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Summary of “Snack Test Meeting”

On December 13th, the foreign snack evaluation activity came to an end with a lot of laughter. The students tasted the food from all over the world, and compared and communicated the taste of different snacks.The evaluation activity officially started. While enjoying the food, the students wrote down their real-time feelings about the snacks. After comprehensive consideration of the price, packaging, color, fragrance and shape, the evaluation activity was finally completed.

Evaluation result.

Japanese Royce Chocolate Potato Chips.

Description and taste: Chocolate potato chips, a novel product launched by Royce featuring pure chocolate, have a mellow milk taste and a unique taste, with both the sweetness of chocolate and the crispness of potato chips, making chocolate melt in your mouth. “The crisps are salty on the tip of the tongue and then the chocolate melts, creating a wonderful fusion,” which is slightly sweet and overpowers the crisps’ flavor.

Packing: Packing is simple.

German knoppers Milk Hazelnut chocolate filled wafers.

Description and taste: Delicate and rich taste, smooth sandwich, biscuit crisp, chocolate sandwich smooth taste, but heavy milk, slightly sweet, biscuits easy to fall apart, a small amount of crushed hazelnuts, unclear taste.

Packaging: Simple packaging, independent, suitable for carry-on.

Japan TIROL Matsuo Glutinous Rice Flavored Chocolate.

Description and taste: There is a big piece of rice cake in the middle of the chocolate, which has a strong bite. Matcha chocolate has a kitkat taste, which has a novel and wonderful taste, and a soft and lovely appearance.

Packaging: Convenient Japanese independent small packaging.

Russian Big Head Doll Chocolate Cake Roll.

Description and taste: Sweet filling, soft cake roll, less cream, moist cake, one bite into the night outside Moscow, sweet taste.

Packing: Too large.

Australian TimTam Chocolate Sandwich Cookies.

Description and taste: The whole is covered with chocolate, and the inner core has another layer of chocolate, sweet and fragrant, wafer crisp, slightly sweet.

Packaging: Too large to consume.

Japan: Morinaga Baking Cree Cheese Small Fang.

Description and taste: Small and delicate appearance, one bite, crispy outside soft inside, soft taste, strong, sweet and smooth, cheese, milk flavor, lasting fragrance, sweet and greasy.

Packaging: Too large to consume.

Italy: Lajia Wafer cookies.

Description and Taste: Strong hazelnut, chocolate and milk aromas. Medium sweetness.

Packaging: The color scheme looks good, but the amount is too large to eat all at once.

Russia: Mashed potato chocolate candy.

Description and Taste: Mashed potatoes have a rich flavor and a fine, sandy feeling. The chocolate is not rich enough, it’s a bit sweet.

Japan: Souffle raisin wine sandwich biscuits.

Description and taste: Rich wine flavor, soft biscuit taste, just right, creamy sweet but not greasy, relatively fresh, melt in the mouth, raisins balance the taste.

Packaging: easy to carry, beautiful retro.

Korea: Haitai Honey Butter Flavored Potato Chips.

Description and Taste: Crisps are thin and crisp with a sweet taste.Packaging: Very design, very attractive.France: LU Milk Chocolate cookies.

Description and taste: Perfect combination of cookies and chocolate, chocolate silky, crispy cookies, baked and creamy aroma, beautiful cookie shape.That’s all the snacks for this quiz.The final season is coming, everyone must pay attention to the balance of nutrition!Snacks are good,Don’t be greedy.

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