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Food Program

The best food show ever! The world is so big, I want to see it!

In fact, many excellent food programs have emerged in China in recent years, but they started a little late and still have a lot of room for progress. Today to August 18 foreign those beautiful food programs! From variety entertainment to cooking teaching, everyone needs.Entertainment variety show.Masterchef.The United States FOX channel launched the largest, the largest lineup of contestants cooking competition variety show, the United States chef Talent show.No matter what touching stories you have, no matter how the contestants fight, no matter what kind of character you are, the competition only depends on your final dish. The judges lead the competition when they have to lose their temper, and when they have to swear! Your food sucks. It sucks. The judges throw it out.

One of the judges is Gordon Ramsay, one of Britain’s and the world’s top chefs, who has been dubbed “the chef from hell” by the media for his gruffness and rigour on celebrity cooking shows and his pursuit of perfection.

$250,000 for the winner!

Little kitchen god.

The show is a junior version of MasterChef, and the three judges are still MasterChef’s Gordon Ramsay, Jobas Tishch and Elliot Graham.

24 young players aged 8-13 will compete in a three-group match, and 12 will enter the main match. Two players will be eliminated in each round. The winner will receive a prize of $100,000. The teen version has a little more warmth than the adult version.

Don’t underestimate these kids, their cooking will make many adults ashamed!

Cooking army.

Japan’s Yomiuri TV produced a variety food show from April 17, 1997 to March 17, 2010. Too bad it’s off the air now.

The two hosts led two teams of chefs to compare each other’s cooking skills. Each week, two different dishes were selected for competition, and seven guests made the final decision.

In order to create the “best food”, they go to great lengths to find delicious ingredients from all over Japan and even the world. The dedication of the staff is even more admirable! Instead of buying things back, they have to follow “experts” to collect them step by step, or spend many times interviewing them.

The most beautiful part of the cooking army is in addition to the “looking for special materials” mentioned above, and then it is the two sides of the kitchen against each other, the two sides of the chef to devote their life skills, attentively to the process of cooking. Whether it is the dexterity of the knife, the care and attention in the handling of the ingredients, or the skill in the cooking process, the audience’s eyes are riveted again and again.

The best cook in America.

The contestants are the worst home cooks, with a deep fear and stress about cooking. The title of the show might be more appropriately translated as “The Kitchen is a mess.”

The contestants have grown up under two chefs in a MasterChef style show. But the atmosphere is more relaxed and fun, and the interactive sessions are better than MasterChef.

Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen is an American cooking reality television show that was officially broadcast by Fox Broadcasting in the United States in 2005.

Hell’s Kitchen features, of course, celebrity chef Gordon. Ramsey. He is the seven-time winner of three Michelin Stars and the highest-paid chef in the world. The highlight of the show was not only the dazzling food, but also Gordon. Ramsey yelled at the players like a mule.

These contestants, every day, go into the kitchen and get Gden. Ramsay shouted insults, such as “You’re an idiot!” when a contestant left a broad bean unpeeled. ; A contestant who was a little slower chopping might stare and say, “I wish you didn’t have those hands!” . Students are under such pressure, hard work.

Food search category.

Asian Food Channel: Ah Xian gluttonous route.

This channel has a lot of very old European and American food shows, but also a lot of new shows from Northern Europe, Malaysia, Singapore and other places. Among them is Axian’s Food Adventure series, hosted by Malaysian Chinese Yang Jiaxian, which is particularly good.

The image of the host is not bright, proficient in Malay, English, Chinese, Cantonese, Hakka and other languages and dialects, style is very cordial and down-to-earth, with the food stall owners can immediately mingle.

It introduces a lot of cultural background to the food, and it certainly looks mouth-watering. If the rhythm of many European and American food shows is like a tour group, then the Axian series is a self-guided tour, which makes you feel comfortable even when you sit on the sofa.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Guy Friary is the biggest star on the Food Network right now. All over the place, Frieri always eat special, special, special taste, just can’t stop.

Of course, the chef of the restaurant will also show and introduce the process of making food, and we can also learn about some other local culture during the conversation, so the content of the program is quite rich.

Maomao Rider: Ancestral home food.

Hairy Bikers are two British men — Si and Dave. He calls himself a Hairy Bikers because he loves to ride. They have produced a series of programmes looking at food in Britain and around the world.

This program is their search for recipes from around the world that are about to be lost. There are cooking skills, human feelings, scenery, it is worth seeing!

Shaggy Rider: An Asian Adventure.

The same furry riders show explores Asian food as they travel around Asia, visiting Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Korea and more. Two fat people are very cute!

Be a quality foodie.

French food series. 6 beautiful to no more beautiful are food seduction series, the pursuit of food to the extreme perfect obsessive-compulsive Gospel! There’s not a single word of explanation, and it’s all about trying to pay homage to good food.

All the food has its own most beautiful moment, each shot will be the largest and most sophisticated details. In front of food, do not Wolf down, enjoy the neglected beauty of life is perhaps the series wants to express.

Chef teaching.

Gordon Ramsay’s ultimate cooking tutorial.

Ahem! Gordon Ramsay again! His involvement in a wide range of fields, worthy of the world’s highest paid top chef!

The first season of this series consists of 20 episodes, each featuring a different, but essential, method of cooking. From spices to baking tips, from baking to simmering, from quick meals to gourmet meals, he teaches everything he knows. There are many time – and labor-saving tips and tips.

Take a cooking lesson from Heston.

Hestan Blumant is the most famous chef in Britain today. The first restaurant he opened, the Fat Duck, won three Michelin stars. Moreover, it has been rated as the best restaurant in Britain for many years in the British and European media, and it is also the most honored restaurant in the world.

Gennaro Contaldo Teaching Series.

Gennaro Contaldo may not have Michelin stars, but his passion and love for cooking is contagious. He raised his voice to the sky and roared: “why am I cooking so good!” It’s especially impressive!

Le Cordon Bleu Teaching Series.

The famous Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy! Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute, founded in Paris in 1895, is the world’s first professional training school for Western food and pastry talents.

After more than 100 years of development, Le Cordon Bleu is now the world’s largest vocational training school for western cuisine and dessert baking. The main courses include cooking, desserts and wine, and are worth learning.


Master’s heart!

Every episode of the food is not the same, it feels like everyone is desperately trying to eat Uncle Hattori’s style of Japanese western food.

First sentence recipe:

Starter: sliced raw ham with white sauce and red meat.

Salad: Cocotte Quiche (a quiche made in a saucepan, here Cocotte is a saucepan with a lid and handle) for seasonal vegetables

Main course: Duck with marmalade.

The recipe for the third sentence:

Starter: Vegetable jelly served with fresh vegetables.

Soup: French bouillon cooked with green vegetables and served with sliced vegetables.

Main course: Grilled Ise Lobster with American lobster sauce.

Fourth sentence:

Starter: A stew.

Salad: Nice salad.

Bread: Tomato Italian specialty bread.

Main course: French casserole.

Fifth sentence:

Starters: marinated shrimp, stew, French toast with salmon and cream cheese.

Salad: A green garden salad.

Soup: A consomme broth with fresh summer vegetables.

Main course: Roasted lamb chop (vanilla looks good!).

Wilderness survival.

This is the most original food show! Tell you where to eat, what to eat and what not to eat!

Absolutely is a high-end atmosphere on the food guide program! There is no human taste. every time before eating to see can eat more than two bowls of rice ah!Salmon sashimi.

Praying mantis is more than we want to eat!Soft-shelled turtle meat tastes delicious and is rich in nutrition. It has the effect of clearing heat and nourishing Yin, flattening liver and quenching wind, and dispersing firm and soft knot.Scorpion, scorpion medicinal value is very high, with scorpion mixed into more than 100 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions.Big fix! Big fix! Take one or two and you’ll get a nosebleed!

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