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Do a food show the old-fashioned way? Behind The Times! The latest culinary competition show

Since the appearance of “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Top Chef” and “Cook-off”, the form of cooking competition reality shows seems to have reached the peak, and the subsequent cooking competition shows seem to be difficult to surpass these three programs. Therefore, the newly launched programs began to increase innovation from the competition system and the difficulty of the competition, such as wearing gloves, standing on the treadmill cooking, through blindfolded taste to restore the dish, two chefs relay to complete a delicious cooking…

In the New Year, foreign model development experts in the cooking competition show to think of what new tricks? Here are three new cooking competition reality shows that have been released recently, so it’s clear that the producers have gone to great lengths to attract viewers.

Kitchen Crisis.

Show Name: Kitchen Crash.

Type of show: Cooking competition reality Show.

Broadcast platform: Food Network.

Premieres Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 at 10 p.m.

Duration: 1 hour (including commercials)

Total episodes: 6.

Program Description: This is an outdoor cooking competition for professional chefs. In each episode, three professional chefs travel to a community where they visit residents in their homes and convince them to open their refrigerators and pantries to use as cooking ingredients. Each chef has a plastic bin in which the requested ingredients are placed, and when the time is up for their visit, they are expected to use the contents of the bin to cook the best dishes on the roadside in the community. And the residents of the community would watch from the side of the road.

Each episode features a celebrity guest as a judge, working with the host to decide which chef wins. The winning chef will share the $10,000 prize with the resident family that provided the ingredients.

“Cook-off Rivalry”.

Chopped: Grudge Match Chopped: Grudge Match.

Type of show: Cooking competition reality Show.

Broadcast platform: Food Network.

Duration: 1 hour (including commercials).

Premiere: Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2021 at 9 p.m.

Total episodes: 5.

Chopped is a spin-off of Chopped, the world’s best-looking competitive cooking show. There are 16 contestants, who are either judges of the show or winners of many seasons of the show in the past. In those years, contestants and judges competed together.

In each episode, four contestants are tasked with creating memorable meals from the ingredients in a mysterious basket in front of them. They are given three limited rounds of time to make appetizers, entrees and desserts, and a panel of four ultimate judges decides who wins. The winner will receive the largest prize in Cook-Off history, $100,000.

The Great Regional Duels: In Search of France’s Best Recipes.

Le Grand Concours des regions: Quelle sera la meilleure recette deFrance? The Great Regional Duels: In Search of France’s Best Recipes.

Type of show: Cooking competition reality Show.

Broadcast platform: France3, France.

Duration: 2 hours (including commercials).

Premiere: Friday, Dec. 18, 2020 at 9 p.m.

About the show: This is a French regional culinary competition to discover the traditions and cultural heritage of different regions of France. One for each region, 14 restaurants in each region recommend their chefs to the competition, which is judged by a panel of five top foodies.

In each episode, the first round of the competition is titled “Our region’s signature dish,” in which 14 chefs have to properly improve and innovate a dish from their region. The 14 chefs’ dishes are then rated by a panel of judges to eliminate the final four chefs. In the second round of the competition, entitled “Desserts of our Region”, the 10 chefs who made it to the top were asked to create a representative dessert of their region, which was then scored by a jury.

The final score is compared with the average score of the two rounds, and the first place is selected. The winning chef will receive a trophy for the Best French Recipe, which will be displayed in front of the restaurant.

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