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Holiday must brush! High score food travel documentary recommendation

“A person’s taste should be wide and mixed, ‘sweet in the south, salty in the north, spicy in the east and sour in the west’, go and try them all. It should be the same for culture as it is for food.”Autumn September is the season to go out to play and eat all kinds of food. Many friends have long been looking forward to it and have planned their schedule in advance. But the outbreak of the epidemic has disrupted everyone’s travel arrangements once again.People’s desire for and pursuit of food is innate. If you can’t travel outside to enjoy food, watch a few food documentaries to satisfy your cravings.

What we recommend this time is the food documentary. You can not only enjoy watching the food, but also experience the culture of different regions and countries. Ha ha ha, still waiting for what, follow Xiaobian look together!

Street taste.

Street Food: Asia Season 1 (2019) Street Food: Asia Season 1 (2019).

Street Food: Asia.

Written by David Garber/Brian McGinn.

Type: Documentary.

Producer: The United States.

Language: English.

Premiere: 2019-04-26(US).

Number of seasons: 1.

Number of episodes: 9.

Episode length: 30 minutes.

If you use a word to describe “the taste of the street”, that is: ordinary roadside stalls, hidden life.

This is one of the most grounded food documentaries that Xiaobian has ever seen, produced by Netflix.

The street stall is the lowest threshold but the most vibrant food, which can best represent the local food culture.

In “Taste of the Street”, we follow the footsteps of the camera to different cities around the world to enjoy the most authentic local food, visit street restaurants, walk around the market, let people watch very enjoyable.

“Taste of the Street” has two seasons, each consisting of nine episodes. The first season chronicled the street food culture of various Asian cities, including Bangkok, Osaka and Ho Chi Minh City, while the second season focused on Latin American cuisine.

The special feature of this documentary is that the protagonist is a street stall owner. It tells the daily hard work and life of the food stall owners through the food, the drama and inspirational life experience, but also integrates the folk characteristics of different places, cultural and historical background.

The shooting technique is also very great, the food in the picture is full of texture, but also do not lose fireworks gas, let a person see greedy not.

Every country, city and stall that Xiaobian has visited in the film, Xiaobian can’t help but write it down in his travel list, determined to earn money and have the chance to clock in later.

Chef’s table.

Chef’s Table Season 1 (2015).

Directed by David Gelb.

Starring: Dan Barber/Massimo Bottura/Francis Mallmann/Magnus Nilsson/Ben Shewry/More…

Type: Documentary.

Producer: The United States.

Language: English.

Premiere: 2015-04-26(US).

Number of episodes: 6.

Episode length: 50 minutes.

Also known as: One kitchen, One world.

“Chef’s Table” is as much a food documentary abroad as “A Bite of China 1” is in China. It has been running for six seasons since it first aired in 2015.

Directed by David Gelb (God of Sushi), the film has received rave reviews every season.

While other documentaries feature a single character, Chef’s Table features six chefs from different parts of the world.

From their perspective, they show the delicious food of France, Britain, Japan, Italy, the United States, Thailand and many other countries, as well as the culture and background of food.

The theme of this documentary is not to teach you how to cook delicious food, but to tell the story of chefs and food.

Here, they are not just chefs, but six artists, some insisting on the finest ingredients to ensure the purity of the food, others pursuing distinct personal styles of cooking.

The birth of food cannot be separated from the chef’s production, but it is also influenced by the local food culture, which is closely connected with the social environment, family ties and food culture.

Behind each chef, we can see their view of the world and their attitude towards life, as well as the meaning of different cuisines.

Universal Magic Vacation Home Season 1.

Type: Talk Show.

Producer: The United States.

Language: English.

Premiere: 2021-06-18(US).

Number of seasons: 2.

Have you ever fantasized about a vacation home of your own, away from the hustle and bustle of the city and close to nature?

After talking about food, let’s have a fun travel documentary.

“Universal Magic Vacation Home” is about several global travel talent and well-known interior designers formed guests, jointly opened a fantasy vacation home trip.

A natural rock cave vacation home on the edge of a cliff, a luxury vacation home on a private beach, a Finnish snow glacier vacation home, a tree house sleeping with alpacas…

Here, travelers’ dream vacation homes from all over the world are collected, allowing us to explore different worlds.

One of the most colorful vacation homes in Mexico is the one that lives in the belly of a snake, which is a playground for snake-shaped toys.

It integrates the Feathered serpent’s nest sculpture garden with the landscape, and the courtyard with the surrounding terrain and ecology.

The film is the most attractive 360 degree immersion tour and experience, let a person have a feeling of being in the scene, anyway Xiaobian after watching the heart itching, want to immediately buy a ticket to go on the trip.

In Universal Magic Resort House, nature and environmental protection is the philosophy throughout. We should reduce the damage to the natural environment and use more environmentally friendly and natural energy supply methods.

Wild chef.

Directed by George Pagliero/Oliver Wilson.

Starring: Josh James/Matt Tebbutt.

Genre: Thriller/horror/documentary/adventure/reality TV.

Producer: Netherlands.

Language: English.

Premiere: 2015-10-06(Australia) / 2016-01-07(US).

Number of episodes: 6.

Episode length: 44 minutes.

The last documentary, to take you to the real experience of “Robinson Crusoe” life.

“Wild Chef” tells the story of the Michelin chef Matt and New Zealand veteran hunter Josh, to live in the wilderness for seven days.

Armed with their most basic tools, the pair set out into the wilderness of Mexico to prove that they can make delicious food from the ground up, even in a world where resources are scarce.

They hunted, caught crabs, stole birds’ eggs, fished, and searched for water to cook food. Day after day in the wilderness, they managed to hone their survival skills.

But they also encounter dangers, such as eating the wrong food poisoning and sometimes having to eat disgusting food such as insects and frogs. They have a difficult and fun journey along the way, which is very interesting and highly recommended.

Hee hee, see so many more than addiction to food travel documentary, you have not been able to bear, want to can’t wait to brush up! What are you waiting for? We’re on it!Ha ha ha, if you have a good show that you would like to share with Amway, please leave a comment below and let us plant grass together. We’ll see you next time

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