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Five popular oatmeal styles are here! Go easy on the meat!

It’s already mid-April!Halfway through spring,The weather is getting hotter and hotter.Losing weight is really urgent!I was on a weight loss update.One of the most important foods is oatmeal!Oatmeal can be a boon to dieters,It’s full and easy to eat,Feel free to mix with all kinds of ingredients!I always emphasize that you should go for unsweetened oats,But a lot of people are still confused about oatmeal choices,So this one!It’s the oatmeal guide!I reviewed nearly 20 types of oats I’ve eaten,I’m sure there will be one for you.I’ve been very busy lately.This piece of oatmeal took a long time to finish,But I promise you won’t regret it!It’s super detailed this time.This article does not contain any commercial cooperation,Products are purchased at one’s own expense.

1 Assessment list.

1. OHLAF Mixed Fruit Cereal Ready-to-Eat Oats.

2 Nissin Uji Matcha Fruit Cereal Oatmeal.

3. Heritage Mill Muesli.

4. finax Nut Fruit Oatmeal.

5. fifty 50 Low-fat Sugar-free Cereal.

Measurement dimension.

This evaluation will be divided into four dimensions: [price], [heat], [convenience] and [taste].

Price : Calculate how much per 100g for comparison.

Calories : Compared in terms of how many calories per 100g.

[Convenience] : Whether it is ready to eat and how long it takes to cook.

[Taste] : Mainly reflects the rough, crisp, soft waxy three general directions.

Because there are many dimensions involved in the oat evaluation, the star rating is not recommended this time. Everyone likes a different texture. I prefer chewy oatmeal, for example, to the mushy, ready-to-eat version. You can choose according to your own needs, such as the pursuit of high quality taste or simply for low heat.

3 Knowledge mini-class.

1. Nutritional value of oats.

Oatmeal is one of the most nutritious cereals in the world. It is rich in 8 amino acids and vitamin E, which are much higher than rice and white noodles. Oat is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis and achieve the effect of clearing the intestine and removing oil. It is also the ideal food to prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease, long-term reasonable consumption can effectively reduce blood fat and cholesterol. Because of its low GI low calories high satiety characteristics, it is often used for weight loss slim down the first choice!

2. Types of oats.

I’m sure you’ve all eaten oatmeal before, but! I don’t think you know much about how it’s made. Oat rice, which is often sold in the dry section of supermarkets, is actually oatmeal in its original form. But oat rice is tough and takes a long time to cook, so it’s easy to eat.

Raw oat rice is cut into small grains, known as steel cut oats, which are easier to cook because they are smaller than whole oat rice. But it still has to be boiled, for about 15 minutes, and you can’t boil it with hot water. The advantage of steel-cut oats is that they retain the maximum nutritional value of oats and have a chewy texture, which people with good teeth, like me, really like. The most common on the market is rolling rolled instant oatmeal, which is the most common and most popular type of public, especially convenient! It can be boiled directly in hot water or eaten with cold drinks such as yogurt. The nutritional value is less than that of pure oats, but the taste is less rough, more mushy and easier to digest. To subdivide it, there is rolled oats. It is a cross between steel-cut oats and ready-to-eat oats. Rolled oats are steamed and rolled. Compared to steel-cut oatmeal, it cooks better and tastes a little softer and waxy. In general cooking rolled oats, you can add water and roll it in the microwave for one minute, or boil it in the pot for 1-2 minutes. It is also the best choice for overnight oats.

Some people like processed cereal like Calbee, which is actually a puffed food. The English name cereal is sometimes translated as breakfast cereal in Chinese, but it has nothing to do with oats. Many of them are fried corn and mixed with lots of dried nuts, vegetable oil and sugar. It just tastes better, but it’s not low in calories!

4 Evaluation content.

1. OHLAF Mixed Fruit Cereal Ready-to-Eat Oats.

Price : ¥15.25/100g.

[Convenience] : Ready-to-eat, can be eaten dry or yogurt/milk brewing.

[Heat] : ≈396cal/100g.

Taste : Crisp, fruity and floral.

Gorgeous oats! Open to a variety of fruit grains, roses, dried strawberries, durian, coconut slices, and more. Because of this, the oats, which should be the highlight of the show, were overshadowed. Due to the addition of various dried fruit chocolate, the sugar content of cereal is really not low, fitness and weight loss based sister careful choice! But I love the rose flavor so much that I’ve bought it a few times and sprinkled it with a handful to sweeten my diet.

As ready-to-eat oats, it’s especially good for dry eating! It tastes more sweet and fruity than brewing. Rose strawberry cereal is one of my favorite. When I open it, I can smell the fragrance of double rose petals. The taste of rose white chocolate sublimates the slightly rough taste of corn chips into sweet and soft, and the yogurt wrapped in it becomes smoother and sweeter. I eat this as a puffed food, occasionally to satisfy cravings, but as a regular cereal, it won’t help me lose weight.

And a durian flavor! It tastes great, too, and comes in the form of crunchy granola, which, although granola is always marketed as a healthy food, is made with a lot of oil and sugar, so it adds up to 500 calories per 100! It’s higher than a lot of potato chips, more pronounced than the strawberry one, the oatmeal crunch has a distinct sweetness to it, not to mention the 50-50 freeze-dried durian and coconut chips. Delicious, yes, but don’t drink too much!

2 Nissin Uji Matcha Fruit Cereal Oatmeal.

Price  : ¥22.5/100g.

[Convenience] : Ready to eat dry type, can also brew.

[Heat] : ≈425cal/100g.

Taste  : Crunchy, Matcha heavy flavor, slightly bitter This is my once big love! I can say that because of it I eat a lot of fat, matcha and oatmeal, eat into the mouth unexpectedly in harmony, thick and flavor! I especially like it with cold milk, like a dessert. Nissin’s cereal is still a little cooler than Calbee’s, fluffy and crunchy, and the matcha bitterness comes out after a few more bites, just enough to balance out the sweetness and leave the aroma of tea in your mouth. Bite by bite is addictive! emmm diet guys, don’t buy it. It’s really delicious!

3. Heritage Mill Muesli.

Price  : ¥3.9/100g.

[Convenience] : Ready to eat dry or with yogurt.

[Heat] : ≈422cal/100g.

Taste  : Crisp, nutty flavor.

I’ve been waiting for nearly a month for this bag of oats because it’s direct mail from Australia! But when you eat it, it’s worth it. I got the salted hazelnut flavor, which is also the granola type, with oats stuck together with hazelnuts, a marble the size of a glass marble! It’s crispy and fluffy, and it’s full of melon kernel flavor. The taste is slightly salty and the finish is a bit bitter with hazelnuts. Suitable for dry eating as a snack!

When I hold them in my hands, I feel like a secret weapon in a martial arts movie! But like I said before, the granola type is generally caloric, go over the top occasionally, or add a little topping to your other cereal.

4. finax Nut Fruit Oatmeal.

[Price] : ¥6.9/100g.

[Convenience] : Dry eating, brewing, porridge can be.

[Heat] : ≈369cal/100g.

[Taste] : Crispy, sweet and sour/soft.

The fruit cereal oatmeal of finax imported from Sweden has been recommended by many people. All the sweetness in the cereal comes from the dried fruit, no artificial sugar added, but it tastes sweet! There are dried raisins, raisins, papaya, banana, coconut and so on, and oats live in the cracks. Like dried fruit must love to eat this style, the heat is acceptable.

Although his oatmeal is not puffed, it still contains wheat bran, but it is light and does not prick your mouth, and it is also a delicious meal with high vitamin and dietary fiber when combined with other dried grains and fruits. The raisins are moist and sweet, but they have a slightly smoky flavor later on, and the coconut and banana slices are brilliant and creamy, while the other grains are mainly crunchy and refreshing.

5. Shin Sun Yi Whole Grain Ready-to-eat Cereal.

[Price] : ¥2.85/100g.

[Convenience] : Ready to eat, yogurt/milk can be added to make pastries.

[Heat] : ≈402cal/100g.

[Taste] : Dry/mushy.

Some time ago, I went on a business trip to Japan, thinking that I was losing weight, I packaged this oatmeal, the bar shape is convenient to carry, however… I’ve never opened it since I brought it! His oatmeal grain content as high as 97%, the naked eye can see layers of oatmeal pressed in a piece, health is absolutely healthy, wheat flavor is very rich, but a bite, like a woodpecker hole, wood rustling down really like eating sawdust ah! Friendly tips, the best dip in yogurt to eat, so the taste will be much better, dry eat real card throat!

When the milk is heated, the oatmeal is elegantly transformed into a light, sticky paste that requires no chewing and is easy to sip. But I think most people still can’t accept its taste, weight loss is absolutely weight loss! Because if I have to eat it, many times I would rather not eat it, or take one bite and put it down.

5. fifty 50 Low-fat Sugar-free Cereal.

[Price] : ¥10.8/100g.

[Convenience] : Add water/milk to cook, or microwave oven, overnight oats.

[Heat] : ≈375cal/100g.

[Taste] : Fluffy/mushy.

fifty50 is a brand that specializes in low-calorie foods and is famous for its salt-free, sugar-free and trans-fat sauces. His main oatmeal is also a healthy route, with natural grain oatmeal even core pressed into, regular size, good appearance, in my evaluation of these oats can rank the top three, looking comfortable! No sugar and low fat properties, especially suitable for weight loss.

His oatmeal needs to be boiled in a pot with water or milk for a few minutes, or it can be turned in a microwave oven for two or three minutes. It can not be eaten dry, or it will feel very heavy powder like clothes taken off from eating rice. After cooking, it is sticky, smooth and elastic, independent of each other and will not stick into a ball. The wheat flavor is outstanding. It is a sugar-free oatmeal that I recommend very much! More often, I like to use it to make overnight oatmeal. You don’t need to cook it. Just stir milk, soy milk or yogurt into the oatmeal the night before.

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