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Dinner and a variety show? These food shows are the best way to eat

I heard that dinner goes with food drama.The food will taste better.There are so many good dramas to watch! to Xiaobian belch recommend a few more watch more hungry next meal drama.Make sure the babies don’t even want to put the bowl down!Julie & Julia.If you’re wondering whether to cook a weekend meal, Julie may be the answer. What is the relationship between food and people? Julie says she likes it when the day goes by and there’s nothing you can do about it, but it’s kind of comforting to come home and know that if you add egg yolks to chocolate and mix it with sugar and milk, it’s going to make it sticky.

Julie & Julia is a feature film directed by Nora Ephron and starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. Julie & Julia is based on Delicious Relations: Julie & Julia by Julie Powell and My French Years by Julia Child. The movie tells the story of Julie Child, an American who once lived in France, who wrote a food book, and Julia Powell, an American girl who lived a generation away, who began to learn the meaning of life by following her book and publishing it on her blog.

The whole movie is full of French romance, will definitely poke your heart! The film also draws on food to discuss how to get along with the other half. You need your partner to support you in pursuing your dreams, and you may lose your temper when you’re frustrated. But you know, whether it’s undercooked or out of salt, there’s always someone who’s willing to grunt it all out for you!

All in all, after watching this warm and funny healing food blockbuster, you can’t help but sigh that life is really wonderful!


Who says Indian films have to have half-hearted songs and dances, this atypical Bollywood movie will definitely bring you subversion. It’s India’s version of In the Mood for Love, a refreshing taste of curry.

Silent and lonely middle-aged man Saiyang Fernandez and a simple housewife ila, two living in Bombay completely impossible to have intersection of men and women, unexpectedly because of a wrong lunch and have intersection, struck a chord. They began to exchange traditional, reserved letters, confiding in each other about their loneliness and loneliness. In the two corners of the city, a strange combination of beautiful mistakes, two strange men and women, a paragraph of untouchable feelings slowly began.

The ending is the finishing touch, just like the Lunchbox. It looks simple, but it contains delicious food. Only by eating it slowly can the producer achieve his goal. I heard that after watching it, I would like to eat Indian food!

Eat Eat Man Man.

Lao Chu is Taipei’s greatest celebrity chef, the head chef at the Grand Hotel, but after his wife’s death he is left with the responsibility of raising three daughters, all of whom are temperamental, rebellious and have their own problems. The girls are growing up, and the old father is getting tired, but his excellent cooking still keeps the family together.

▲ Every time I watch Lao Zhu cooking, my stomach automatically beats.

A second before he put fresh fish on the chopping block, the next second is glittering and translucent get rid of the fish with a knife Ji into shuttle shape, art of using saber is incredible and great skill.

The squirrel fish finished, followed by hot and crispy, Dongpo pork, fried pork, duck mixed with three silk, casserole fish head…… This kitchen is full of fireworks, a love of the dishes, really make people hungry.

The daily meal with his daughter is often the climax of the play. The father wants to use the table to keep the family, but the daughter is already tired of this “form”. Some people deal with it casually, while others are eager and plan how to escape the family. Even if the meal is cooked with care, ruthlessness, or tastelessness.

This family is gradually moving towards separation, in fact, we treat the family are too “implicit”, and have a variety of misunderstandings. From everyday details, the audience can naturally see the “dissonance” between the father and daughter, which is also attributed to Ang Lee’s editing and narration skills. The simple and direct reaction of a few scenes is the most touching.

At the end, the kitchen is considered a forbidden place by the second daughter, who cooks here for the first time and cooks a meal for her father. Although he is extremely picky about taste, he has miraculously recovered from his earlier loss of taste. Two generations of feelings, finally is back to the origin.

The Recipes of A Village.

This play is adapted from Takata Iyu’s “Qi’s cooking post” series of novels, in the early 19th century Japan as the background, tells the story of a girl chef who learned cooking skills in Osaka, who is in Edo hard to start a business. This food drama starring Kuroki Hua and Moriyama future, both food love, let your girl heart minutes burst!

A flood separates Mr. Wei (Keiko Kitagawa) from his childhood friend Noe (Shiho Katsuya). Parents of the death of the qi on the street, Osaka cuisine restaurant days full of one trillion votes the boss of a Fang (Harada beauty Mieko is acted the role of) took the strain, and found that the strain is very talented in cooking. And so, at the age of 12, Mr. Ame began to learn to cook when it was a trillion days old.

Unexpectedly, a fire destroyed the shop. Mr. Qi and his wife come to Edo to help out at a restaurant called Tsuruya. After several setbacks and some help from ronin Komatsuhara (Masahiro Matsuoka) and Dr. Nagata (Yuta Hiraoka), he learns the difference between the Osaka and Edo diets and makes changes. The modified food won approval, but was soon copied by other shops, and Mr. Began to wonder what he really tasted like. Gao Lengjiao domineering president, handsome implicit sweet little cute, which CP you will stand, the outcome is absolutely beyond your imagination.

Mari Senji.

The hostess of “Ichigan”, played by Yu Aoi, takes a sip of Japanese wine every day when she gets up. To be honest, just seeing Yojang’s contented smile every morning is reason enough for you to watch this drama!

This century-old shop is a quiet corner in a busy and noisy place. No over-hype, just focus on each dish.

You can see the chef’s respect for food. The tofu she has spent five hours carefully boiling, the miso she has made by selecting soy bean grain by grain, the rice she has cooked on the stove with straw as fuel, the tea and the meals all hold the chef’s mind together and comfort the stomachs and hearts of the diners.

Want to Eat Spaghetti.

Originally is for food to see this drama, but it is a nostalgic youth film, based on the real story of the famous Japanese folk singer Masashi Sano adapted, full of Shohefeng, the story is very comfortable, plain and delicate.

▲ When one is away from home, one always feels homesick, and the city of Nagasaki (Masashi’s hometown) is very special.

It tells the story of Masashi Sano, played by Soda, in order to dream of violin, came to Tokyo, Japan alone to study, but gradually found that his violin talent is limited, after efforts, still and the original dream gradually far away, and a lot of people’s confusion, and Masashi smiled as always, “the original is just a process”.

That simple age, no dog blood, bullying campus drama, everyone is very warm, honest and lovely. Especially in one scene, when he pawns his beloved violin at a pawnshop (music has always been important to Yashi), the boss reminds him that “interest is expensive, it must be important to you”, until Kashiyama uses his bass as a mortgage and buys the violin back. It’s hard to avoid feeling lonely in Tokyo, but it’s not that cold.

Three Star Camp to raise Lunch.

The protagonist photon set in the drama has been 40, but as a three-star chef, because she is too picky about food materials, never consider the cost, so the French restaurant boss framed dismissed, leading to no hotel willing to hire.

She put down her dignity as a three-star chef to cook school meals at an elementary school. But none of her school meals went down well, resulting in the highest amount of leftovers in history. But she never gets tired and is always looking for ways to make three-star Michelin standard school meals that her students love.

By the way, this show automatically drools when you watch it, so keep snacks handy! Also, is there a baby shortage at this elementary school?

But remember, don’t watch some movies in the middle of the night without food on hand!

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