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Foodie must see a few food movies all watch you are also “God of food”!

For foodies, there is nothing that can’t be solved with one meal. If not, right? Then eat twice! Can’t get enough? Then please go on!Many experienced foodies are not even satisfied with material enjoyment, but can also extract “true knowledge” from their own experiences and movies and television works in their spiritual perception of food.Based on the opinions of many foodies around me, the author summarizes ten classic “foodie” movies. Of course, the meaning of “foodie” is not only based on the food on the table, you can see that:Late Night Mess Movie Edition 2.

[Eat more delicious food when the night is long].

In an unassuming corner of the city, a warm late night canteen quietly opened. In the aroma of the food, in the quiet of the night and in the warm wind of the canteen, a story full of human interest is told. In the story, there are joys and sorrows, which correspond to the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy food; Life, all in this late night canteen.

Many friends around me say that this drama is a double-edged sword. Some people pass out with hunger while watching it, and some can’t help but secretly order takeout. It is the cause of losing weight and gaining weight at night, but I want you to watch the stories of healing humanity.

The taste of autumn saury.

Life is a feast or a cup of bitter wine.

I most appreciate the Japanese director Ozu Yasujiro’s legacy, is the real swan song!

Ozu’s works reflect the customs and manners of modern Japanese society. He used his own unique aesthetic way to show this kind of Japanese style, deeply liked by the audience. His works represent almost the highest achievement of Japanese cinema.

If you have to talk about food, it is not a food movie, but a touching classic work, using Ozu film’s plain and trivial narrative style, as well as the quiet emotional way. Life is full of Oriental charm, and life is lonely and powerless to grow old. This feeling permeates every daily detail.

Seagull canteen.

[Take dreams with you in your ordinary life].

Yuki runs a Japanese-style restaurant called Seagull Canteen in Helsinki, Finland, but the restaurant is often empty. Later, Green and Masako, for different reasons, came there to help. Thanks to our efforts, the customers in the canteen gradually increased.

The Gull Cafeteria is surrounded by interesting and real people such as a handsome customer, a Finnish old lady attracted by the smell of cinnamon rolls, and a middle-aged man who used to work there.

One of the most popular cinnamon rolls originated in Sweden, which is a common food in northern Europe. Some people still eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Antarctic chef.

[No matter where it’s cold, there’s always a warm treat].

At any rate, I thought Sakai’s face was somewhat amused at first, saying that Jun Nishimura, originally a seafarers’ cook, had been sent to the dome of Fuji Base in the Antarctic to cook for seven expedition members. In the icy Antarctic cold, eating is the greatest pleasure in the dull life of the seven expedition members.

Nishimura tries his best to cook a variety of cuisines, not only traditional Japanese but also Chinese and French food, and many interesting things happen around eating them.

The Japanese cuisine cooked by Jun Nishimura in the movie makes you swallow your mouth, and the harsh and cold conditions of life in the Antarctic become warm and human. The worst part is that when king crabs are presented to you, you can’t help but feel indifferent!

Spirited away.

[The deadly culinary allure of animation].

Who says food in animation isn’t realistic enough? It doesn’t really penetrate into your bones.

Driving with her parents to their new home, Chihiro accidentally enters a mysterious tunnel on a suburban road — and they are transported to another strange world — a medieval town.

The smell of food wafted in the distance, seeing a variety of Japanese cuisine, Chihiro’s parents could not help but eat, who knows, into a pig! Then a lot of strange, translucent people began to come into the town!

Netizens said: “parents eat to become a pig, one of the shadows of childhood”, although the plot seems a little scary, and that has become a net celebrity “no face”, but food current, really very tempting ah!

Food story.

[A cook makes a pot of soup].

What an abomination rats are in our real life!

Remy the mouse has an unrivalled gift for smell and dreams of becoming a five-star chef. A chance, he met Guster restaurant apprentice Linquini, this man and mouse formed a strange alliance.

The mouse in the movie tried his best to become a cook. He was so small that he even had to climb the pan to add conditions, and he had to fry an omelette with a spatula in both hands, but he didn’t give up. So we must have a dream, maybe one day it will come true!

Food is an important part of this genre, but it’s more than that. In the minutiae of life, there is warmth and wisdom everywhere, let you full of heart. Imagine modern people’s life and work pressure is so great, the happiest is to make a delicious food for yourself, find the most real happiness!

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