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Healthy Eating

A list of 12 healthy snacks in the United States: People who have eaten more than 10 of them know their business

Recently it is fast to hibernate season, do not know everyone autumn fat stick how. In the American Empire burger fried chicken fries pizza brownie strong temptation, everyone on the progress of 15 pounds is OK? However, the weather is so cold, the homework is so much, the final is so difficult, the baby just wants to eat some snacks… Check out some healthy, low-calorie and tasty snacks.

In the United States every day sitting in class, do homework sitting, watching TV lying on the bed, usually with friends eat takeout, under the kitchen, big cold days do not want to go to the gym, the whole person is full of lazy breath. Before you know it, the meat on your stomach is piling up. Lu Xun said, mind wide body fat body good.

But it’s hard to lose weight. On weekends, I made a variety of appointments with friends at hot pot restaurants. I depended on milk tea to survive every day. At night, I drank a lot of alcohol at parties. Is it possible to lose fat by eating carrots and Greek yogurt every day?

Seriously, this is totally unappetizing.

As a fine overseas students, Xiaobian can not less in the aspect of eating. Based on recent observations, there are plenty of healthy, low-calorie snacks available in the United States (on diet, after all). Today I specially arranged to share with you, welcome everyone to exchange their snacks.

Today’s discussion is mainly divided into three aspects of health: organic, low calorie, and keto.


Organic foods are not only healthier, they are an important partner for fat loss/muscle gain. Eating organic snacks on a regular, planned basis can actually help pass a weight loss plateau and reduce the likelihood of overeating. Americans have a huge appetite for organic snacks. Many of you have seen all kinds of organic snacks in the supermarket. Here are a few snacks that Xiaobian loves:


Bare is very famous in the international community. The family’s banana slices, apple slices and coconut slices are food for thought while writing paper. Although the calories are a little high (300 calories in a pack), but in line with the idea of organic fruit healthy and not fat, Xiaobian is very fond of this snack.

Innofoods — Coconut Cluster.

Only at Costco.

Since Xiaobian’s aunt in the States sent us two bags of these, my parents have fallen in love with this healthy and nutritious snack. Because it contains a variety of nuts, it is relatively high in calories. But don’t worry at all, because the great thing about a coconut cluster is that it’s very filling, you can grab a handful and eat it in about two hours. You can also mix it with yogurt or salad for a better experience.

Unreal Candy – Peanut Butter Cup.

Peanut butter is probably one of the most controversial American products. Like people love to die, don’t like people don’t touch. However, after eating this peanut butter cup, Xiaobian is completely stuck in the situation. This chocolate has a slightly bitter taste, so it’s not high in sugar, making it a great energy snack.

Organic Fudge Bars.

This ice cream is out of this world. It’s organic and low calorie, only 90 calories a stick. The price is affordable, and the taste is no different from ordinary ice cream. Note that it’s only available at Costco. Highly recommended!

365 Everyday Value.

Whole Food’s own brand includes not only Chips, but also Chocolate Bar, Cookies, and salad dressing. Their pickle-flavored potato chips are awesome and welcome to try them.

Low calorie.

Speaking of low calorie, it must be a topic that exquisite female students focus on. But zero calorie Coke what really have had enough, have more delicious not fat tall on a little snack? That’s for sure:

Smartfood — popcorn.

Those of you who frequent the vending machine will know that this is usually the lowest calorie snack available, only 100 calories. Perfect for late at night to meet a due date.

Ruffles Bakes Chips.

It’s also one of the low-calorie options in the machine, only 140 calories, but it tastes way better than popcorn. Available in original and chess & sour cream. sour cream is a bit sour and not salty at all, perfect for the Chinese stomach.


A pack of celestial snacks with only 130 calories. Even though it is a veggie, it is not a veggie at all.

The Siggi’s.

America’s is a mecca for low-calorie yogurt, but siggi’s has a plethora of low-calorie options, and the flavor is good. They have 0 fat, 2% fat, 0 added sugar, but they also have triple cream.


Keto is a new way to lose fat. He doesn’t advocate eating less. His message is “eat anything but carbs.” Xiaobian also tried low carbon water way of weight loss, rapid effect, instant waist reduction. It’s a great way for babies who want to get in shape without dieting.

Keto foods are high in fat, high in protein, and low in carbohydrates. Don’t be afraid of the high fat, because good fat is the key to creating the perfect figure. The main sources of good fat are avocados, salmon, dark chocolate, and nuts, so the following snacks are based on these foods.

Think! Peanut Butter Cup.

It’s time to reiterate America’s love affair with peanut butter. For Keto people, the peanut butter cup is the absolute supreme choice. As long as it’s low in sugar, it fits keto’s high-fat, high-protein profile perfectly. Not to mention, the bar only has 4 grams of carbs. In addition, peanut butter makes you feel satisfied and full, making it the perfect choice for international students

Annie Chun’s Organic Seaweed Snacks.

Kelp is a low-calorie food to start with, but this company keeps the whole snack to a mere 2g while maintaining its rich taste. In addition to eating it alone, you can also put some in instant noodles or rice to increase your happiness .

Whisps Cheese Crisps.

This pack of snacks should be keto to the fullest extent. 100% cheese, only two grams of carbon. It’s high in calories, but it meets keto’s criteria. It’s also a versatile snack that can be eaten with a salad to make it look healthier. Of course, if you are interested, you can make it at home. It’s just simple cheese with a little milk, put it in a pan and fry it for a while.

Write at the end.

In fact, instead of going to the supermarket, overseas students can try to make it at home. As long as you have an oven and a saucepan, basically all chips can be prepared, and they can be healthy and clean. This is just a small editor’s personal preference. Welcome to comment on the chips below.

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