

6. Lucia’s Restaurant.

Authentic neapolitan pizza and Italian cuisine restaurant in Berkeley downtown. This shop uses the most authentic local seasonal vegetables and organic produce, serving snacks, salads, homemade pastas, pizza and house specialties. I highly recommend his lasagna and Scottish salmon. If a vegetarian comes to the restaurant, the restaurant will offer a different menu for you to choose from.

They also have a tasteful bar that serves cocktails and wines from California and Italy — and don’t forget to check out the wood-burning oven they imported from Italy!

Address: 2016 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number:(510) 225-9467.

Asian cuisine.

1. Iyasare Berkeley.

Chef Kamio has a total of seven years of executive chef experience at Yoshi, his first independent venture outside Japan. The Japanese name means to heal, and he wants to dedicate the restaurant to families and others affected by Japan’s 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Inspired by his parents’ hometown noodle shop (Tohoku flavor), the menu is simple and fresh. Menu recommendations are thebeet-cured ocean trout, thekakiage tempura, chawanmushi, and miso stewed beef ribs to try with chestnuts, carrots, and fresh peas.

Address: 1830 Fourth St, Berkeley CA, 94710.

Phone Number: (510) 845-8100.

2. Kiraku.

If you search for Berkeley Nikki restaurants on Yelp, this place is barely in the top three. An izakaya that does not make Japanese kebabs.

Chef Daiki Saito, who has been cooking at a French restaurant in Tokyo for 10 years, also enjoys incorporating Chinese and Korean cuisines into his innovative menu. foie gras, garlic and gorgonzola have all been added to Kiraku’s elongated menu. This store as long as it is open time, basically full, want to eat friends need to go to the queue in advance.

Address: 2566B Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 848-2758.

3. Ippudo.

The Big Bockley branch of the famous One Wind Hall is enough to draw Bay Area visitors. The world famous pig bone soup base, soup base into the mouth mellow, taste very fresh. The taste is divided into two flavors, you can also add a runny or soft-boiled egg… Don’t forget to try their BUNS, especially pork buns, a mix of fat and thin pork with a soft bun. It’s not too delicious!

Address: 2015 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 666-8807.

4. Ippuku.

With dark wood interiors, dim lighting and a variety of sake collections, as well as rows of private tatami rooms, lppuku truly captures the atmosphere of a typical Yakitori restaurant in Japan, which can be experienced directly in Berkeley by anyone who wants to experience it. Simple ingredients, with a simple salt adjustment, can be cooked to great flavor.

The cuttlefish rice is a baristas’ push item, which is actually the plain, salty rice Kawa and Sori.

Address: 2130 Center St, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 665-1969.

5. Bowl’d Korean Rice Bar.

The most popular bibimbap dish is Bowl’d Wings, which costs $12 for 8 pieces. Korean fried chicken tastes good and you can eat fried chicken with beer, this old classic goes with it! There are also special Korean seafood pancake, taste is also very good, the pancake is not only crispy, inside the fabric is also very sufficient!

Address: 1479 Solano Ave, Albany CA, 94706.

Phone Number: (510) 526-6223.

6. Moo Bong Ri.

Pork black pudding is our speciality, as is the beef rib soup, which is tender and light but flavorful. The restaurant also has a branch in Santa Clara, which makes it a good choice for those who live nearby who aren’t sure what to eat.

Address: 4390 Telegraph Ave K, Oakland CA, 94611.

Phone Number: (510) 654-4606.

7. Simply Bowl.

Located on the west side of UC Berkeley, this seemingly unglamorous restaurant is also an established location near the campus. It focuses on Poke and has two popular bowls :Yin Yang Bowl and Mango Salmon Bowl. You can also fill them with toppings.

The snack bar is also worth trying. The Takoyaki and SteakTerriyaki on the menu are delicious and affordable. Apple Honey Drink with cubed apple and honey water is recommended

Address: 2156 University Ave, Berkeley CA, 94611.

Phone Number: (510) 647-9494.

8. Bonchon.

BonChon Chicken is a famous fried Chicken chain in South Korea. The sauce of BonChon Chicken is made locally in South Korea, and then shipped to the United States by air in special containers. After strict testing by the US Food and Drug Administration, you can eat the original fried chicken from South Korea.

Address: 2050 Berkeley Way, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 647-3714.

Dessert & milk tea.

1. Amausaan Uji Matcha.

At the matcha shop in downtown Berkeley. Store decoration is very lovely, suitable for beautiful little sister date and take photos! Matcha is also available from ice cream, cakes, lattes, Parfaits, you name it.

A slight drawback is that some matcha products are so popular that some foods are often in short supply. So if you love matcha, go ahead!

Address: 1950 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 356-4237.

2. Asha Tea House.

Their milk tea is good because the owner pays special attention to the quality of the tea. Whether milk tea or fruit tea and other special drinks, are brewed with tea, a shop can smell the aroma of tea.

Blood orange oolong tea, hong kong milk tea, Jasmine Milk Tea, House Milk Tea, Blueberry Green Tea… Wait, these are all very popular drinks! Matcha lovers should not miss the matcha product, matcha latte!

Address: 2086 University Ave, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 549-9137.

3. Sheng Kee Bakery.

Outside the south gate of berkeley is the nearest bakery to our school. Although it is a Hong Kong-style bakery, it is also popular among UCB students from all over the world, such as custard buns, pineapple buns, pineapple cakes… shengkee’s tea eggs can’t go without a name! On the way to class in the morning, I will buy a hot tea egg, pack a pineapple bag and ask for a cup of milk tea or coffee. All of a sudden, I am full of motivation for a day’s study.

Address: 2307 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 848-8200.

4. Cream.

Located just off the campus of UCB, the chain is famous for its sandwich icecream, which is two large freshly baked cookies with icecream between them. The cookies are hot and start to melt when you hit the icecream bar, so be sure to eat them quickly.

Address: 2399 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 649-1000.

5. Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea.

I believe you are no stranger to this brand of Fang! The store’s owner, who also graduated from berkeley, found the concept of Yifang Fruit tea so similar to his own that he sought authorization from Yifang to open the milk tea shop in berkeley. Tea fragrance, material, taste is, is everyone’s recognition of a Fang tea drink. Strict tea selection, quality control, fruit tea all real material, especially recommend Roselle flower tea, gold brick pineapple green.

Address: 2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA, 94704.

Phone Number: (510) 616-1671.

And that’s the Berkeley Food guide!

Any ideas on how to forage for food in the New Year?

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