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Food Program

A world class food documentary! See me a second greedy cry!

Continue to the last article to recommend so much to see the drooling food documentary, today in response to the requirements of your friends to continue to update, let us continue to watch the food documentary that makes you greedy can not stand, don’t leave the house, greedy all over the world!Come on, are you ready? Here we go!1. Chef’s table.The Netflix food documentary, which has run for seasons (1-6), follows the kitchens of famous chefs in several countries. Every international chef has his or her own culinary secrets, and a series of international feasts tantalize your taste buds. At present, the international food programs have high reputation and high quality, which are very durable (can not eat).

Chef’s table is probably my favorite documentary. Food Porn is, of course, addictive, but along with the camera, the soundtrack, the framing, and the progression of the script, Weft tells the story of one man who, through persistence and love, becomes a great chef.

Imagine a barren northern Europe, not at the heart of European gastronomic culture, a world where you can hunker down and save a VAT of fatty food to survive half a winter. But for the seventh episode of Faviken, a Swedish restaurant, I watched it probably 10 times.

2. Greedy Italy.

Italian cuisine is very well known throughout the world, and pasta is comparable to ramen worldwide. Its rich menu and unique flavors have been promoted by Italians everywhere. This documentary is led by two Italian national treasure masterchefs, who came to their home country of Italy and traveled all regions of Italy to find the delicious fusion. The exotic customs and food culture are equally attractive, and it is worth watching.

Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contador, two of Italy’s national masterchefs, returned to their home country of Italy after 50 years of separation. They traveled through the regions of Italy, recalling the taste of childhood, looking for the delicious fusion. The second season consists of four episodes, in the second season of the journey, two Italian famous chefs lead the audience, in the profound Italian food, the taste of childhood memories of southern Italy, Italian “dressing up”, the “survival” of northern Italy and Italian “manhood”.

3. Street food fighter.

A reality show style food documentary produced by South Korea, choosing street food from many countries and regions, led by mic Baek Jong-won to find hidden street food around the world. To be honest, the documentary is of a high standard and the location chosen for production is relatively objective. I have to say that Korean people eat greedily, ah, full marks for emotional expression.

4. Raymond Blank’s Kitchen Secrets.

BBC food program documentary, according to 2B division of urine, quality is not to worry about, the focus of course is whether the content of the inside taste, international fan perspective, more professional analysis, to create this grade A great food documentary, through the Michelin two star chef Raymond Blank’s craft, each episode introduces several dishes cooking methods and skills, Give you the most beautiful, the most simple visual experience.

This old Michelin chef speaks English with a mesmerizing French accent, and the way he “vola” when finishing a process or cooking a dish is a deep obsession with food. And what he likes to cook the most is my favorite meat! Recently every night watch bbc documentary about food, saliva ah!

5. Paul taught you how to make bread.

Crunchy, crisp bread inside tender, used to be lz’s favorite, but because of the weight, quit for a period, often see a variety of delicious bread baking, saliva spinning. Not to mention, just click on the episode is a wheat fragrance in the face, love to eat bread children do not miss, it is too attractive.I’m sorry for tempting you with a screen full of delicious food in the hot summer, but there is something beautiful in life that needs to be pursued, and delicious food is it! Let’s eat ~ ha ha ha

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