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Food welfare, one minute to “understand” the American food culture!

Show you the world through food.Meet visual expectations.Heal the mind.Life is long.But I can’t live without food every day.Every food even if they are the same category.But they’re still delicious and special.Today, let’s take you through American food.As we are familiar with KFC, McDonald’s, Texas, Burger King, etc., these are all American brand catering enterprises. The influence of the special cultural background of the United States on the cooking dishes, if you want to understand the American food culture, you must first talk about some American history.

The origin of American food culture.

There are two main factors in the formation and development of a country’s national diet culture, one is the local geographical factor, the other is the human factor of diversity. For the United States, the human factors of diversity are more critical than the geographical factors of local nature.

The United States has a vast land and a short history, and has been immigrated to the United States by people of different races from more than 100 countries, with a total population of more than 300 million, among which there are about 43 million Hispanic residents, 36 million black people and more than 10 million Asian immigrants. Such a large number of foreign immigrants have settled down in the United States, making the United States a melting pot of the world’s races. As a result, the formation of American food dishes comes from this melting pot.

The characteristics of American food culture.

1. American food does not pay attention to fine, the pursuit of fast and convenient, not luxury, relatively popular.

2. The taste of Americans is relatively light. They like to eat raw and cold food, such as cold dishes and tender steak, and hot soup is not hot. Dishes are usually salty with a hint of sweetness.

3. Americans like to eat meat dishes, like ice water, like to add ice in drinks, do not like tea. Appetizer with tomato juice, orange juice, etc. American food is rich in ingredients, there are many special snacks.

Next, let’s take a look.

Several representative American cuisines.

Watch your mouth and don’t drool.

01Apple pie.

The apple pie is sour and sweet with a rich taste. It comes in two shapes, a standard two-layer and a freestyle, with lots of flavors like breaded apple pie, caramel apple pie and so on. It is a typical American food, many Americans regard it as a staple food, and the process of making it is extremely convenient and easy, and the price is very cheap. Those with a sweet tooth should not miss it.



Recommended index:

02 Boston lobster.

And the Maine lobster. Boston Lobster, with its tender, delicious texture, is arguably the most American of delicacies. High protein content, and rich in vitamins, iron and other elements, very famous, popular overseas, seafood lovers, must try oh.

03 Hot dog.

Hot dogs are a local delicacy, and the combination of wiener sausages and buns is tempting. This traditional grilled or steamed cooked sausage, garnished with mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, Onions, cheese and peppers, is rich and layered with relish.

04 cheesecake.

Cheesecake is very famous in the United States, Americans love cheesecake, American cheesecake taste mellow, milk flavor is very strong mellow, can be seen everywhere in the American afternoon tea, anyone has no resistance to the taste of cheese, it is a must eat food in the United States.

05 hamburger.

Hamburger we must be familiar with, two pieces of bread, plus sticky cheese, tomato, lettuce and chutney, meat is large rather than meat foam, after baking, you can add more basic meat according to your preferences, bread also has different kinds for you to choose, delicious hamburger is you can taste the delicious meat flow juice, vegetables, cheese and bread sweet.

06 Buffalo Hot wings.

The wings are fried in oil until they are crispy, then served with chili-flavoured sauces and other condiments, and served with melted Blue cheese. They are delicious and crunchy.


Popular American salad diet, healthy and delicious, as well as the effect of weight loss, girls must not miss. A variety of vegetables, meats, nuts, fruits, whatever you want to put in it can be tossed in with salad dressing for a refreshing, delicious, guilt-free mix.

08Chocolate ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream was invented by accident. When butter cookies are made, chopped chocolate is added to create the best cookies, which are enjoyed by locals. Cut the noodles into small pieces and stir them into ice cream. Delicious chocolate ice cream is born.

09Deep-sea cod fillet.

Cod fish is delicious and healthy. There are many ways to make it. Generally, the cod fish is cut into chunks first, then the seasoning and other ingredients are evenly spread on the chunks, and the cod fish is fried in the pan until golden color, or it is steamed and then seasoned.Life is long and short.I hope to travel all over the world.Taste all the delicacies of the world.

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