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What do people eat in Fairy castles?

With nothing to do, I googled German food on an app.It appears that… Pickled cabbage.All right, stop imagining.Let me show you the real sauerkraut.Dangdang is simply a plate of exceptional appearance of pickled cabbage ah!It’s pickled with cabbage or kohlrabi (similar to China). In Germany, sauerkraut is a good friend of sausage and pork knuckle. Eating together can reduce the greasy feeling and make it more refreshing.

Compared with Europe, German food is not as exquisite and ceremonial as that of France, nor as small and detailed as that of Austria. On the contrary, German food is simple and realistic.

Number one, I want you to have enough. Second, the dishes are simple and delicious.

And most importantly! German food has meat in it! The cupcakes here are also famous for being delicious!

A German food evaluation, for foodie M friends to choose.

sausage.This is a sausage that will make you fall in love with Germany and will make you want to try different varieties everywhere.

The sausage is moderately salty, crunchy and bready, but the addition of yellow mustard gives it a different feel.

Chopped sausages are doused with tomato sauce and curry powder to give them a brand new feel.

Curry powder has the aroma of curry, but not spicy, very recommended!

Munich is known for its white sausage, made from minced veal and cured pork and seasoned with parsley, nutmeg, cardamom, scallions, ginger, lemon and onion.

The most special thing about eating white sausage is that first, the casing is removed, and second, it is served with the traditional sweet mustard sauce, which is sweet but not spicy.

The biggest sausage is the cheese sausage, and every bite is burst! Highly recommend.

The bratwurst melts in your mouth. It’s delicious.

Currywurst is an atypical German delicacy, enjoyed by everyone from senior government officials to ordinary Germans. Approach is by cutting Fried sausage with tomato sauce and made many curry powder and other spices .

In The book The Birth of Currywurst, the idea was that even though life was torn by war, there was no real happiness. As long as you could eat currywurst, there was hope.

This gives us a sense of what this sausage means to Germany.

Roasted pork feet.

The golden pig’s feet, dripping with golden juice, turned and turned in front of the oven.

Please automatically imagine Peking duck waving to you in the oven, this grinding little goblin ah.

The long-awaited roast pig feet have finally arrived, and the meat cleaver is inserted directly into the pig’s feet. It looks super imperious!

The pig’s feet roast crispy outside and tender inside, especially fragrant! The potato side dish tastes great too!

German dumpling.

German dumplings are said to have been invented by monks.

The monks were not allowed to eat meat during the fast out of fear of their gods, but they were not willing to give it up, so they invented dishes that felt like they didn’t have meat. Is it really good to lie to yourself like this?

Nowadays, German dumplings are made with different fillings, such as asparagus, carrots and potatoes. And our country’s dumpling stuffing is similar, don’t worry about eating not used to Oh ~

Bread and cake.

Germany’s most famous twist bread.

The little white dots on the bread are not white sesame seeds or sugar, they are salt grains!

Germany is the paradise of hard bread.

The bread was chewy, more evocative than the soft, creamy Japanese bread, not sweet, just the wheat itself, like a train passing through a wheat field, carrying the wheat away.

It’s the purity of the sun.Lavender cheese cake.Typical German cake: Black Forest cherry cake.German cake is very delicious, appearance level is also very high. The hostess here makes cakes, but she gets fat because of them.There you go! This kind of healing food, do not eat one how to live up to yourself!

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