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After eating 13 of the world’s best croissants, I’ve lost my sense of taste

The star of a French breakfast classic, Croissant means “moon” in French, but how did it become the name of a type of bread?This starts with its real origin, Vienna.The star and moon on the Ottoman flag is also the basic shape of the Croissant todayIt is commonly said that in the late 17th century, the plan of the Ottoman Turkish army’s surprise attack was discovered by the baker who stayed up late or got up early in Budapest. Therefore, as Vienna’s enemy, the Ottoman Empire not only failed in the surprise attack, but also the symbol of the state was made into such a kind of bread by the people of Vienna to commemorate the victory and “eat the enemy into the stomach”. It swept Austria.

So how did Croissant, which originated in Vienna, Austria, become one?

First, because a Frenchman (Louis XVI) married a Viennese wife (Marie Antoinette).

Although the Franco-Austrian marriage was not a happy story (an obsessive lock-picker, a party queen, the “Deficit Queen” was eventually publicly beheaded…) “, but kipferl was no longer a simple moon-shaped bread in France. Instead, it evolved into a rich, crispy style that survived in France

In 1839, Paris newspaper entrepreneur August Zang opened the first “Boulangerie Viennoise” in a prime part of the city, transforming the crescen-shaped kipfel’s bread texture into its current crisp texture through innovative steam heating. So not all croissants are croissants, but ones that are so crisp you can eat them while you’re eating them.

In addition to its upscale decor, the restaurant was the first to set a precedent for eating in a bakery, and its popularity (roughly what it is now known as today).

In short, the evolution of a small loaf of bread also reflects many aspects of European history, geopolitics, science and technology, and social progress. We can eat Croissants as good as they are now.

The best Croissant is now known to be in Paris, France, but in Melbourne, there is Lune Croissanterie, dubbed “the best Croissant in the world” by the New York Times.

LUNE’s logo is one, because its founder, Kate Reid, used to be an aeronautical engineer who also worked for Formula One car design teams, no problem with a top student. Her passion for baking led her to Paris to learn from senior baker Christophe Vasseur. In 2012, she came back to Melbourne and opened a small LUNE in Elwood. At that time, LUNE also had to wait in line to buy delicious food. In 2015, LUNE moved to Fitzroy, a literary district in Melbourne. In 2016, the New York Times’ “World’s Best Croissants” profile boosted its popularity, with visitors from all over the world, including Melbourne residents, queuing for hours to buy their Croissants.

In order to taste the best flavor of Croissants, the host specially got up very early (witness Melbourne at 6am in winter morning), arrived here before LUNE opened the door, witnessed the rolling curtain of LUNE slowly raised, the first batch of freshly baked Croissants  a total of 13  next to taste and test  everyone!

The simplest traditional Croissant.

Scores: Eric-4; Cat-4 points.

Try the original flavor for the first time.

After all, he is the best.

You can feel the crispness of the skin as soon as you cut it, and the cross section is also layered and soft.

Cat likes it, but for Eric, it’s ‘normal bread’…

Chocolate croissant.

Scores: Eric-5; Cat-4 points.

Traditional Croissants with a little chocolate filling. Hazelnut flavor.

French caramel pastry.

Scores: Eric-6; Cat-5 points.

It’s a traditional pastry from the Bretagne region of France, rich in caramelized butter that makes the boots a little greasy.

Danish pastry.

Scores: Eric-7; Cat-3 points.

The “hair cake” in the middle is too sweet to help the master to hold ~ to catch the water…

Eric gave it a 7 while Cat only gave it a 3.

Seasonal fruits and custard are served according to the season.

Cardamom twist bag.

Scores: Eric-4; Cat-4 points.

It contains cardamom and cinnamon spices, so those who are not used to it can avoid stepping on the thunder.

Scores: Eric-7; Cat-5 points.

It is rare for two people to give relatively high scores, so it seems to be more catering to the public taste .

Ham, Swiss Gruyere, and mustard.

Almond croissant.

Scores: Eric-6; Cat-3 points (10 points with stuffing removed).

It’s also a little sweet.

It’s just almond oil, almond slices, all kinds of almonds…

Black Forest.

Scores: Eric-6; Cat minus 1 points.

That’s not bad for Eric, who loves to eat everything.

Cat, this is still one point.

The ingredients are chocolate cherry mousse, served with whipped cream and chocolate chips.

Lemon cheese.

Scores: Eric-6; Cat minus 1 points.

Cat resisted the urge to give a negative score and gave one.

Lemon cheese includes homemade lemon sauce, citrus sugar, candied lemon peel…

Lychee Raspberry Rose.

Scores: Eric-6; Cat minus 1 points.

Cream is very sufficient, appearance level or can.

Homemade raspberry and lychee jam, with white chocolate, Turkish delight.

Caramel chips.

Scores: Eric-5; Cat minus 2 points.

I think he’s the sweetest player in the game.

Help Lord eat to roll his eyes doubt life… Sweet lovers can take this as a challenge.

Coconut crackers, baked caramel, dark chocolate, caramel white chocolate…

(Maybe Rubin.

Score: Eric-10 points.

Because the MENU of LUNE official website does not have this style…

The names on the receipts are not very clear.(If you know something, you can leave a message.)But this one tastes like meat.

Apple pie.

Scores: Eric-5; Cat-3 points.

Butter, hazelnut almond cream, apple, with hazelnut and topping… You can imagine it’s not just apple pie… The Lord has lost his sense of taste…

The sweetest breakfast I’ve ever had…

Although the texture is still very good.

More in line with the taste of foreigners.

Chinese people who love salty or heavy flavors may not like it.

From the helpers’ favorites,

Select.The Muffin-shaped Cruffins can be ignored…After all, these three guys are all 1’s and there’s even an urge to get Cat to give them a negative score.But the world’s No. 1 Croissant is worth a try.Just don’t eat 13 in a row at once.

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