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Food Program

Food show – A bite of color

Today Xiaobian specially sorted out a few color, flavor and perfect food programs, to let readers friends feast their eyes!Food Poker (UK).0000 is a game show that combines cooking and poker. Contestants need to have good cooking skills, teamwork and some poker skills to win. Hosted by Matt Allwright, each episode features four chefs. Each person is sent two cards representing the main ingredients, and then from five cards representing the accessories to choose two cards, chefs according to the ingredients to choose what to cook, by the foodies vote on which two chefs to cook the dishes, the most interesting is the poker game to bring gambling and uncertainty to the food.

Born Chef (Germany).

In this unconventional cooking game show, culinary competitions are conducted on various topics, including Asian food, German food, fast food and more. Contestants have to answer multiple choice questions, compete in cooking and help the host prepare recipes. Points are awarded for getting all of them right, but points vary and can be taken away for poor performance. The team with the highest score gets a minibar, and the losing team has to wash the dishes.

Kitchen Criminals (UK, Netherlands).

The programme aims to find Britain’s worst chefs in order to help them turn things around. The show’s top British chefs, John Burton Race and Angela Hartnett, auditioned in different areas across the country to find the worst cooks who would eventually go on to their training camp, growing from kitchen criminal to kitchen hero, but choosing each other’s apprentices, This is also the motivation for them to deliberately choose the worst of the worst, as they will eventually lead their apprentices against each other. They will train their team of kitchen criminals to become master chefs to cope with five of Britain’s most vitriol.

Marco Pierre White’s Kitchen Wars (UK, Australia).

The show is a competition of ordinary cooking, with top chef Marco Pierre White looking for the country’s best cooking couple. He took to the road in his special “Cooking Challenge truck”, a mobile kitchen specially designed for the contestants to cook in during the auditions. Only when they made it to the final 12, could they enter a special dining environment to go head-to-head: preparing three courses for 75 people to serve.

Kitchen Nightmares (US, UK, Israel).

A spin-off of Hell’s Kitchen, which has been popular in Europe and the US for many years, every week Hell’s Kitchen chef Gordon visits a different restaurant in trouble to help. He advises chefs on meal preparation and waiters on between-meal service, using his extensive knowledge to get these restaurants back on track.

Jimmy’s Food Factory (UK).

0000 host Jimmy Doherty takes viewers on a trip to the supermarket to find out what real supermarket food is. He addresses the question “What is real supermarket food?” This question introduces a series of foods to the audience. The audience can see the production and packaging process of food in the factory. In the first episode, Jimmy Doherty launched the breakfast series, explaining why corn chips don’t contain the most nutritious corn. Why iron and other vitamins should be added to a whole wheat breakfast.

Taste of Love (Israel).

The Taste of Love is a food dating show with an ornate set up studio. Six single couples try to find love through a series of cooking competitions. The studio, a large open space, was separated into two cooking areas for men and women, so they didn’t know who they were cooking for at first. A giant conveyor belt, sending each other their food, and their love, for each other to taste and judge. Ultimately, guests who are paired together get a week-long food trip.

Chef’s Chef (Belgium).

On 0000, four contestants compete in a culinary challenge. In each episode, chef Yves Mattagne and his team create a series of dishes set up by the show. The four contestants tested their palates over three consecutive rounds to find all the ingredients in a dish to win a cash prize. The show will test who the real foodies are, giving them a free taste test of a five-star chef. So while many programs test the cooking skills of the chef, this one tests the taster’s verbal skills.

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