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99% of people don’t know! Russian food culture cold knowledge, let’s see what you know?

When it comes to Russian food, does the first thing that comes to mind is all kinds of cloyingly sweet sweets and fried food? If your knowledge of Russian cuisine is still limited to “heat bombs,” read on.1. Russian food  heavy flavor? As we all know, Russians need to eat high-calorie food because of the cold weather, very fond of sweet food, cooking will put a “lethal amount” of sugar, many sweet friends are afraid. But in fact, Russian tastes as a whole are relatively bland.

Russians prefer potatoes, eggs, milk, meat and other ingredients. The commonly used cooking techniques include braising, boiling, frying, baking and so on. They do not like salty, too spicy, such as domestic soy sauce, Sichuan pepper, star anise, thirteen incense seasoning are hard to see in Russia.

2. Russians love potatoes? Square root.

The Russian craze for potatoes is bigger than you might think. According to the relevant survey, the average Russian a year to eat 200 jin -400 jin of potatoes. They can cook potatoes in a hundred different ways, frying them, frying them, baking them. Even the dark cuisine of potato dumplings is not unusual in Russia at all.

3. Russians can’t afford vegetables?

It is not so much that Russians cannot afford vegetables as the low prices of their meat and dairy products that account for this illusion. In fact, Russians usually eat most of the vegetables can be self-sufficient, such as beets, radishes, tomatoes, cabbage and so on. Russia’s greenhouse vegetable production has also increased dramatically in recent years, reaching a record 1.5 million tons in 2022.

Pork and chicken are not as popular as at home in meat-guzzling, alcohol-guzzling Russia, which prefers beef, lamb and fish. In addition, Russia, like many other parts of the world, does not like eating animal offal, so it is easy to achieve the freedom of fur bellies and pig feet.

4. Meat cakes in Russia? Square root.

Yes, Russia has meat-based “cakes”! However, this so-called “cake” is actually what we Chinese often refer to as “meat jelly” (is it suddenly less mysterious?). It is a thick jelly made from shredded fish or meat with gelatin and seasonings. It is also used in northern China.

5. Do Russians only love alcohol?

In addition to wine, Russians also like tea very much, and has formed a unique national tea culture, with traditional tea sets – Russian samovar. There is also a saying in Russian that “tea is not tea without samovar”. They cook tea with samovars and enjoy it with sugar, jam, honey and other refreshments.

6. Russian Yogurt like expired milk?

In Russia there is indeed a yogurt that tastes similar to expired milk on the yogurt drink Dydysia (Kefir), it is one of the most popular yogurt drinks in Russia, it can be found on most supermarket shelves. But not all Russian yogurt is like this, there are many brands of Russian yogurt, rich flavor, you can choose their own choice to buy.

See here, do you have a more understanding of Russian food culture?

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