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Food Program

There are cooking and drama, introduce some good food programs

I’m going to focus on foreign shows, because I’ve been watching more foreign cooking lately. These shows focus on cooking, with detailed cooking tutorials and specific dishes. There are relatively few dramas, and when there are, they tend to explore the origins and history of food.1.Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course.The ultimate cooking lesson from world famous chef Gordon Ramsay. Each of the 20 episodes teaches five dishes, as well as many helpful cooking tips. The same goes for Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking.

2.Hell’s Kitchen.

It’s a reality show about cooking competitions. Originally from the United Kingdom, the rights were bought by FOX in the United States. Gordon Ramsay was the judge. (Personally, I don’t like reality shows too much, mainly because of the gimmicks, I just want to watch food!).

3.How to Cook Like Heston.

Heston Blumenthal, also a Michelin-starred celebrity chef, is teaching you how to cook!

4.Hairy Bikers.

Hairy Bikers are two Brits — Si and Dave. They have produced a series of programmes looking at food in Britain and around the world. Among the more well-known are: Hairy Bikers: Mums know best.

There are sequels to the series: Mums still know bestHairy Bikers: The Best of British.

5. Lonely lonely gourmet.

It’s a manga based Japanese drama. It stars Takashi Matsushige. Best of all, the shops inside are real!! And evil photography always takes close-ups of food!! Looks like it’s been four seasons. 6Two Greedy Italians: Two Greedy Italians: Still Hungry.

This is my favorite one! So the last one in this category!

Italian chefs Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo return to their homeland after more than 40 years to explore food and food-related stories across the country. Also Gennaro Contaldo has his own channel on YouTube where he teaches cooking. Just search for his name.

I wrote a long introduction to this documentary on Weibo, and you can take the trouble to “Two Greedy Italians” by poking my Weibo account (because I really don’t know how to put a link to it). My weibo address is http://weibo.com/urielyztan) is the focus of the second, the drama of such plot, and food is the only ornament, but is the ornament of weight a little heavy.

1. Late-night canteen.

It’s also a manga adaptation, starring Kaoru Kobayashi. In addition, “The Lonely Gourmet” uncle Matsu Shigeifeng also played a relatively important role in this drama!

The story is a very warm little story, no ups and downs, but some of the ordinary things in life are always touching.

The TV series recently finished its third season, and there are rumors of a movie coming out next January! I’m looking forward to it!


The play is very funny. It’s true, the chef is a tyrant, his sous chef is a nice guy who doesn’t complain (and ends up furious with him), and the waiter is a fool, making the manager feel helpless.

I love that executive actor: Katherine Parkinson!! She’s Jane from IT Mad!

3. Thank you for your hospitality.

This is a morning play.

In fact, I didn’t finish watching this one, because the heroine grew up (apricot) I don’t think it looks good. So I got halfway through the dump. (Don’t hit me.) But the food looks really good!

4. Sushi Prince.

Well. It is the first time in five years that Tang Gwang-il has starred in the film.

The name of the protagonist is Rice sushi (is the surname of Yishou name Ji.) And then he started making sushi in his family and he showed his talent at a very young age so he was called the Prince of Sushi. Actually, it’s kind of crazy, especially at the end, when they’re making sushi, and it’s so unscientific.

My personal favorite, Narimiya Kuangui, also has a cameo.

5. Cook Senji.Aoi You teacher’s work!This one is pretty well known, and I personally agree with the main character’s views on cooking — even in an era of fast food culture sweeping the world, real food needs to be cooked slowly!

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