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Healthy Eating

Trends What’s popular in the healthy food world? 2023 New food see here

The largest organic grocery chain in the United States has released its top 8 food trends for 2023. The report, based on sales data and expert advice, is the definitive guide to food fashion. Let’s have a look. What is popular in the world of healthy food abroad?Fermented foods and drinks.Fermented foods and drinks are becoming more and more popular because of their unique flavor, but also because of people’s health concerns. In the United States, fermented tea is very popular, and yeast containing yeast is the new favorite. The fermented beverage produced by microbial action can greatly improve and enhance the effective nutritional content of raw materials, and is beneficial to intestinal movement.

Even the heavy flavor of kimchi, due to the light of fermentation, more and more people are trying.

Dehydrated dried fruit and meat.

People are gradually realizing that zero and low calories are not necessarily healthy, and low calorie foods have become less popular. Consumers increasingly prefer snacks with simple and pure ingredients. Dehydrated crackles and jerky will be all the rage in 2016. Their common characteristic is to use no additives as much as possible, maintain the original nutrition and flavor.

Foods with a variety of vegetables.

As people realize the importance of eating vegetables, there will be more “plant-based” foods on the market. Examples include fruit and vegetable energy bars, vitamin-rich plant-based desserts and lollipops.

Dairy products and meat products of herbivorous poultry and livestock.

Consumers are increasingly buying meat and dairy products from grass-fed poultry and livestock: from milk, eggs, yogurt, butter and cheese to snack foods like beef sticks. Grass is obviously a more natural way of raising animals than bone meal. The pursuit of natural and pure food is becoming more and more mainstream.

A variety of gluten-free flours.

Because many Europeans and Americans are allergic to a protein found in staple foods, “gluten-free” foods are a big category in the United States. In 2023, more and more flour will be made from nuts, beans, teff and amaranth.

Some strange meat and parts.

People are starting to try varieties and cuts of meat that they have rarely eaten before. For example, T bone pork chop, beef sirloin and so on. There are also newly discovered seafood species, such as farmed sunfish and wild blue catfish.

Canned red wine and sparkling wine.

Monkey Theorem, a younger brand, has wine in tin. The average wine lover is getting younger, they’re drinking wine in different places than previous generations, and they want it to be convenient and still good quality.

Oriental food.

Oriental food, with a slight Americanization, is becoming more and more popular among Americans. People increasingly prefer Korean, Japanese and Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern flavors.

According to the “Food fashion report”, natural, healthy, light and young will be the key words of food fashion in the future. How’s that´╝č Did you eat right?

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