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Who says you can only lose weight on boiled vegetables? In this way, there are dishes and meat taste, no problem before the summer to lose 10 catties!

March and April are the peak months for body anxiety.Because – about to usher in the summer of exposing arms and legs, the flesh of the body really fast can not cover!The topic of weight loss is almost living on Weibo.April is the key month for girls to lose weight. For foodies, the weather gets hot in April, which makes people sleepy and lose their appetite.But there is one thing in the world that can probably cure all of these problems, and that is the simple and quick salad!Hot days eat it not only appetizers, and there are a lot of low-fat options, the key is not to have what cooking can cook.

And it’s not necessarily about losing weight.

There are so many ingredients in a dish of cold dishes, and the cooking method is simple, which can maximize the retention of various nutrients of the ingredients.

But a good salad needs a good sauce to put soul into it.

Refreshing and appetizing vinaigrette is one of the most versatile sauces for spring and summer.

Vinaigrette does not equal oil and vinegar, but is made by adding natural ingredients to taste the combination of oil and vinegar, which is extremely popular in foreign countries.

It is the necessary dipping material for the “herbivorous” group, and also the soul mate of cold dishes!

Today, we share some of the delicious salad dishes that James has made in vinaigrette over the years, so that you can get rid of the mask of pain when you eat light food/salad/poached dishes.

Whether you want to eat healthy or lose weight before summer, this is a favorite!

Vinaigrette is the secret sauce that lays the foundation for flavor.

No matter what flavor of cold dishes, the first thing to do is to mix out a sour, sweet, salty and fresh balance of flavor to the base.

Share a recipe that James came up with after many tests.

Basic all-purpose vinaigrette.

Olive oil + black vinegar + honey + salt + black pepper ps: The choice of vinegar can be Chinese some, white vinegar, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, vinegar can be.

In this recipe, salt is salty, black vinegar is sour, honey is fresh, and olive oil is fragrant.

The resulting vinaigrette is balanced, fresh and natural, and James often uses it in salads.

For a richer flavor, add on top of this, depending on your taste:

Can add flavor seasoning fruit, yellow mustard sauce, thyme, basil, sesame, cheese, etc.

In principle, it can be matched according to personal taste.

For example, if you want a refreshing taste, you can add your favorite fruit; If you prefer a rich, rich flavor, you can add mustard.

Here are some of James’s favorite combinations:

Fruit vinaigrette.

All-purpose Vinaigrette + any fruit.

This recipe works well with seafood, such as grapefruit and shrimp salad.

Bitter grapefruit juice adds to vinaigrette for a refreshing meal!

Even with fried wonton wrappers and red onion rings, it instantly reduces the fat.

If it is cold vegetables, Xiaobian more recommend the following recipe.

Mustard vinaigrette.

All-purpose vinaigrette + yellow mustard sauce.

If you normally like a rich sauce, this recipe will be very popular.

The thick mustard sauce stimulates the taste buds, which is used to mix salads, noodles and meat. It is absolutely necessary for everyday living.In addition, vinaigrette with various herbs, spices, also has a good effect.Spiced vinaigrette.All-purpose Vinaigrette + herbs/spices.

The basil/thyme vinaigrette has a unique aroma, which can bring out the aroma of vinaigrette to some extent. It is the perfect choice with the main food.The first few vinaigrette recipes, with different ingredients, should last you from April to October!

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