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Food Program

The BBC food program has fulfilled many people’s dreams

Today I’d like to introduce you to the BBC’s food programme, Two Italian Foodies.The title of the play, it’s pretty straightforward. It tells the story of two old gourmands who return to their native land to find and make delicious food.The main characters are Antonio and Gennaro, who are both world-class chefs. Returning to Italy together, they wanted to see how the food had changed back home.The show seemed very casual, with the two men eating while walking and bickering.In fact, “Two Italian Foodies” is about more than food.

Italians are very particular about what they eat. The two grandfathers put food and family together as the essence of life.

“Two Italians,” whose devotion to food and love is self-evident, introduces a special extended family, an asylum, later in the premiere.

Here, a group of people with a less-than-glamorous past find themselves by making food for others.

This young man, Andrea, has found his passion by making cheese.

Andrea is not the only one who has been healed by food. The whole shelter is trying to better understand the love of the world through food.

In “Two Italian Foodies,” there are no silver plates, no glitzy trays, but the food is still tantalizing.

For two seasons, Antonio and Gennaro have been all over Italy and eaten all over it.

Not only can they eat it, but the Pops can cook it.

In each episode, Antonio and Gennaro make food with great interest. Each dish is very everyday, but the seniors can not control their saliva, color, smell and taste.

They are also very casual about where they cook, at one point even cooking seafood pasta on board.

It’s fresh from the ocean, and it’s really the healthiest food in the world.

Although Antonio and Gennaro are old, they are both old brats. They flatter each other and insult each other. They are very lovely.

Sadly, Antonio passed away in 2017, and the series ended its second season.

Fortunately, “Two Italians” has already touched countless people.

food and life are inseparable, and the two dads discussed a lot with us during a short food trip. In short, All you need is food and love.

It’s a lifelong dream of many to discuss life with friends over a meal. As for destinations, Italy is a good choice.

The upperclassmen have already flipped anyway.

However, when I was a senior, I went to Italy and tasted many Italian foods such as pasta, pizza and T-bone steak. However, I fell in love with Italian ice cream, or gelato, to be exact.

Happy Italian who grew up eating gelato. After a taste of the senior fell, as long as the shop did not say a word to buy.

I’ve been thinking about gelato since I came back from my trip, and I’ve been wanting to eat it again.

GROM, a traditional Italian gelato shop, is coming to mainland China!

GROM, an Italian brand specializing in gelato, has officially arrived in Shanghai, the first GROM flagship store in the Chinese mainland.

As soon as you get the news, clock in.

When choosing flavors, seniors will be tangled to death. There are so many flavors that they want to eat every style.

After satisfying himself with cup after cup, the senior must say that GROM is the best gelato brand in the world.

Mr. Chang tasted a variety of flavors, including raspberry, which was naturally sour and very refreshing. Apricot flavor is dense, not sweet or cloying. The yogurt flavor is creamy and smooth. The nougat flavor is full of surprises. It’s the seniors’ favorite gelato flavor. Every spoonful of nougat is crispy and delicious, which is beyond imagination.

As their slogan goes, true imperfect. In order to bring us natural and authentic gelato, GROM has always used traditional techniques, so GROM balls are scraped out and irregular.

In terms of ingredients, GROM scoured the globe for selected ingredients, and the founders even set up mura mura Farm in order to cultivate the best ingredients. mura mura means slow in the Malagasy language, which represents GROM’s philosophy of slowly making gelato the best it can be.

Fruit picked from mura mura is sent to GROM’s lab for taste testing, and every step of the way GROM makes its products to ensure the final taste.The color of the products in GROM’s store is the most authentic color of the raw material itself, which is different from the ice cream with added pigment.

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