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American food culture

American style diet does not pay attention to fine, the pursuit of fast and convenient, not luxury, relatively popular. Three meals a day is more casual, probably put time on the work. Now, here’s the American food of the day.Breakfast.The United States is a country of immigrants, so the American breakfast brings together the breakfast content of Britain and continental Europe, the project is complicated.

For example, there are cooked oatmeal, sausages, hash browns, biscuits, bread slices, soft cakes, waffles, doughnuts, French bread slices, English muffins, croissants, Danish buns. Coffee, milk, tea and juice are generally necessary.

Over the past decade, cold-food cereals, or pre-cooked puffed cereals, including riceflowers, shredded wheat, whole wheat cereal, cornflakes, oatmeal, etc. with milk or yogurt, have become very common. The special American steak and egg burger, rarely seen in Europe, is usually only sold in American fast food restaurants.

Some regional breakfasts have country-style bouillon, corn soup, burritos, burritos, pork rolls, and fish cutlets, which are not popular in other parts of the United States, depending on the population of the region.


During the holidays, many families in the United States eat only two meals, combining breakfast and lunch, which are usually very large (see Breakfast). If the weather is good, American families will go outdoors for picnics, barbecues, etc. A picnic is usually a picnic where cooked meat, such as meat, is taken out into the field in a basket. A barbecue is usually cooked in your yard or in the field over a charcoal fire. Many parks in the United States provide barbecue tools.

Lunch is of little importance to office workers. Due to work reasons, American office workers have a very simple lunch, and the amount is relatively small. They usually have lunch in the company in a hurry. Employees bring their own sandwiches, fruit, coffee, hamburgers, hot dogs and so on.

Dinner chapter.

Dinner is a main meal. It’s a big meal. Dinner usually begins with a delicious soup of shelled clams, flour, diced potatoes, milk, flour, Onions, salt, butter, pepper, etc. Before the main course, there are some appetizers such as fried onion rings, mushrooms, etc. The main course will include fried shrimp, fried chicken, steak, roast lamb chops, roast beef, ham, seafood and fish, in addition to vegetables, noodles, bread, rice, etc. Americans like to have dessert after dinner, such as cake, ice cream, etc., and finish it off with a cup of coffee. It is worth noting that Americans do not like to leave food on their plates. They also do not like to drink tea, eat garlic or spicy food, and do not eat fatty meat, animal offal, snakes and other abnormal foods.

Many people also go to restaurants for dinner. There are many restaurants in the United States, generally providing buffet, fast food, special meals (fixed meals), full meals and other forms of catering, the price is generally relatively low, but also a la carte, the highest price (so fast food culture is very popular in the United States).

Generally speaking, the United States is a multi-ethnic immigrant country, integrating different races and cultures from all over the world. Naturally, American food is also integrated into various dietary cultures and characteristics. Although American food culture has various characteristics, Americans themselves have created their own food styles in the future. Its main characteristics are oily, cheesy and almost always fried. Here we take a look at some of the most American foods.

7 Most Native American foods.

NO.1 (Reuben Sandwich).

The authentic Reuben consists of thinly sliced coarsely brined beef, grilled on a barbecue until it sizzles, then served hot with Swiss cheese, a sweet and sour Thousand Island sauce, and sauerkraut, sandwiched between two crispy slices of rye bread.

NO.2 (Mexican Grill).

Fajitas are most commonly cooked with pork, chicken, beef or shrimp, sliced into thin strips and served on a plate. With some Mexican vegetables on the side like Onions, green peppers. American versions often include a pile of shredded lettuce, topped with sour cream, guacamole, chipotle, and shredded cheese. It’s also easy to eat and often provides you with a pile of tortillas so you can wrap up your veggies and meat!

NO.3 (Fried Chicken Style steak).

In fact, the most authentic way is to use a hammer to flatten the whole piece of beef, so that it has a delicate texture. Then it’s coated in fried chicken powder and fried. It’s called fried chicken steak not because it looks like a chicken chop, but because the oil used to fry it is usually used to fry chicken. Exactly how this dish was invented (Americans you stole the recipe from the Austrians…) I don’t know, but they were brought here by German and Austrian immigrants. The American seemed to think that the steak was not crunchy enough, so he poured a white gravy of milk, beef broth, flour, pepper, and salt over it.

NO.4 (Chili Bean Stew).

There will be a bit of a Chilli stew. It’s usually simmered for hours with chili, butter, ground beef, tomatoes, beans, garlic, Onions and other spices. Of course it’s free. You can eat it in any way you want, usually with chopped cheese, Chedder or Mozzorela, chopped up soda crackers and tossed.

NO.5 (Lobster Roll).

A lobster roll is essentially a hot dog bun filled with lobster meat (shell peeled to save the day) and covered in butter. Since the hot dog bun is cut on top, even the biggest lobster can fit into the hot dog bun if you can get it down. This dish is probably famous in New England. Of course, thanks to New England’s abundance of seafood and healthy eating habits, they also sprinkle the lobster with scallops, parsley, and even mayonnaise (how do you really treat lobsters?? !) . Of course, mayonnaise is not authentic. All you need is butter and a small clove of lemon.

NO.6 (Chicago-Style Pizza).

The term “Chicago-style” is generally used to refer to the various pizza styles developed in Chicago (the Midwest), the most famous of which is thick-bottomed pizza. These tend to have very high edges, a lot of tomato sauce, a lot of cheese. The original Deep-dish is thought to have been invented by a pizzeria called Uno.

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