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Healthy Eating

The documentary reveals healthy eating: Fried eggs are Healthier! No nutrition in boiled vegetables?

Whether it’s weight loss, or beauty, there’s no getting around the “diet” mountain.Therefore, many people in order to achieve their own slimming, health and other purposes, in the “eat” above can be said to be thoughtful, such as eating broccoli must be boiled, eat eggs refuse to oil and so on.But a recent BBC documentary – The Truth about Healthy Eating – found that what people think is “healthy eating” is not really healthy!In general, the three most common types of breakfast for people are cereal breakfast, yogurt and fruit breakfast, and meat and egg breakfast. Asked around the friends, almost all think cereal breakfast is the best, followed by fruit and yogurt, the worst is meat and egg breakfast. But a BBC documentary has revealed that meat and eggs, which many people consider unhealthy and fattening, are actually the most nutritious and healthy breakfast for slimming down.

Why? Because in the experiment, experts chose glucose levels (blood sugar, which is related to whether or not you’re hungry or want to eat a snack) as a measure for the participants. Bacon and eggs were significantly better than the other two, as they had the most protein and were also the most filling, preventing the urge to snack.

Of course, breakfast is best need flexible rich and adequate, invariable and binge eating, are not healthy and not conducive to weight loss!

2. Misunderstood cooking.

The show not only talks about what to eat, but also how to eat it.

And cited some very common misconceptions.

For example, which is healthier and healthier: fried eggs or scrambled eggs? Which is healthier, boiled broccoli or cooked in other ways?

In fact, many people also think fried eggs are unhealthy because they use a lot of oil, so many people have been hit in the face by the BBC.

Because it turns out that fried eggs are healthier and more nutritious than scrambled eggs because the oil goes into them while frying them is the opposite.

That’s right. I’ve always liked boiled broccoli. I think it’s healthy and nutritious.

The BBC gave me another kick in the arse when they prepared four different cooking methods: microwave, deep fry, stir-fry and boil.

After the test, boiling lost the most nutrients, which is why broccoli is rich in vitamin C, the nutrient most afraid of hot water.

But in the end, nutritionists have stressed that steaming is not the same as boiling, and steaming is a great way to cook. Weight loss is already control diet, if not enough nutrition, I’m afraid people will waste, so, slim big guys, don’t eat every day with boiled west blue flowers!

3. Fruit juices and smoothies are really a favorite of many health watchers and slimmers. For most people, when they go out to eat with friends and walk to the door of the beverage store, they want to have a sip of fruit juice, which is nutritious, healthy, non-fat, and rich in antioxidants. After watching this documentary Xiaobian found himself paying IQ tax again, the truth is not like this! Like antioxidants. There’s no denying that fruit juice is high in antioxidants, but when you put it in a tube that mimicking your stomach, it stays normal. Then a second tube, which mimics the gut, changes things, and the antioxidants are instantly broken down.

But the body absorbs nutrients in the gut, not the stomach! So even though those fruits are full of antioxidants, they’re not going to do you much good because you’re not going to absorb them. On top of that, the fresh fruit and vegetable smoothie at the beverage store has other “ingredients” added to it, which is really unhealthy! Here, Qing Qian beauty reminds you, weight loss beauty, health is not only life, and science, is not messed with!

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