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Healthy Eating

Oatmeal is not the most popular food at health restaurants in Europe and America, but its “cousin”

For the fitness freak, the most common breakfast staple is probably whole wheat bread and oatmeal. Gollum has taught you how to eat oats well before, but today we’re going to talk about oatmeal’s next cousin, Granola.Granola is actually more common in foreign countries than oatmeal because it’s ready to eat without firing a gun. Many people who don’t have time to make breakfast in the morning go straight for Granola and yogurt. granola’s healthy afternoon tea desserts are also available at light food restaurants.

What is Granola.

Granola is made from raw oatmeal that has been seasoned and baked, so you don’t need to fire it for breakfast or grab it for a snack. There are also healthy snack bars made specifically from Granola.

The biggest problem for many girls is that they can’t give up sweets. granola is actually a good substitute for sweets. You can get the good dietary fiber and protein found in oats, while soothing your sweet tooth.

However, most of the Granola easily available on the market are foreign brands, so the taste is more western. Gollum knows some fitness moms who wish they had a healthy oatmeal for breakfast with the family, but they’re not used to the Westernized flavor.

How do you pick Granola.

The good thing about Granola is that it’s healthy and convenient. The bad thing about Granola is that it’s easy to step on the thunder.

Because Granola needs oil and sugar during processing, it is easy to buy unhealthy oat sugar oil barrels if you don’t choose Granola well. So when you buy Granola, always, always look at the ingredients list and see what oils and sweeteners you use. Don’t buy those with salad oil and sugar, but rather eat two bites of rice.

Conscientious Granola is rarely seen in domestic supermarkets, as most brands add a lot of sugar and salad oil. The end result is that I thought it was healthy to eat oatmeal for breakfast every day, but the more I ate, the more unstable my blood sugar became.

Icy has made many delicious desserts with Clever cereal that don’t taste healthy at all, such as oatcakes filled with black sesame and red bean toasted cereal and oatmeal cups with high protein yogurt that are perfect for afternoon snacks.

The reason Gollum likes Smart cereal so much is because it tastes so good to Chinese people. Gollum had brought home a packet of Smart black sesame granola, which his grandmother, who was never used to Western food, liked. Later, I bought several packages and sent them back to my family in the hope that they could eat more coarse grain.

Smarty Smarty Cereal comes in three flavors, black Sesame Cranberry, Red Bean Blueberry, and Apple cinnamon. Black sesame cranberry and red bean blueberry flavor, simply couldn’t be more Chinese taste buds.

How to eat Granola.

When it comes to how to eat cereal, there must be a lot of people who like to make yogurt, and Smart Cereal is very thoughtful of us who love to make cereal with yogurt. In addition to different flavors of cereal, Smart Cereal also offers fresh Yube condensed yogurt. Compared with traditional Greek yogurt, condensed yogurt is better for making oatmeal, and the texture is a little like old yogurt. Additives, restorative milk, and so on, but Yubey doesn’t have any of that.

The pollution-free Xinjiang milk source is adopted, and there is no addition in the whole process. Because it is concentrated yogurt, the protein content is very high. Every 100g yogurt contains 4.2g protein, and partial degreasement is made, which is more friendly to the friends who reduce fat. Nor is it as markedly sweet as other yogurts on the market.

Grab a yogurt and a splash of Clever cereal for a simple, impact-rich breakfast.

You can also make it a mid-day or mid-afternoon snack. It’s low in calories, tasty, portable, and, most importantly, cheap. Gollum’s heart aches at the memory of the awful cereal yogurt he used to pay $23 a day for at the convenience store downstairs.

The healthiest Granola.

Clever Granola has a higher protein and dietary fiber content than any other brand of Granola. Because the raw material is natural, without any additives, the sweetness also comes from the ingredients themselves, without too much sugar, dextrin, plant fat and other additives.

The sweetness of Clever Cereal’s oatmeal comes from the natural sweetness of the ingredients, with no sugar in the ingredients list at all. The oil used to bake oats is also canola oil, the most popular healthy cooking oil abroad.

But one of Gollum’s favorite things about his cereal is that it’s non-puffed. Bulked granola can cause a significant loss of dietary fiber in whole grains. That is to say, even if the raw material is oats, the nutritional value of bulked granola is greatly reduced, and it will increase the GI value. That’s one reason Gollum specifically doesn’t encourage people to buy a neon brand of oatmeal.

Low GI foods can increase satiety and be friendly to those who suffer from acne, since high GI foods are a major cause of acne.

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