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Healthy Eating

Live at home Learn healthy eating habits from around the world

With the development of society, people are more and more knowledgeable, and they are more and more aware of the importance of healthy diet. Good eating habits inevitably lead to good health. Let’s take a look at some of the best eating habits in the world.Holland.The Netherlands has one of the healthiest diets in the world, a new British study has found. The Netherlands topped the list because it has relatively low food prices and diabetes levels, as well as better nutritional diversity.

Dutch people attach great importance to food calories. The labels of calories and various elements on various food packages are very detailed. As long as you want, you can count clearly.


Japan has one of the lowest rates of obesity in the developed world, and people here are focused on longevity. Their diet is high in vegetables, rice and soybeans, which reflects the concern for health. The Japanese also eat fresh seafood and dairy products, but in moderation.


The conventional wisdom that French women don’t get fat is true. A French meal is not made up of hollandaise and foie gras. Instead, French food uses lots of fresh vegetables, such as green beans, and lots of ready-made proteins. Most missed are the French fish stew, white omelet and fresh salad.


Italy has one of the lowest diabetes rates in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It also shows that there is more to Italian cuisine than pizza, pasta and ice cream.

Today, pasta is cooked in a light, low-protein, vegetables-based way. What’s more, Italians cook with olive oil because it’s good for heart health and high in omega-3. It also effectively ensures the health of the food.


Swedish food and Nordic food in general are mostly seafood based, and the cooking methods of food in this region are mainly in a healthy way.

Examples include smoking, stewing, drying and curing. Try to avoid heavy sauces or fried foods with your main course. White bread and crackers are often replaced by crispy rye bread because of its high fiber content.


Mediterranean cuisine is a favorite among dieters and body keepers because it is not only healthy but also has special weight loss properties. Traditional Greek food is made up of green vegetables, omega-3-rich olive oil, fresh seafood, whole grains, as well as fresh fruits and a small amount of dairy products. It is also popular here to eat small portions of food called mezze.


Island Delicious is also health-conscious, with fresh fish and seafood, starchy vegetables, rice and peppers; Especially in Bermuda, Anguilla and the Cayman Islands, these ingredients have been shown to lower blood pressure and boost metabolism. There are also plenty of fresh tropical fruits used in these dishes, giving them a strong Caribbean flavor.


When people think of Swiss cuisine, they usually think of thick breads, gooey cheese, and meat-based foods. Yet Switzerland has enviable low levels of obesity and low rates of heart disease and diabetes.

It’s all because people here tend to rely on local, seasonal food, sourced from small local farms, and made very simply. The consumption of meat and cheese is relatively moderate. Early in the morning, local people enjoy a muesli consisting of dried fruit, oats and nuts.


Spain is perhaps best known for its Iberian ham and rich cheese. However, their cuisine is rich in vegetables, fresh fish, grains and beans. Many traditional appetizers are vegetarian (for example, garlic mushrooms and vegetables) or feature fish and seafood.

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