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A guide to food at Christmas movies

Almost every Christmas season, there is a movie or several about Christmas, or humorous or warm or romantic or sweet. As a genre film with a theme of “harmony”, Christmas movies are not without Christmas dinner. Christmas dinner is a general term for Christmas food. In fact, the content of Christmas dinner varies according to different regions, which can be seen in the Christmas movies produced by different countries.

British Christmas dinner: Love Actually.

\ Director: Richard Curtis \ Star: Hugh Grant \ Country: UK \ Release date: 2003.

The story: This is a hodgepodge of melodrama features the prime minister’s love story as the main line of the film unfolds ten different stories in different places, each of which develops independently but interrelated. Different kinds of love happen to different people in different ways. The same thing is that they all happen five weeks before Christmas. If you ever feel depressed, if you ever feel sad in real life, you should watch this movie. Although love may not come with vigour and vigour, but if you are willing to pay attention, you will find: love actually is all around..

Food: Typical British Christmas meals appear many times in the film. Compared with French daily meals, British daily meals are very simple, but the content of British Christmas meals is very rich. Unlike Americans, the main course of the British Christmas dinner is roast goose (also known as roast goose), not Turkey. At Christmas time, British families love to cook roast goose. They will stuff a lot of fruits and vegetables into the roast goose, and then cover the goose with a variety of spices before putting it in the oven. The roast goose is purplish red in color, sweet and fragrant, crispy and tender in skin, and then accompanied by strong red wine, people are steaming hot and excited to eat.

In addition to roast goose, Christmas pudding is also an integral part of the traditional British Christmas meal. When making Christmas pudding, the whole family will be involved, just like Chinese people make dumplings, which symbolizes reunion and harmony. The British make a vow when they mix the dough, and it must be made in a clockwise direction. Turning the wrong direction is unlucky. Hide a coin in the end, whoever eats it will get good luck for the year!

Nordic Christmas Dinner, masterpiece: A Christmas Legend.

\ Country: Finland \ Release date: 2007.

Story: As a film from the “origin” of Santa Claus, the film uses the “legend” way to express the great love of Santa Claus. From beginning to end, the film is filled with love and gratitude, flowing lyrical music, very comfortable, very warm. The biggest significance of this film is to tell us: children get Christmas gifts are not taken for granted, natural, the purpose of Santa Claus to send gifts, not only to meet the wishes of children, but to let the children to love and Thanksgiving to pass out.

Food: In the movie, there are sandwiches, pork knuckle, almond pudding, meatballs, fried cod fillet, sea lobster, blueberry cake and other Nordic Christmas food… Not to mention the marzipan pudding, which is a unique snack in Northern Europe, where Christmas dinner begins with a serving before moving on to anything else. When making Christmas pudding, people deliberately put a whole almond, just as we put copper coins in dumplings, and whoever eats the only intact almond will be lucky in the New Year. Lucky’s prize is a big piggy cookie with a red bow tie.

In addition to salmon, almond pudding and other Christmas food, known as El singa ham is also a Christmas feast. In addition to these typical sweets and meat dishes, sweet rice porridge and brown bread chowder (a dish made with brown bread and other vegetables and meat) are also indispensable.

American Christmas dinner: This Christmas.

\ Country: USA \ Release date: 2007.

Story: This is after “Street dancing boy” another Brown and Short starring together in the song and dance film, although there is no crying to death fire to the touching scene, no magic Christmas strange, just a very simple family accident, but very warm and real. As we do during the Spring Festival, people who are away from home must go home to reunite with their families.

Food: In addition to black RAP and humor and warmth, the film’s biggest attraction is food: roast Turkey, roast ham, salmon, pudding, plum, mince pie, fruit cocktails, creamy mashed potatoes… The plates are tantalizing and serve as a guide to the American Christmas meal.

As the most famous American Christmas dish, Turkey is also the most familiar main course for Chinese people. In fact, like dumplings, Turkey is a common meat in the Americas and is eaten on most days except Thanksgiving and Christmas. The custom of eating Turkey in the United States is to fill the belly of the Turkey with various materials and bake it in the oven. Serve the whole Turkey once it’s cooked, slice it up with a knife and fork and enjoy. In other words, they ate the chicken whole. As for why not bring it to the table? It’s probably the same reason that when we eat fish on New Year’s Eve, we don’t use fillets but serve it whole.

The new immigrants in America began to eat Turkey on Christmas Day in 1620. That year, a large number of immigrants from England arrived in Mount Portymouth, the American continent, only found all over the mountains of Turkey, there is no goose they like to eat, but had to catch Turkey as the main course of Christmas, unexpectedly found that Turkey is more delicious than goose, so roast Turkey became a major dish of Americans, essential in important festivals.

In addition to the famous Turkey, some large families in the United States like to roast a whole Suckling pig for Christmas, with an apple in the pig’s mouth.

American Christmas dinner also has a special food – cooked polenta, top with a layer of cream, and some fruit, sweet, delicious, other flavor.

French and German Christmas dinner, masterpiece: “Merry Christmas”.

Director: Christian Cashion \ Country: France, Germany \ Release date: 2005.

Story: Even war can’t stop people’s pursuit of Christmas cheer. 1915 Christmas in the first World War, Germany and France front, the German soldier Sprink’s girlfriend came to see him, with a soft song, the two sides of the war were warm by the fairy music of the snow night, all the soldiers put down their weapons and walked together, smoked pork boiled water, spent a peaceful Christmas. In the film, flashes of German-style French Christmas dinner, and cold guns in stark contrast, remind people of the cruelty of war.

Food: The tree trunk cake mentioned by the French soldiers in the film is a famous French Christmas food. The French Christmas dinner does not include Turkey or roast goose, but it does include the rich aroma of brandy and champagne. The French feast is famous all over the world, and of course the Christmas feast is rich with oysters, sausages, wine, ham bread, roast meat, salads, fruits and pastries.

Germany’s most famous Christmas food is gingerbread (also known as peppercorn honey cakes). A cross between a cake and a biscuit, the traditional gingerbread is sweet and spicy with honey and peppercorns. Today’s gingerbread has been modified with a layer of icing sugar, which not only tastes rich, but also looks quite beautiful. As a country of beer and pork products, of course, beer, pork knuckles, smoked pork, pork trotters and so on are indispensable in the Christmas dinner, in addition to beer stewed beef, dairy products, white wine, dried fruit cake coated with powdered sugar, various shapes of cakes, chocolate filling are also indispensable.

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