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Healthy Eating

What do people in Europe and America eat at home?

When it comes to European and American food.What do you think of?It’s fried chicken, hamburger, Coke.It’s French fries and steak pizza.It seems we can remember.It’s just junk food and fancy Western food.But do people in Europe and the United States do this everyday at home?Today Xiaobian will come and everyone to August 18.What do American and European families eat everyday.France.French food in western food can be said to be very strong.After all, it’s been a long time.

France leads the pack with three Michelin stars.The most important thing in a traditional French family is dinner.So dinner is the most abundant.

There is usually a starter, main course and dessert.Let’s take a look first.Head disc.

French starters usually have.An appetizing green salad or potato chip snack.A little more extravagant.There will also be salmon sashimi, foie gras toast, baked snails and more.Main course.

The main course of a French dinner is usually meat.Chicken, beef, pork or fish.Saute, boil, or grill.Serve with some homemade sauce.Meat is a staple, though.

But it’s not big.Usually only a small piece per person.I was fed mainly by baguettes.

Which is what we call a baguette.The French eat a baguette with the juice on the plate.dessert.A Frenchman with a romantic and passionate nature.How can we not have dessert in our daily routine.The French are crazy about desserts.I often make some desserts at home.

Napoleon Crisp, caramel custard, brownies and more.

countless.The traditional French family is also very fond of red wine.Of course, it is indispensable for meals.French dinners last a long time.Food and wine.

Eat and talk.

It’s normal to eat a meal for three hours.


The British are very upkeep.Drink a cup of “bed tea” first thing in the morning.Milk, black tea, juice or coffee, etc.The British use it to wake up their stomachs.

Wash off sleep with “bed tea”.

A hearty breakfast followed.Bacon, butter snacks, fried eggs, fruit and so on.

Balanced and tender.British people usually have lunch and dinner.Beef, mutton, chicken, duck, fish and so on.Plus snacks, fruit and coffee.

Quantity is not required but quality is absolutely important.

Requirements light, tender, scorched, not spicy.And all kinds of condiments are available.Feel free to pick and choose to suit your own tastes.

Beyond three meals a day.The British are very particular about “afternoon tea”.Public and private institutions every day at 4:30 p.m.Free black tea, sugar, milk and refreshments.The famous English afternoon tea.

Spain.Breakfast in Spain is nothing special.That’s milk, bread, ham, pancakes.But lunch is later than in other countries.It’s usually 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon.The Spanish don’t have a fancy lunch.Always ask for a meal.

And a drink or beer.

Young people prefer simplicity.Sandwiches, hamburgers and pizza.And a glass of coke to go with it.Dinner in Spain is a true “late” meal.It doesn’t start until after 9 p.m.The Spanish take dinner very seriously.They usually eat at home.

Start with a heavy appetizer soup.

After that, a variety of main courses are served.

Steak, roast meat, braised Turkey, ham and fried shrimp, fried potato chips, etc.

And all kinds of vegetables, salads, bread, rice, noodles.

Wine is a must for dinner in most families.

There are cakes, sweets, ice cream and so on.

Spain has more fat people.

It has something to do with their eating habits.

There is a long time between meals in Spain.So there’s a snack in between.It’s known as Tapas.Some say Tapas are Spain’s greatest gastronomic gift to the world.Tapas come in many varieties.

This includes meat, seafood and vegetables.

It’s basically slices of bread with a variety of fillings.

Sprinkle chopped Onions, mayonnaise, etc.Very delicious.United States.Due to historical reasons.

American eating habits are more similar to those in Britain.

Americans don’t use seasonings in the kitchen.And put all the ingredients on the table like the British do.

Please help yourself.Americans don’t like garlic and hot and sour food.

Not to eat fat meat and animal offal.Americans value time and efficiency.

Fast food was born.The most popular foods are hot dogs, hamburgers, doughnuts and so on.The United States has more immigrants than any other country in the world.So the food culture is mixed.Very diverse.Asian immigrants, for example, also cook rice.There are also many borderless fusion dishes.Cooking is always transformative.

There will be no epilogue.

The daily diet of people in every country is constantly changing.

But it will always have its own unique.

So go to different countries.

Feel the charm of special food.Only let the foodies more yearning!See so many European and American countries daily food.Which country would you most like to visit?Or have been to the local you.What else can you add.Come and share with you.

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