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I only know that these foreigners’ favorite food is comparable to “biological weapons” after I went abroad

After studying abroad, I met my friends from all over the world, and our “horizons” seem to be more and more open.After seeing more and more, some strange rankings came into being, such as the “world’s top ten disgusting food” list.In this list, there is a food that caught the attention of the home page:Eggs (also called centennial eggs or pidan) are covered with clay, ash and salt for several months, when the yolk is dark green and smells like sulfur.The home page thought for a long time, which place is this local snack, and then slapped his thigh, this is not the skin egg!

As a fan of ginger egg, the home page condemns this irresponsible ranking, and the unscrupulous media needs to apologize to the humiliated skinny egg porridge and ginger egg!

When did the delicious egg become one of the top ten disgusting foods? Besides, I’m afraid that even if eggs are horrible, they are no better than the canned herring that took the world by storm some time ago, right? Anyway, in the eyes of the majority of Chinese people, canned herring is simply a windy existence.

Since this is the case, today we also take this opportunity to discuss the most “horrible” world food in the heart of the home page.

Note: This article is not for any country’s food habits, but from a common sense point of view to select a few specialties that do not meet the tastes of Chinese people, in addition to a friendly reminder, please do not watch this article while eating.

Canned herring.

Canned herring is the “infamous” Internet food, the original name of the Swedish salt cured herring.

It is said that a long time ago, the people of Sweden in order to save precious salt, so a small amount of salt with fermentation method to store herring, the results of the local residents found that the taste is actually good, and spread in Sweden.

“Found to taste good” ……

The smell of the finished Swedish salt cured herring is extremely strong, including the pungent smell of propionic acid, the rotten egg smell of hydrogen sulfide, the putrid greasy smell of butyric acid and the vinegar smell of acetic acid.

Japan’s NHK has measured the value of salt cured herring odor with instruments, after its measurement results up to 8070Au, which is about what concept? For example, the top wind stink for 10 miles of stinky tofu is only 420Au, the stink of canned herring is 20 times more than stinky tofu, which shows its power.

In fact, in 1981, there was a lawsuit in which a German landlord evicted a tenant for spilling canned herring juice on the stairs in his room.

The judge then found the landlord not guilty immediately after smelling the can of herring in court ……

This is not a delicacy, this is poisoning!

Eskimo ice cream.

Is this a cranberry flavored ice cream? No, there is no cream here at all.

This food is called Akutaq, which means mixed, stirred, and the main raw material is animal fat.

Cranberries and blueberries plus reindeer, bear grease, plus whale oil or seal oil and snow together with the mix.

Of course, now the conditions of abundant supplies, add some milk and sugar is also a good choice.

As for the taste, sticky, greasy, high calorie to the explosion, absolutely heavy, but for people living in the cold Arctic region, this Eskimo ice cream is definitely a warm and cold food.

Icelandic fermented shark meat.

The main production method is to cut off the meat from the small head sleeper shark and then ferment and dry it for four to five months.

The processing method seems very normal, but when people walk into this storage room, it will naturally produce a feeling of being in a public toilet. Because this small head of sleep shark contains a large amount of urea, with time fermentation will naturally produce the smell of urine, than stinky tofu exciting 16 times, very addictive.

And the way this food is used is with the local Icelandic unique baked bread to eat, it is said that this baked bread has a very strong sulfur taste, eat more like …… fart?

The pairing of these two foods is really unique.

Hong fish chopping.

Hong fish chop is a Korean fermented food made from skate, and the way to make it is very simple, putting the skate meat into a jar and fermenting it for ten days before you can taste it.

The whole fish produces a huge ammonia odor during the fermentation process, and the same people have measured the odor value of this food and the result is as high as 6230Au, second only to canned herring! And the smell is so close to that of a toilet that when you eat this fish, the psychological stress may be stronger than the physical discomfort!

And this food is considered high class food in Korea, and can only be eaten on formal occasions like weddings.

When you think about it, there is nothing that a couple can’t get through in their married life when they even eat Hong fish chopped together.

If the previous foods are still challenging people’s tastebuds, from here on out it may be time to start challenging everyone’s mental capacity.

A gentle reminder that patients with high blood pressure and heart disease should read this in the company of a family member.

Kasumasu Cheese.

Caso Masu is an Italian delicacy that has a very “inner” soul – maggots – underneath its plain exterior.

Known as “live maggot cheese,” it is made from pecorino cheese, but skips the typical fermentation process and is “decomposed” directly by the digestive action of typhus larvae.

After hatching, the larvae feed on the cheese and promote the fermentation of the fat in the cheese, which gives the cheese a very soft texture and oozes some juice, known as “tears”. When you think about it, it does tend to bring tears to your eyes.

One can remove the larvae before eating, but some people choose to leave them behind and eat them together. The maggots in the cheese are about 8 mm long, milky white and may jump up to 15 cm high when touched ……

In other words, when you eat this cheese, not only can you experience the aroma of cheese, there will be a hint of meat flavor, and most importantly, in the mouth may appear similar to the taste of jumping candy!

Is there a picture?

Marinated puffins.

This food should also be heard of, the practice is to capture the internal organs of the seal gutted empty, after which the captured puffins without feathers directly into the seal stomach, stuffed, about a seal cavity can be stuffed with about a hundred.

The seal’s belly is then sealed with sutures and fermented for one to three years before the seal is removed.

The method of consumption is also very simple, with the mouth to the puffin’s excretion, sucking the puffin’s internal organs and brains.

Have you heard of sausage sashimi? The method of consumption is the same!

I don’t know why, but most of the unacceptable foods picked out by the homepage belong to the diet in the Arctic Circle, which actually reflects the differences in the diet of people in different regions.

The Arctic Circle is cold all year round and food is scarce, so people can only eat high-calorie food to keep warm and use fermented food to replenish vitamins, these foods that seem unacceptable to us are actually precisely the survival wisdom of our ancestors. We can respect it, but for the people living in the Arctic Circle, it is the food they rely on for survival.We can dislike it, but we also have to understand them, just as we want others to understand our consumption of leather eggs.Come to think of it, I wonder if there is anyone who can accommodate all the differences in eating habits and take all these “delicacies” in one place ……

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